Amway Global/San Jose Earthquakes Slideshow

The Earthquakes have a great slideshow up of yesterday’s press conference announcing their new partnership with Amway Global. The new jersey’s look great … check out the giant 30ft inflatable version!

Click image for slideshow

According to a post by David Vanderveen on Facebook, XS Energy is also now the official energy drink of the San Jose Earthquakes!

3 thoughts on “Amway Global/San Jose Earthquakes Slideshow”

  1. 12/04/09

    I think some times as an IBO, I should tell prospect upfront that is Amway Global, BUT I have My Own Private Franchise E-Home Shopping Business. I have no right to use other private business’s name as legally understanding. I would like, if I could to shake Mr. President Barack Obama/Mr. Stephen Harper and all the globally leaders that Amway has couple of millions IBOs on the Battlefield in 80+ countries, fighting to save the brotherhoods. Believe it or not, it’s up to you. Open your mind, you need a vision to see a miracle. For sure you have one, don’t miss the boat especially at most crises time in human history.
    When I watched a clip of ‘The Betrayal/Nerakoon”, I was one of the boat people who came to Canada in 1980 for Freedom only.

  2. Well, I am very excited about Xs energy drinks. Infact, I am doing project on this. Can any one tell me how it os performing in australia. I have gone through most of the website regarding Xs and beverage, but still my query remains. I know its fabulous performance in US but can anyone let me know how it is going in Australia or any idea about its information like market share in australia.

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