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Amway Facts | The Truth About Amway

Amway Facts

This is a list of various articles I’ve written about Amway based entirely on factual, confirmable sources. If you’re researching Amway, especially on the Internet, chances are you’ve encountered people who claim Amway is some kind of scam business, it’s illegal, the products are poor quality, or some other information that has made you think twice about being involved.

Well, skim through these articles and decide for yourself whether those kind of opinions really have a lot of credibility in the face of all of these facts. Have all these major companies and organisations that have recognized Amway for excellence been conned? For fifty years!!??? Or perhaps the opinions you read on the internet have been formed from limited or even no experience – from encountering some new or inexperienced Amway rep that never bothered to learn how to act professionally or properly explain the concept, and probably never did much more than dabble for a few months. Or perhaps the experience was with just one of dozens and dozens of different Amway affiliated organisations, each with different ways of doing things that may not all appeal to everyone? Or perhaps they’re opinions driven by business interests – working or being paid by competitors or potential competitors to Amway?

Check out the facts, get your own experiences, form your own opinions.

31 thoughts on “Amway Facts”

  1. This guide is just one of many resources that we provide to the media, IBOs and consumers to answer their questions with current, factual and interesting content about Amway.

  2. I was just reading knowledge@wharton on article on finance – Amway: Selling the Dream of Financial Freedom, it is referring the book my fathers dream written by Erik German, amway sells only dream and not financial freedom. please go through the ebook then give your reply please, i am an old IBO build biz upto Silver and now at 3%, your reply depends my future biz plan in amway

    1. Well gee, you wouldn’t want to put the pressure on eh? 🙂 I haven’t read the book and don’t intend buying it. On his own website the author calls Amway a pyramid scheme, which we know is untrue, so clearly he’s not that interested in facts. The Wharton article you refer to cites various sources that have been proven false – or at best misleading – so I’m not that impressed with it either. Tens of thousands of people around the world make full time equivalent incomes or higher from Amway. That’s not in question – you can make money from Amway. As for “financial freedom”, there are ABOships where the person who built the business has been dead for decades, and yet their network continues to generate income for their families. That’s not in question either.

      The only question is whether it’s worth the time and effort. That’s an individual decision. Every Diamond I know says it is.

      1. Thanks, I am always believed in amway, but my recent downfall made me to think, I took long 3 years brake in my biz due to non support from my upline and my health challenges, I would like to get back strong into my biz. warton journal little shaken my path, thanks for your reply, the delay in my achievement, people has comments to say Amway does’nt work, I want to disapprove this.

        thanks and lots of love, this made me more convicted.

        1. Here is some advice from Jody Victor: Study healthy Amway leaders (like him and the other Legacy Diamonds) and how they grow STRONG businesses.

          S – Support – Keep your group together and strong.
          T- Training – Teach your team best practices and you’ll see results.
          R – Retail and recruit – Ballance selling, sponsoring, and product use for success.
          O – Optimize – Grow your organization deep and wide.
          N – Get New IBOs using the Fast Tract Incentive Program.
          G – Grow – Focus on productivity.

          Stay focused; stay positive; serve people.

          It is always nice to have support from your upline; but in the long run, it is your business and you must take responsibility for all you do and fail to do. So, you have health challenges – sponsor those that don’t. Build a TEAM. You can overcome many challenges with the right mental attitude. Where there is a will, there is a way. You can do it!

          T- Together
          E – Everybody
          A – Achieves
          M – More

          Team players pool their various abilities. Jay and Rich did. One was referred to as “Mr. Inside” and the other, “Mr. Outside.” Find team members to complement your strength and compensate for your weaknesses. It will take time and your determination to do it. The only question is, do you have the courage to face your fears, overcome laziness, and keep going when others will surely quit?

        2. Keep reading books suggested by Brit worldwide, Listen cd, attend Brit worldwide seminars. You will be back. Or go diamond

    2. Hi “Guru”, Why does the opinion of somebody you don’t know matter when you want to make a decision? So, you reached the “Silver” level and have now fallen back to 3%. Who did the work, you or your upline?
      Why are you considering building an Amway business? If you don’t have a firm reason, nothing else matters. It is all up to you; you can’t blame others for your failure to act. Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you are right.” Have a great life, “Guru.” It is your choice. You are responsible for it.

  3. Bill, why do you want to be an Emerald? First you have to do the work to make Platinum. Then, you have to help three others to reach Platinum. It takes persistence. Do you have what it takes?

    A journey of a thousand miles is begun with the first step. Then, another and another. Building an Amway business is done one person and one product at a time.

    Rich and Jay got started with Nutrilite the end of 1949. They had sponsored dozens of people by the time they started Amway in 1959. 13 personals were still with them. Only three qualified as Amway Direct Distributors. One, Elinor Teitsma, made Diamond but had no Diamonds in her downline. Walter Bass didn’t make Emerald until 1985. He had the largest organization in the USA. Viola Lent was an Emerald with three Crown Ambassador legs. Hers is the largest organization in the world.

    Some people wish they had gotten in with Rich and Jay. Really? Rich says the business is better today than it was in the beginning. Amway is still growing. There is plenty of room for you to make Emerald.

    All you have to do is have faith in yourself and do the work required. Fear of failure will stop a person from even trying. It is all up to the individual. One must make up their mind that they are going to do it and then follow through on their commitment.

    Do you know what you want and more importantly why you want it? Dexter Yager says, “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.” If the fact is that you are afraid to talk to people (a requirement) start out with just saying, “Hi!” Afraid of selling? Knowledge of your products builds confidence. Practice builds confidence. Enthusiasm will make the difference. You can do it!

    1. AWESOME reply very moving really…im not saying I want to be emerald rigth now I.still havnt even joined amway lol.. my father is in it but like alot of people in the biz ..hes still very low but hopes to one day achive a high pin …I want to do this business n hopefully make it grow huge and help many of my future downlines I just hope all those things anti-amway.say about how u cant make money arent true that would really suck this biz is all Im going to have

      1. Soon you will be 18. How are your people skills? One of the first books I read after getting in was “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Your father should have a copy. However, I would suggest you get a new one, read it, then read it again and highlight it, then go back and re-read the highlighted parts and underline what you feel are the most important points for you. You should skim through it every month after that. Put into practice what you learn. You have a bright future ahead of you. Persistence is an important key to success. Never ever loose your belief in yourself. I know you can do it.

        1. Im pretty sure he has it he has many books …my people skills are way better than how they use to be but I do honestly still need alot of work!… I know reading helps lot in the biz but its just that I get lazy nd get focused on things that dont help alot my dad always tells me to read atleast 15min every mornint but I dont do it,i need to but I need get focused ….are u in the biz.just wondering?

          1. Being lazy and unfocused kinda goes along with being 17. Do you make your bed in the morning and clean your room? If you can learn to do that, there is hope for you.

            Another book you will want to read is, “Think and Grow Rich”. The author, Napoleon Hill, says, “There is one quality which one must possess to win. And that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

            Rich Devos says, “The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe it is possible.”

            Your dad is a very smart man. Honor him and make him proud. Ask him to help you make a list of tasks that will help you become the man you want to become. 15 minutes of reading every day will be one of them. May I suggest that your reading be done just before you go to sleep. Your sub-conscious brain will process the information as you sleep. Give it a try. You can do it!

        2. Will do man will do ….I.Will try my best to.become focused and start learning so when I do join I.can be prepared and ready for whats to come..I only hope for the best and wish everything I dream of comes true and im hoping with amway it can become possible! Thanks howard for the chat you’ve open my eyes and helped me.

    2. Show me the money then I will rengage. Amway is full of lies and deception. If the business is that great then why is the dropout rate so high? If the products are so cheap then why can I go to the store and get deodorant, shampoo, and nutritious food for cheaper than I can buy through Amway (including the IBO price and bonuses)? If it takes most IBOs years to go platinum when they say it can be done in 12-18 months is ridiculous who is lying? If you say I can right something off on my taxes then realize come tax time that I can’t take it off then who is lying? If Amway is so great then why do you have to go to function and team meetings so often just to stay emotionally engaged in the business. The facts and testimonies do not lie. Amway is a scam and the leadership systems are pyramidal. They are making bank off the functions no doubt.

      1. Frustrated, I’ve been involved in various different sports over the years. Pretty much everyone agrees they’re fun and beneficial – but few who start, continue. Why do you think that is?

  4. Yeah I understand amway is kinda like.a.college u need to spend.some money to get money in.the long.run.I was just wondering bc so many people hate on amway n even more on the functions.amway has fantastic.products BUT im still not sure if u could actually make money in the organization im in we have like 6 emeralds n its been like dat for a while I.dont.see any new pins ..maybe im just tripping im berly 17 n will join amway at 18 I just do honestly get lazy n forget about wat.I want to do in life .well I dont know what will happened in future lets just hope its something good! 🙂

    1. Bill, people get comfortable at different points in their life. Diamond is not the be all and end all. A Founders Emerald has a very solid income. From that point, they might just want to help their teammates.

      Hope you can find a team like that to join. You might consider interviewing several prospective sponsors to find one you trust and respect. Looks like you have a year to do your homework.

    2. I have an upline who has been an Emerald for decades. I asked him once why he never qualified Diamond and he said he joined the business to make money, and set himself an income goal, and once he reached that he was happy. Maybe the organisation you’re attached to needs you with a goal! 🙂

      Anyway, when you think about how HUGE Amway really is, and especially how HUGE the number of people who have worked with Amway at some stage or another is – well, the number of “haters” is tiny compared to that number. Absolutely tiny.

      1. Very true ,very true …do u still think its possible to reach emerald in this time ..with so many people already in the business n many more who know about amway…to me it sounds harder know since alot of people know about it …

  5. Hey ibo I love ur site man ..I think amway is a great company .(if ur gonna join any mlm why not join the best one rhe longest one in rhe market and the one with the more revenue)..I jist feel so disgusted from joecools n annas sites .how can someone have so much hate in there heart.even if they lost money n didnt succeed why dont they just get over it n move on with life and give other ppl a chance..those sites give amway such a bad rep..I just have one question do u think higher ranked ibos really make most of there income from cds n books n seminars..I think its BS ive seen so many amway bonuses n I think its a lie rhat most of there money comes from seminar etc..I do no they pay other diamonds to come speak but it cant be a huge amount ..what do u think

    1. Hey bill, thanks for the kind words. A few years back I emailed all of the major training companies and asked them about their compensation plans for paying tools and seminar rebates, speaking fees etc. Only one answered, but they happen to be the largest in the world, so it gives a fair indication of “typical”. Amongst other things they gave me the average “system” payouts for Diamonds and above in their organisation in the US. It was less than 20% of the average Amway income for a Diamond and above as reported by Amway – and since then Amway has increased the bonuses. They did say that in some unusual circumstances an individual can end up with higher “system” payouts than Amway bonuses, but this typically happens when they have a large international business in a market where because of local laws they don’t earn much Amway bonuses – but they can still get paid for system training etc. But it’s unusual.

      Also worth noting that some systems in the past paid out rebates based on your “ever achieved pin level” rather than the volume of tools your group was purchasing. So if you qualified as a Diamond, but then dropped back to Platinum, you still got the “Diamond” rebate. This is kind of like reaching the top of the Amway bonus scale (21%/25%), then dropping back to say 3% volume, but still getting paid the top rebate! It makes no economic sense, but also would but pressure on that “Diamond” to promote tools more than Amway, since they’d earn a MUCH bigger percentage from the tools. There are some indications that in some groups this did indeed happen. There were also some other groups (eg TEAM) that developed a system which maximised peoples Amway bonus level but actually minimised Amway income . Their tool rebate system didn’t do this though, so with low Amway income groups could be making more selling tools and tapes etc.

      Some years back Amway put in an accreditation system to address all of these types of issues and today I think these kind of problems are rare.

      So, in short, these stories have some basis in truth, with some groups having setups that can lead to some leaders making more from “system” income than Amway, but today it is rarer than ever.

      1. Wow alot of writing haha thanks.for the reply.yea.I was just wondering because I feel like to succeed in amway they.tell u to.listen to.all.the tapes to never miss an event .n I.believe this is why.many people quit and loose.some money .don’t you think if new ibos just joined n did there monthly consumption of 150pv every month they wouldnt be loosing much money I no the products.are great .and they are honestly more.pricey then ur wall Mart stuff but u dont loose.a huge amount just buying your monthly purchase .just wondering do.u think u NEED to go to seminars listen to tapes.and conventions n stuff to.actually build a.big n strong amway biz?hope u reply would like to see what u have to.say ..THANKS! 🙂

        1. I think if you’re going to build a business, any business, then you need to stay focused on what you need to do, and you need to learn the skills to do it. That’s necessary for success. With a career that might mean 4 years of buying books, attending lectures, and watching and listening to audiovisual materials – and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a McDonald’s franchise it’s a million bucks and at least a year working for free, 8-10hrs a day, learning the systems before you can even start.

          With Amway it’s a few hundred bucks, some meetings a few times a month, and some other material you can fit in studying in your spare time while doing other stuff.

          Now, most people don’t quit and lose money because of this, because most people don’t do this. Most people who quit Amway don’t even place an order. Less than 1 in 5 spend even $100 on business support materials.

          Do you need to do all these things to succeed at Amway? No, I managed to pass my undergraduate degree not going to most lectures. You can make a few bucks with Amway without needing to focus or learn much. But I can tell you that my grade point average was almost twice as high with my Master’s when I actually went to the classes and bought the text books etc!

          Your choice.

          1. Well put! You get out of life what you put into life. We reap what we sow.

            Bill, lazy doesn’t cut it in this or any other business. Sitting on the sidelines, watching others perform, is not going to influence your performance much. You have to put in the effort to gain whatever knowledge is needed to do whatever it is that you want to do. Then, you have to face your fears and just go out and do what is necessary. Action will build your confidence. There is not much worth in doing things on the cheap.

            Buy and read books that will help you. Listen to speeches that will motivate you. Associate with people that will inspire you. Your mind is the builder. Fear is the mind killer. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Believe you can do it.

          2. Bill, seems like you lack focus. You have no compelling WHY. A significant emotional event might give you that WHY. I have no idea what may be the trigger for you. In the meantime, you might consider joining the military. It will help you mature. Discuss it with your dad. Perhaps four years in the USMC will help you sort things out. At the very least you will learn teamwork. Best wishes to you.

        2. Hi Bill!

          To answer your question, I would have to say that no matter which business you are in or who you are working for, you have to have further education. I am an employee of Wal-Mart, I have seen Wal-Mart spending millions each year just on training their workforce. Training is vital to any business. I have been an ABO for a year now, I attend all the seminars and any meetings that are being held. I do this because I want to improve myself and my business. First seminar was paid from my pocket but the rest of the seminars and meetings was paid by my business. the only loss that I made was the travel time to and fro.

          I do home parties. I invite people to learn about the products, I play games that includes prizes. In my last to home parties I have spent £200 in prizes but made £300 profit.

          To make money you need to spend money. If you know what I mean. I hope this helps you. No matter what business you decide to do you will have to spend money. If you treat Amway business like a business you will not regret it.

          Take Care

          1. Yeah I understand man I’m honestly scared because I turned 18 n am in the biz with my dad but I don’t do much I should be out talking to people n showing the plan but I dont

          2. Drives me nuts that I should be out doing the plan talking to people but I don’t have enough determination or motivation.I need to read books but I always get distracted n don’t end up reading ahhhhh

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