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Just saw this news on the Efinity Blog. Asafa Powell and his countrymen will no longer have to smuggle in the best nutritional products in the world! Welcome to Amway, Jamaica!

Amway Global is pleased to announce that the Amway Global business opportunity will be available in Jamaica beginning September 1, 2010. It’s exciting to see the expansion of the flagship market of North America with the authorization of this Caribbean island. Jamaica will be an extension of the existing island markets in the Miscellaneous Atlantic and Caribbean (M.A.C.) region, authorized under the U.S. Sales and Marketing Plan.

Please note: there will be no Amway office, employees, or warehouse space in Jamaica. Therefore, the product ordering will be the same as the U.S., with coreline products shipped from the Southeast Service Center (SESC) in Georgia, and available catalog merchandise shipped from the Spaulding Product Service Center (SPSC) in Ada, Michigan. For all product orders with the final destination being Jamaica, the ordering IBO shall be the “importer of record” and it will be his/her responsibility (through a freight forwarder or broker) to complete the required customs paperwork and, if applicable, pay duties when importing products into Jamaica. The name and U.S. address of the selected freight forwarder or broker must be provided to Amway by the ordering IBO where the freight forwarder or broker has agreed to act as the “importer of record.”,Freight forward orders are exempt from U.S. taxation.

The majority of Amway products (including ARTISTRY® skin care and cosmetics, personal care, and home care) are expected to be available for ordering beginningSeptember 1, 2010. However, some NUTRILITE® vitamins and mineral supplements requiring product registration in Jamaica may not be available until proper registration and government approval have been obtained. Product registrations for the top-selling NUTRILITE supplements are underway with anticipation they’ll be approved and available for ordering in September.

The process for sponsoring new IBOs will be the same as the U.S., either online at, by phone at 800-253-6500, or by fax at 800-253-4673 toll free (also by fax at 616-787-755. You can also sponsor new IBOs by mail at: Amway Global Customer Support, (58C-2A), 7575 Fulton Street East, Ada, MI 49335-0001. Beginning September 1, 2010, prospective IBOs residing in Jamaica will be able to obtain a temporary IBO number valid for 30 days, pending Amway Global’s receipt of a signed registration form. (Like the rest of the M.A.C. region, customer registration will not be available at this time).

Jamaica IBOs will have the same opportunities and responsibilities that North American IBOs have, as set forth in the IBO Contract, The Compensation Plan, Growth Incentive program (GI), and Fast Track program. Bonus payments will be calculated the same as set out in the U.S. Sales and Marketing Plan. Jamaican IBOs will have the option of receiving bonus checks by mail or direct deposit into a designated U.S. bank account.

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  1. Hi,it was a friend who told me about amway, i live in Brown’s Town St. Ann. would there be any warehouse opening soon in his Parish?

  2. Anyone interesting in expanding their business, or need a Jamaican contact to assist–I’m here, available, and credible. This is an awesome opportunity and I know we will really assist some Jamaicans to live a better, healthier, and wealthier life. I still have some concerns with the shipping & duty, but working that out.

  3. “Asafa Powell and his countrymen will no longer have to smuggle in the best nutritional products in the world”

    We don’t smuggle nutrition into our country. Nutrition is built into our home grown products, soil and clean water. Please keep your CANCER carrying products in the US where they below, Thank you very much!!

    We have enough new diabetes cases ever since they started importing american food and products.

    1. Keisha, you may want to do a little reading up on Nutrilite. Then you’d know that one of the reasons why athletes like Asafa Powell use Nutrilite is because it’s plant based, with a basis in good soil and water. It’s certainly not cancer causing. I haven’t researched it, but if diabetes is increasing in Jamaica I think it’s likely from eating too many calories from food of low nutrition – and yes, IMO you can certainly lay some of the blame of that squarely at the foot of many American food companies.

  4. I have a guy ready to get started in Negril. Man what a shame I have to fly over and help him get started. lol Can’t wait

    1. Dear Sir If I want to sponsor a friend in Jamaica what must I do and what are the procedure that I must adhered to tq

      1. Best will be to get yourself sopnsored internationally in North AMerica. Check with your up-up-line, for the procedure.
        If you have difficulty, then contact me.

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