Amway Global and Artistry team up with Miss America!

I just got a hold of the following exciting news, first revealed on the Miss America blog a few days ago –

Artistry partners with Miss America organization in helping a woman’s inner beauty shine through. Collaboration is sure to enhance favorability for Artistry and Amway Global.

It’s a pleasure to get 2010 off to a great start by sharing incredibly exciting news with you about our global beauty brand, ARTISTRY® skin care and cosmetics – news that’s going to boost confidence in ARTISTRY and help make your beauty business flourish!

For the first time, we’ve teamed up with one of the nation’s leading achievement programs for young women – and one that holds the same philosophy as ARTISTRY … helping a woman’s inner beauty shine through from the inside out.

Today, we are proud to announce the ARTISTRY partnership with the Miss America organization!

What does that mean for Amway Global, the ARTISTRY brand, and your business? Awareness, favorability, and credibility – steps on the runway to success!

The newly crowned Miss America will be the proud endorser of ARTISTRY skin care and cosmetics. Imagine the credibility and popularity this will create for ARTISTRY and Amway Global in ads, catalogs, and on the website. Just think how positively customers and prospects will react to this!

ARTISTRY will be the official skin care and cosmetics provider for the Miss America pageant – that means contestants will learn how to put their best face forward with ARTISTRY products – and feel confident they’re doing the best they can for their skin.

The ARTISTRY scholarship, sponsored by Amway Global, will also allow women to shine. For the next two years, the ARTISTRY scholarship will continue to empower American women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

All of this is sure to boost awareness and favorability of ARTISTRY sky-high in the U.S. – and help build knowledge and confidence in the ARTISTRY brand.

The excitement begins later today with the video announcement from the current Ms. America, Katie Stam, yet today’s announcement is just the beginning. Much, much more is coming for ARTISTRY and Ms. America – and for your business! Look for the video and further updates on this partnership at What’s New at as well as the official ARTISTRY Facebook page.

Be sure to tune in to the Miss America Pageant on January 30, 8 p.m. ET on TLC when the new Miss America is crowned – it’s when we’ll all get a glimpse of who the proud endorser of ARTISTRY will be in 2010!

11 thoughts on “Amway Global and Artistry team up with Miss America!”

  1. This is great for such a prestige brand. My wife and I used Artistry and can’t wait to share this info with my friends and family.

  2. That is such awesome news. While I’m not a frequent user of Artistry my wife is and adding this to our credibility (which by the way DOESN’T need it) is just awesome. I sent this news upline today and people are just excited to hear it. LOVE IT. Keep it up.

  3. Wow, this is an amazing news!! Not only in America; this news is going to create ahuge buzz in India as well. Artistry’s association with Miss America speaks volumes about the Quality of Artistry Skin Care products, which is why world’s most beautiful women like to use only Artistry for their skin!

  4. Please get the title right!
    It is MISS America NOT MS America.
    Two different titles and you sound ignorant if you use MS instead of MISS.

    1. Hmmm … the article refers to Miss America 9 times, including the image. Once it says Ms. America, most likely a simple error, and that’s all you want to comment on? Chill out 🙂

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