Amway wants me to shut down Amway Wiki

Update: A reader informs me that Amway’s Business Conduct & Rules department and Amway’s Legal department are not related. To be clear the letter I received was from Amway Business Conduct & Rules so I’ve edited the article below accordingly.

Years ago there was a website called Quixtar Wiki. It was run by Amway and Quixtar critics and they filled it essentially with criticism and anything negative they could find about the Amway and Quixtar businesses, and some stuff that was just plain made up. Any time you searched for a Diamond’s name, it would rank near the top of Google’s listings. So, if you invited some prospect to come to a seminar to listen to a successful Amway achiever, they’d google the person’s name and end up on a virulently anti-Amway website.

Good stuff, eh?

So nine years ago I started Amway Wiki, which would give a true picture of the business. I wouldn’t hide the negative – court cases, divorces, terminations, whatever – that kind of information is there too. But so is all the positive stories of the thousands of Diamonds around the world. Today, if you invite one of your prospects to a meeting to hear from an Amway Diamond, and they google the name, odds are AmwayWiki will be at or near the top of the pile – and people will get a positive view, the truth.

Today, AmwayWiki gets around 50,000 page views a month, from thousands of people around the world. They get a perspective on Amway written by hundreds of editors from around the world, mostly (I assume!) Amway IBOs themselves.

I personally rarely edit AmwayWiki.  Indeed, I no longer even own it (or this site for that matter). AmwayWiki was just one of a number of web properties I packaged as a deal in exchange for shares in a company that owns a variety of websites.

Every now and then though, someone from Amway corporate around the world has emailed me and asked if I can make some changes to an article. It’s an open wiki, so they could actually edit it themselves – as can anyone else – but I usually help and make the changes. Sometimes it’s to correct errors, sometimes it’s because they’re concerned there’s too much Line of Sponsorship (LOS) information in the article.  LOS data can be valuable to competitors to Amway who may try to raid entire Amway lines and convince them to move companies.  In acknowledgement of this, since the beginning of Amway Wiki I set a guideline that (except for exceptional historical cases) only Diamond and above achievers should be listed. No Emeralds, Platinums, or others. Occasionally people put this information in, and if I become aware of it, I delete it.

There are now thousands of articles on Amway Diamonds from around the world. I think I’ve written or contributed to only a handful. During the week I received a phone message from Amway legal Rules & Conduct department asking me to contact them about the wiki. I emailed them but it appears there is something wrong with Amway’s email setup as two of my addresses were rejected and the third I received no response from.

So today my US upline who handles my business there sent me a scan of a letter I’d received. They want me to delete all of the Diamond pages, or disable the website entirely. Previously when they’ve requested smaller changes they’ve threatened to cancel my IBOship if I don’t comply.

One wonders if Amway Legal has ever read How to Win Friend’s and Influence People!

So, Amwayites around the world – what do you think should happen to Amway Wiki? Give me your thoughts in the comments, and perhaps let your local Amway office know as well.

52 thoughts on “Amway wants me to shut down Amway Wiki”

  1. Keep it. I was a distributor back in the 80s and 90s. Continual bad upline. (Norman & Marie Hall) After 7000 in wasted money in seminars, tapes and books, I had had enough of giving to the likes of Brad & Cheryl Biegert, Och’s, Singleton, McEachern, Broome, etc.
    About the only thing I got out of this was that I can approach people at will these days, but I have no ulterior motive anymore. It’s very liberating.
    I wrote my experience on a webpage… It still might be around…. If I find it, I’ll link it here.

  2. Keep doing what you’re doing man. I am an IBO and I like to look up people and see who their LOS is and my own as well. Plus it adds a lot of credibility so the curious/skeptical prospect is more willing to ask questions then disappear. And it shows that Amway actually works, and works well!

  3. Hello. I noticed yesterday that AmwayWiki website seems to be hacked and it isnt opening or its opening some strange AmwayWiki is a very useful tool. Can you do something about this ?

        1. Hi. Thanks for your instant action. Amway Wiki is almost a life saver tool for our team 🙂 Would you mind if i can be in touch with you through personal details ? My unofficial email id is I cant give my actual email id here. Will give my actual email id in case you are ok to get in touch with me.

  4. I was an Amway Diamond back in the 1990’s but resigned due to concerns we had with how the business was run. My name is still listed even though i resigned 15 years ago (2001). Would it be possible to remove my page? I see that your website allows users to edit. If that option works, please send me a link to create a login and i will delete it. Thanks.

    1. Hi, the Wiki includes historical data, including many former Diamonds and above. The ability to create an editor account will be restored soon, feel free to add some information on your page but I’d ask you not to delete it.

    2. I assume you are referring to Amway’s name change to Quixtar. If so, you weren’t alone in resigning. This is a fact of history and should be recorded, not dismissed.

    1. David,

      It seems like it has been a year now since you have “shut down” Amway Wiki “for maintenance.” New Diamonds are waiting for their pages to be posted to Amway Wiki. Why not just end your “maintenance” and let people post their changes and updates?

        1. No news is NOT good news! Almost every day people want to post to Amway Wiki and you won’t let them. Good grief! If you are not going to do your (unnecessary) maintenance on your site, open it back up. Do your maintenance when you are ready. The way I (and probably others) see it, you are trying to appease Amway. If you think they are trying to bully you, stand up to them; that is the only way to deal with a bully, as I see it.

          1. Nothing to do with Amway, just me not having time to update – which of course just lead to it being hacked, so I’ve been forced to! Editing is now re-enabled for those with existing accounts, but new accounts are limited until I reinstall some anti-spam functionality.

  5. I am an Amway US IBO and have found the sight very useful, even though some info is outdated. It also lends credibility to our presentation of Amway to prospects who usually want to do some research before signing up. Thanks to all who have contributed to the information found on the website. It should become official and reviewed and monitored by Amway on a consistent basis.

  6. Frankly, i love the wiki and congratulations for creating it. My belief is that Amway should own it. Share content of successful case studies, markets, updates, history et al. Its REAL GOOD INFO. Every company wants to advertise about themselves. its only wonderful to have one of your employees/ vendors/ clients/ partners to create website (with good intentions). What better to have marketing folks you dont have to pay for and they moderate the info in a positive light. Amway, please take it over with a commitment to run it and make it swanky!

    1. You sound like an “economist”. One the one hand, it is good that Amway gets free advertising. They don’t have to pay anything for Amway Wiki’s development and upkeep. IBOs do that. On the other hand, you say Amway should buy Amway Wiki and pay someone manage it and make it better. You can’t have it both ways. Do you have any ideas that can be used to make Amway Wiki “swanky”?

  7. How to Win Friends and Influence People ? Hmmm….I think it’s time for you to practice it – especially Part III (Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking) & Part IV (Nine Ways to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment).
    Good Luck !!!

    1. JS, you have a point. Having said that, David has shared with me the letter Amway sent him. i can see his point as well. His reply to the bureaucrat at Amway followed “How to Win Friends and Influence People” guidelines. I’m proud of him. He thought about what he wanted to say and made an intelligent presentation. Hopefully “Amway” will reconsider her position.

      Sometimes it seems bureaucrats get bored and go looking for problems to solve. What do you do about a “problem” called Amway Wiki?

      IBOAI, at my behest, crafted a well worded change to the rules last year to address the “LOS definition”. That should have been the end of it. Now, the IBOAI has had to address this situation, again, at their June session. Stay tuned.

  8. It’s good to have both sides, pro and con. That way people can seek and find information. I wonder what Amway would want the wiki shut down? Is there some legal issues or are there a lot of inaccuracies on the wiki? Only the blog author has seen the letter from Amway (I think).

    1. They have an ongoing obsession with “line of sponsorship” data. As per the comments above there’s some rules that address it and they’re a little over-zealous in their application sometimes.

    2. Brad, Amway Wiki and this site, The Truth About Amway, are two distinct sites. Go to the right of this screen and find, “Independent Sites.” Click on “Amway Wiki” to find out what it contains. There are many more sites, on the right, that you might find interesting and helpful.

  9. Keep this open! I wasn’t a skeptic really but I always had questions that bothered me & this site helped me out SOOOO MUCH. Thank you!

  10. I would like to know why they want it down? I found it to be useful, I live in the US and while some info is dated some is not relevant anymore. I can see that someone who does not know the story to start there might be confusing.
    I found out about the ja-re corp there. its not there any more, but it help me to see how Amway has evolved. I think it makes for good conversation and lends credibility to the company and my position on it.

    I think that you guys should update it and make it official, and helpful. I think people should know of the hard ships it has had. No one is perfect no company is perfect… and that lets us know its real and its compassionate. and it lets us know what not to do… most of the time the hard ship came from an ibo the company is usually not to blame save for the times it failed to correct the problem in a timely fashion…

    Look at the current situation in India Amway is standing by there guy and the free enterprise system. Truly for an entire industry. and when this is done it will ultimately help all other direct sellers in all other businesses that want to go there.but to the person just seeing the head line so and so was arrested the public might not get all the facts and spread there lack of information. I think a non biased study of these events are good for all of those who want all the facts to make good decisions.

    reminds me of when Amway in the early years had to defend itself here in the us. they had to educate the us as well. now there the standard to go by.

    sorry started to get off subject there. anyway I like having a place to go and see how Amway got going and who led the charge. and who messed up.

    1. Thanks for the comments Carl. You’re right about history – IBO’s in India should know about Amway Korea! It’s not in the Wiki, but Amway Korea weren’t through very similar struggles, including their CEO ending up in jail. It’s now one of Amway’s top markets.

  11. Leave Amway Wiki open! As a current IBO, I find it awesome to find some accurate information on Amway, as so many people seem to make it their goal in life to discredit an opportunity that has helped an enormous amount of people. Amway Legal, this is so unlike you!

  12. I’m not online much, but every chance I get I try to see what is new with your site. When I first considered becoming an IBO, I was told NOT to look on the Internet, so (of course) that’s the FIRST thing I did — I wondered what Amway had to hide by telling me NOT to do research. I have a highly logical mind and am very intelligent, and am able to wade through the idiocy that abounds here in cyberspace. I quickly found your site, and ran it through the wringer (in my mind), along with so many other places I found online. Shortly afterwards, I became an IBO, and have not regretted it once. The information I found here was a HUGE part of my decision, as you passed the litmus test of truth as far as I was concerned. If this site is made to close down, it would be a huge victory for those who are determined to paint Amway as being a scam, and who are spreading their lies, rumors and misconceptions to anyone who will listen. Thank you, IBOfightback, for all you’ve done to counter their attempts. If you are forced to shut this and Amway Wiki down, know that there are those of us out here who really appreciate you and all your efforts. I sincerely hope that the next time I’m able to get online I’ll still be able to look up this site, and that it will still be current!

    1. Sandy, if you are a North American IBO, what do you think you might do to protest the way Amway Legal is unjustly interfering with Amway Wiki? For that matter, what should all IBO’s who like Amway Wiki do to help out? Got any testimonials you would like to share with Amway and the IBOAI? They will listen. Remember, we are about PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE. Bad things happen when good people remain silent.

  13. Do they even understand what kind of business they are in ? Its not the soap, toothpaste business at all …I reckon the way new MLM companies are coming up on innovative new ways of delivering products they might become bigger than Amway in the next decade…

  14. I don’t understand why Amway Legal wants to shutdown this wiki. This is where I get most of the positive information regarding Amway. I would definitely miss the site if at all you decide to comply with their directive.

  15. Legally, Amway Legal should make their request in writing. Not by phone. Don’t let them bully you. A verbal agreement is not a legal one. In the past, verbal promises have been made and then denied. Get in writing what they want and their legal justification for their request.

    1. They’ve made it in writing Howard. They’ve also previously contacted me in writing asking for specific changes, which as one contact has pointed out to me can be interpreted as implicit approval of the wiki. What I would like to do is make the site Wiki official and have TribeTech work with Amway to get it accurate and professional.

      1. Contact the IBOAI. They may feel as you do. Send a copy of your correspondence. It will be discussed.

        1. I plan to. Do you have their contact details? They block access to their website from international IP addresses. Annoying considering I pay their membership dues every year. >:(

          1. In that case, send the paperwork to your U.S. upline and ask them to forward to the IBOAI, attention grievance committee. You and they need to do it quickly.

          2. It doesn’t really have anything to do with my upline, nor my Amway business for that matter. AmwayWiki and this site are entirely unrelated to both.

          3. We, your friends, have NOT been able to e-mail you since the 6th. The IBOAI will discuss your issue at this month’s meeting. They have a copy of this, your article. It would be helpful if you would send them copies of what Amway Legal sent you. You need to back up your case with facts. Use the alternate e-mail address I provided earlier.

          4. ok, found and fixed the issue, broke something while trying to work out why Amway couldn’t email me! It will probably take a few hours to clear the old data though.

      2. If Rules would read their new Rule 1 they wouldn’t be bothering you. “LOS Information” applies only to Amway generated information, such as IBO #s and addresses. Our Diamonds are dependable enough to resist offers from competitors. “When trust is low; unity can’t flow; and business can’t grow.” – Bob Andrews, at Diamond Club, 2013. Rules needs to trust the Diamonds!

        1. Rule 1? currently says –

          “2.7. Line of Sponsorship (LOS) means the structural arrangement of IBOs established by the contractual relationship that each IBO has with Amway.
          2.8. LOS Information includes all information that discloses or relates to all or part of the Line of Sponsorship, including but not limited to IBO numbers and other IBO business identification data, IBO personal contact information, IBO business performance information, and all information generated or derived therefrom, in its past, present or future forms.”

          “Not limited to” means pretty much anything.

          1. They continue to expand their “Rules of Conduct.” 2.8 was written last year at my behest and was part of Rule 1. The added catch all phrase that can be abused is, “”not limited to”. Doug and Steve will have to deal with it. Let’s see what the IBOAI can do to help resolve your situation.

            Mine too, as I would like to publish my “booklet” on Amway history, “Amway, A Legacy of Achievement.” Hopefully you and TribeTech can publish it in a downloadable version.

            Both Rules and Legal like it but are afraid that if they give permission to publish, it will open the door to others wanting to do the same. As the rules are written, permission is given on a case by case basis. Go figure! Bureaucrats!

  16. Our group uses Amway Wiki regularly, so the shutdown would be very painful. Amway legal seems to not understand that we need the truth to be exposed on the Internet. Otherwise the lies about this business spread by Amway critics will burry us.
    IMHO I would expect Amway should be doing this, not you! They know all the information, they publish it in the Amagrams. I suggested years ago that Amway should put up a “Free Online International Edition of Amagram” where they could gather all the Diamond recognitions from around the world, and translate them into English. The website should be indexed by the search engines and each Diamond could then choose if he/she wishes to participate. If they choose not to participate, they will have to live with the consequencies.
    And it would have another effect too – the information posted would be always correct.
    But we definitely need access to information about the “BIG” picture of what Amway really is! That it isn’t just me and my prospect or an Open meeting with 20 people.
    Is Amway willing to do that for us? That’s the question.

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