2 thoughts on “Amway Legend Dexter Yager passes”

  1. As the company reaches 60 year anniversary, many of the legends and heroes of the business from its earlir years are now all starting to pass. Condolences to the Yager family. May his children continue to hold the flame on their father’s business legacy.

    1. I never got to meet Dexter personally and have been out of the business for a long time. But the things that I learned while I was in I still use today. In fact, for at least 20 years now I still use the l phrase “if I were any better I’d be twins. ” Dexter was and still is an inspiration to me in several ways and my first sign of proof that the American dream exists.
      What I learn from Dexter is to stay positive, keep moving forward, and not to let anybody steal my dream.
      To the Yager family, I am deeply sorry for your loss, but please keep in mind that Heaven has gained a new angel.

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