Amway is a US Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leader

amway_climate_leaderNorth America readers are probably aware that many of Amway’s cleaning products have been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as being Designed for the Environment. What readers may not be aware of is that Amway is also a part of the EPA’s Climate Leader program. The EPA says about the program –

Climate Leaders is an EPA industry-government partnership that works with companies to develop comprehensive climate change strategies. Partner companies commit to reducing their impact on the global environment by completing a corporate-wide inventory of their greenhouse gas emissions based on a quality management system, setting aggressive reduction goals, and annually reporting their progress to EPA. Through program participation, companies create a credible record of their accomplishments and receive EPA recognition as corporate environmental leaders.

Amway’s statement on the EPA site says the following –

Amway’s commitment to the voluntary reduction of greenhouse gas is part of our long standing commitment to the environment, and to sustaining our natural resources for future generations. Amway delivers eco-friendly products and services ranging from biodegradable cleaning products to Nutrilite food supplements that are developed in perfect balance with nature. We look forward to the continued success of the Climate Leaders program and are pleased that Amway can support this important global issue. Participation in Climate Leaders is an important element of Amway’s global sustainability program.

Well done Amway! But let’s not forget, Amway was part of of the green movement before there was one!

One thought on “Amway is a US Environmental Protection Agency Climate Leader”

  1. Sem duvidas,os produtos da Amway,são de exelencia,e ajudam a proteger o meio hambiente,alem de proporcinar uma oportunidade moderna como negocio para seus distribuidores,sendo portanto na minha opinião,pelas suas caracteristicas o melhor negocio de distribuição que conheço,inteligente,honesto,rentavel e de riscos praticamente inesistentes.

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