AMWAY FACT: Amway Europe and UNICEF

Since 21, Amway affiliates in Europe have been a major corporate partner of UNICEF‘s immunization efforts. In 24 alone, more than 3, children were immunized against the diseases that most threaten young lives. Amway – a company to be proud of.

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Amway European affiliate activities

Amway’s aim is to help children all over the world. Therefore 25 Amway affiliates in Europe have been supporting UNICEF, the United Nation’s Children’s fund since 21.

Together with its IBOs and employees Amway helps to immunise children in developing countries against dangerous diseases such as Polio and Tetanus. Within the first three years of this partnership, Amway has already contributed over 2 Million Euros.

" The consequences of failing to sustain and enhance immunization cannot be overstated: the re-emergence of diseases that were formerly under control, the spread of diseases to countries where they had already been eliminated, and the continuing toll taken by death and disability upon millions of children in developing countries". Says Ann M. Veneman, Executive Director UNICEF

Amway’s regular donations will for example support UNICEF projects, such as the ongoing vaccination campaign against measles in Tajikistan or Bangladesh.

"We want to give all the children in the world an equal chance of having a healthier life” states Mark Beiderwieden, Senior Vice- President and Managing Director of Amway Europe.

This commitment is part of the global “One by One” campaign that Amway initiated for children in 22. With this campaign Amway supports regional and international education, health and culture projects for children. In the past three years alone, US$26 million has been donated. In November 25 Amway’s parent company Alticor has received the Corporate Citizenship Award by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for its global One by One campaign.


The following Amway European affiliates are partnering with UNICEF to support child survival in developing countries through UNICEF’s immunization Plus Programme:

• Austria
• Czech Republic
• France
• Hungary
• Netherlands
• Portugal
• Slovenia
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom
• Belgium
• Denmark
• Germany
• Ireland
• Norway
• Romania
• Spain
• Turkey
• Croatia
• Finland
• Greece
• Italy
• Poland
• Slovakia
• Sweden
• Ukraine

Through Amway’s Pan-European partnership with UNICEF, 3, children were immunized against the diseases that most threaten young lives in FY 4 alone.

In line with the “One by One” campaign, European affiliates also conduct projects to support children in their community.

Here are a few examples:

Austria is supporting various kindergartens, children’s residences and orphanages such as SOS Children’s Village through in-kind donations

Croatia engages in removing landmines from school yards so that children can play without fear

Czech Republic: IBOs donated various Amway products to the children s asylum in Prague in total value of about USD 12,5

Germany is supporting local kindergartens, providing an application training for students and pasta for families in need

Greeceprovides product donations to The Smile of the Child, an association that shelters, protects, feeds and gives medical treatment to orphans who have been abandoned or abused

Italy has been working with Telefono Azzurro association that prevents child abuse, for more than a decade and is currently sustaining various local associations devoted to children via product and financial support donations.

Poland sponsored the campaign “The Lens for Children” – organized by Polish Public Television. Risen founds were given to the Oncological Children’s Hospital in Bialystok. This same target – “We help Polish Hospitals” had the charity concert donated by Amway Poland and organized by World Foundation „Health Heard and Mind” In the frame of this action foundation has given to hospitals medicines for 2 Euro.

Amway Poland cooperates as the sponsor with the National Society of Aid for School and contributed their actions as Countrywide Competition for talented children in Fine Arts and “Summer Language School”.
Amway Poland offered as well three stipends for young musicians from pour families who took participation in famous Frederic Chopin’s Pianist Competition.

Since 1999 Amway Poland is the sponsor of “ RUN OF BUFFALO” which is in Bialowieza in the core of primeval forest in Poland. The majority of participants in this run are children and youths.
In the summer 25 Amway Poland was a sponsor of sport costumes with Amway logo for two youth’s teams of water polo (Club of Water Polo – Warsaw 44” and handball/ School in Warsaw)
Since 1997 Amway Poland is a sponsor of Children’s vacation from pathological families organised by Catholic organisation – Academically Swietokrzyskie Society.

Slovenia partners with the Ljubljana Medical Center’s Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care department to provide much needed medical equipment

Ukraine – In 25, when Amway launched the One by One campaign in Ukraine, the company and its Independent Business Owners donated more then $18 to local programs for children by providing support for:
Yedinstvennaya Charity Foundation, a rehabilitation program for orphans and The Children of Chernobyl Relief Fund, an organization that provides state-of-the-art medical aid to Ukrainian children with cancer, genetic birth defects, heart diseases and immune deficiencies.

These are just examples on what European Amway affiliates contribute to the “One by One” campaign to support children.

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