Amway Myth: If the products are so good, why do so few new IBOs renew?

One of the superficially reasonable questions that some Amway/Quixtar critics have espoused is “If the products are so good, then why is it that so few new IBOs renew their businesses?”

On the face of it this seems a reasonable question. According to statistics revealed in the recent disputes between Quixtar and TEAM, only 30.8% of new IBOs renew their Quixtar businesses at the end of their first year.

You would think that even if they decided that the business wasn’t for them, that they would at least renew and continue to purchase the products at IBO price and enjoy other benefits of being an IBO. Yet a very large percentage don’t.

A reasonable conclusion would be that these new IBOs have decided that the products aren’t worth buying, even at IBO price, so they don’t renew.

The facts tell another story.

Another statistic was revealed in the Quixtar/TEAM dispute – only 50% of IBOs place any order after joining! This figure is quite stunning – only half of people who register with Quixtar ever even test the website and order products!

Now, granted many of those IBOs would have received some products when they registered, but Quixtar (and Amway elsewhere) has literally thousands of products available. What this figure tells us is that IBOs are doing a very poor job of helping new IBOs they sponsor try out the various products and the website.

It also tells us something else. 50% of IBOs place an order. 30.8% of IBOs renew. I think it’s safe to assume that IBOs renewing who never placed an order a few and far between, so the renewing IBOs are those that actually tried out Quixtar and the products.

Indeed, nearly 2 out of 3 IBOs who place orders after registering renew their business.

The message from this is clear – contrary to critics claims, the majority of people who actually try what we have to offer like what they find!

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68 thoughts on “Amway Myth: If the products are so good, why do so few new IBOs renew?”

  1. The pure Amway concept designed by Rich DeVos and Jay VanAndel is fine… get yourself a bunch of retail customers, sign up some other people to do the same. It is the marketing organizations that ruined Amway. WWDB, Britt, Yeager, etc. They make millions on your IBO fees, support, seminars, etc. They make thousands on their amway business, and millions on their marketing business. Sure the products are high quality, a little more expensive. If you are used to the cadillac lifestyle, then these products are for you, but if you are cutting costs, then keep shopping at Walmart and Costco.

    1. This tool money thing is a bit of a myth. Some facts wrapped in exaggerations. The Britt & Yager families make millions from their Amway businesses, not thousands. Tens of millions probably. WWDB’s Greg Duncan filed for bankruptcy a few years back after some real estate problems. His financial disclosures indicated that, at most (it wsa a bit hard to discern), his WWDB income was about the same as his Amway income. Statistics I received from Network 21 indicate the average amount that company pays out to Diamonds is around 20% of the average income paid to Diamonds by Amway.

    2. “It is the marketing organizations that ruined Amway.”
      Actually, it’s these organizations that led to Amway’s astounding growth. Rich and Jay didn’t see this business as operating beyond one’s own neighborhood. This limits growth. If I have 50 local retail customers, and I sponsor my next door neighbor, we are now in competition for retail customers, and business builders, if we are limited geographically. But if she can sponsor folks 100 miles away, if I can sponsor folks 1,000 miles away, and those people have support, then the possibilities are endless, and both of us can be successful. But if one wants to grow AND maintain an organization reaching beyond their own town, state, country, continent, then that’s impossible without some sort of a system with processes and protocols. That’s where these marketing organizations come in.

  2. Gee… 50% of the people who sign up never actually buy any Amway products? Well that sure says a lot about the quality of your products, doesn’t it? Something to be proud of, I’m sure.

    1. Charles, 99.999999% of people in the world have never bought 99.999999% of products available in the world. That sure says a lot about the quality of the products, doesn’t it! No, no, it doesn’t.

      1. Those 99.9999999999% of people you speak of didn’t have to sign up for anything or pay any $150 startup fee though. Sure, I’ll probably never buy a can of Spam, but I didn’t have to sign up for some organization to consider whether I would buy it or not. All those people who signed up with Amway must have been thinking that the products were worth buying, either for themselves or to sell to other didn’t they? Otherwise, why bother signing up, why not just buy the products themselves from a distributor?

        1. It’s only $50 to register, not $150. People spend money on things all the time with good intentions (gym membership anyone?) and then just never get around to it. It is what it is. Probably the biggest part of the issue, though, is enthusiastic (or pushy!) distributors signing people up and then not going through the processes of getting people started and trained properly. The MLM/independent contractor model has strengths and weaknesses, this is one of the weaknesses.

          1. Well you have a point there. People might pay money for a warehouse membership as well (i.e. Costco, BJ’s) and then never use it either. Still, it can’t be something Amway is all that proud of, the people who spend $50 to sign up and then never do anything. It certainly doesn’t do anything good for their statistics.

          2. You make good points. Even though this is clearly a pro-Amway website/blog, I appreciate you allowing people to post countervailing viewpoints. One thing I noticed on so many pro-Amway websites/blogs is that they either screen out all of the anti-Amway couments or there is no commenting at all, whereas the pro-Amway websites generally allowed both types of comments, which added to my generally negative impression of Amway. I’m glad there is balanced discussion on this website, kudos for that.

          3. There’s only really three “active” pro sites I’m aware of, this one, According to Bridgett, and Expeditions of Truth. Of those only the last has shut down commenting by critics. The problem is that there is a small number of them (like Joecool and Tex) who have been known to essentially spam people’s websites with the same repetitive, often long debunked, garbage. Indeed Joecool has been known to do it pretending to be different people. I’ve had to ban “rocket” from this site, and Joecool a couple of times.

            As for anti-Amway websites, I disagree. To name just a few off the top of my head, over the years Shyam Sundar (Corporate Frauds Watch), David Brear (MLM The American Dream Made Nightmare), Cheryl Rhodes (aka AnnaBanana, MarriedtoAnAmbot), Jon Taylor (mlm-thetruth), Robert FitzPatrick (Pyramid Scheme Alert), Robert Carroll (Skeptics Dictionary), Brian Dunning (Skeptoid), Scott Larsen (Amquix), Dave Touretsky (pop goes the amweasal), Rick Ross (Rick Ross Institute), SportsOnEarth (Blogging on the Yankees) have all censored comments I’ve submitted pointing out errors in something they’ve written or otherwise supporting MLM. Carroll even goes so far as to say don’t bother writing to him if you’re pro-MLM. Note that both Cheryl Rhodes (AnnaBanana) and Steve Nakamura (JoeCool) have been caught posting supposedly “pro” comments that they wrote themselves, in order to set up an attack on some MLM caricature.

          4. EDIT***

            I meant to say “One thing I noticed on so many pro-Amway websites/blogs is that they either screen out all of the anti-Amway couments or there is no commenting at all, whereas the ANTI-Amway websites generally allowed both types of comments…”

            Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Hello, First, I’m very glad I found this site. It seemed like all there was out there was “Amway is the best” or “Amway sucks” and nothing in between. I personally believe in looking at both sides. Years ago, I signed on as an IBO because my friend (an active IBO doing fairly well) asked me to. She didn’t push me to purchase anything, but did introduce me to a lot of the products. I enjoyed pretty much every product I tried, to this day I stand by the quality of the items. I didn’t last beyond the first year for the following reasons: 1) I’m not a salesperson. I have on interest in convincing people they need certain things and had a hard time peddling the items my sponsor told me were the most popular. 2) It wasn’t right for me at the time. Although I liked the products, I was living alone a thousand miles from family, a full time student and full time worker with a mortgage to pay. The up front cost was difficult for me to manage, and once I received my order, I didn’t need to order again for almost a year! I just don’t use much.

    Flash forward about 3-5 years (I went inactive for a while before I was officially ousted). I’m miserable at my current job situation and reconsidering Amway. This time I’ve taken the time to consider my strengths as a starting point:
    1) I’m now living near my family, since we all have the same monetary constraints we’ve decided to pool together and share as much as possible.
    2) I’m not a salesperson, but I’m a good teacher. Rather than take a stab at convincing someone to buy something they don’t want/need, I can take the time to get to know them and evaluate the things they DO use on a regular basis. Then I can present information about Amway products that they might prefer, ultimately letting them decide if the product is a right fit or not.
    I think it’s very tempting and optimistic to jump in without thinking about it and then blame the system when we don’t strike it rich in a week. I was disappointed the first time around, but smart enough to evaluate my own shortcomings in the process. I’ve taken more time to evaluate my options this time and I’m not distracted by all the “fun” new products (still love them, but not so willing to go out on a limb to buy things I wouldn’t otherwise)

    As a general rule in life, I’ve found that if I fail at something it’s because I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain.

    1. I’ve replied to your post. As I mention there it always astounds me how people like you accuse Amway of dishonesty, and then publish a litany of lies and misinformation.

  4. I am in the process of maybe joining , my only quarell, and yes maybe im from a middle class society and am used to being a couponer is that if i join yes i believe the system works totally but i could go broke in the meantime buying the products?Plus i am into organics and nop parabans and sulphate products and they have very little, i got some of the catalogues but i was hopeful that there would be more products online!

    1. LisaL, you’ll find many Amway products are actually cheaper than competitors, particularly per use, though they may cost more upfront. There’s literally hundreds of them, so I’m sure you can find ones that fit your requirements and budget. As for affording them, a business is supposed to make you money! So find the ones you like and can get passionate about, learn about them, promote them, and make some money! Good luck!

  5. It is hilarious to see the claims that Nutrilite products are better. If you know any math, then you will figure out that per miligram, all Nutrilite products are far more expensive than other brands even at IBO prices. If you know any science, then you will also agree that bioavailability of the nutrients in supplement form depends on so many factors, including one’s GI tract.

    But unfortunately many people are ignorant of these facts and are hoodwinked by the hype surrounding these nutrilite products. They also fail to realize that the placebo effect can play a role. This is good for businessmen trying to sell the product but for consumers, it really is a foolish venture.

    In short, do some simple math and science, and you’ll save your money.

    1. Ariel, I suggest you take your own advice and do some science before you do your simple math. Your comment indicates you have very little knowledge of what actually are in Nutrilite products, and the science behind them.

  6. Guys..please remember.

    “There is no shortcut to success” and ofcourse those who dream about big money by joining amway and such business are simply scapegoats for others.

    It’s a game where failure of your’s is my success.

    So remember never go for shortcuts in success.

    Why don’t you understand, In business customer can not be investor..and in Amway the 99% of the model stands on the concept where a customer becomes owner of the business.

  7. My father started complaining that his teeth got bad after using the tooth past. he satarted getting pain in his tooth after using the tooth past.

    1. Sounds like nothing more than a coincidence to me. I’ve had more than one person tell me their dentist has commented on how much better their teeth are after swapping to glister.

      1. I agree, many people that I have asked to try glister have loved it. They tell me stories how their dentist can really see a difference in their teeth.

    2. Then tell him to stop using the toothpaste if he doesn’t like it and get his money back. You do remember about the 90 money back guarantee ? Tell him to try to get that deal at the local supermarket !

      At the same time, don’t discount every single other product available just because he had a bad experience with one product.

      EXAMPLE ONLY: Nestle own a lot of products – I highly doubt you’d stop buying Nestle products just because you had a bad experience with ONE of their multitude of products ?

          1. It’s been 180 days in the U.S. for quite a while, at least 10 years before this article was written.
            90 days is still very generous, and a testimony that Amway stands behind their products.
            Most companies, if they offer a satisfaction guarantee, is 30 days (here in the U.S.).

          2. Actually it is 180 in other countries as well. Not just the US. I am in Canada and we also have the 180 day money back guaranteed. Do your research.

          3. Alex, Amway is in over 100 countries and territories. Much as I do know about Amway I don’t know everything about every market, I’ll continue to rely on assistance from readers to correct me when I make errors.

  8. I would like to have an open mind about business and I love to weigh the basic pro and cons of a business. We know that not everything is perfect and surely has its flaw. For example, working for a company makes you stick to the same routine but provide you a steady income. As for Amway, I have read people’s good and bad experiences with Amway. Even there is book written about the Amway being a cult.

    The Da Vinci Code too was also written to discover the truth of Jesus Christ and not many people like it. So, it is almost similar in every situation. Everything has its flawed regardless how the good the story goes.

    I guess most people felt bad in Amway is because they can’t earn the income they were shown in the PLAN and or being pressured to recruit more distributor. But,looking at the bright side, you are trying some of the best products in the world. I wouldn’t say all Amway products are the best as you must weight the pros and cons of a product based on its price and quality.

    All I would like to say is any person who has the passion for anything in their venture would surely succeed. If you work passionately for a company, you will be rewarded with promotion, higher salary and greater perks. If you study passionately, you will be rewarded with good grades and eventually a scholarship. If you fish passionately, I am sure one day you will have a great catch.

    So, same goes to Amway, if you are passionately involve, you will be rewarded with what those people are rewarded with the Plan.

    A final note: Amway would state this, be a part-time worker and a full time Amway. I have a different thing in mind, be a full time SATISFIED in anything you do in what you think is best for you regardless whether it is work, Amway , study , researching, volunteering or anything. All the best in your life .:)

    1. Alex, my Amway mentors have always taught to BE where you are. When you’re at your work, be a full-time worker and be there for the people who are paying you to be there – anything less lacks integrity. When you’ve set aside time for your Amway business (and it’s recommended this be part-time, not full-time when you start!) then be there for yourself and your Amway business. When you’ve set aside time for your Family, be there for them – not thinking about your job or your Amway business.

      Be passionate about whatever you’re doing, when you’re doing it!

      1. I agree with you ibofightback.

        I would like to add a little, be passionate about whatever you’re doing, when you’re doing it with whom you are doing it with 🙂 sounds better don’t you think?

        I put it that way as Amway is a great source of lifetime business partner. Your friends, family or anyone can be your lifetime business partner. I hope one day we could change the word ‘upline’ and ‘downline’ to business partners. X)

    2. The Da Vinci Code too was written to discover the truth of Jesus Christ?

      Um…that book, and the movie, are fiction.

      Here is some info about the criticism of the book. Dan Brown, knowing how to market a book, purposely has caused such confusion.

      I know this doesn’t have to do with Amway, but just thought I’d mention it so that you don’t go around repeating something goofy, particularly about such a hot button issue as Jesus Christ.

      1. I know it is fiction dear Bridgett and the effect of that book has caused people of Christian beliefs(not all) to dislike Dan Brown.

        Well I have mention it was written to discover the truth of Jesus Christ and wasn’t the plot was a part of the story? That’s why I mention earlier as a story, not as a fact. I used it to bring an example of similarities between the Merchant of Deception and Da Vinci Code. Look up about that book and as experiences=story, how the mind perceives the facts=experiences. I do respect and agree you on repeating something goofy, hot issues.

        Next time I will bring a better examples which doesnt cause any sensitivity. ^-^.

        1. The Flat Earth Society peeps.

          That in the face of all the facts, all the evidence, these people still believe and still profess that the earth is a flat disc.
          That’s how I feel about Scheibler. In the face of all the facts, all the evidence, he still believes and professes that ALL of Amway TODAY operates the way he experienced it (he doesn’t highlight the fact that his Upline has since been kicked out of Amway for wrongdoing. Instead he claims that the way he was taught to build his business *is* the Amway Business.)

          1. wow I cant believe this thing still exist ! Thanks for the update. Yeah, it is hard to believe that when faced with all the facts and evidence, people still can stick strong to their principle. I believe it is human nature to be not label ‘wrong’ which actually means they ignore the the fact that their perceptions are not sensible. In this world, there is nothing right or wrong.

            In my opinion, Scheibler didn’t know that there many ways whether it is good or bad that being taught in Amway. Same goes to a child, you can teach different ways to a child whereby it can be useful or harmful to him/her.

            Well, of course they are people out there who are looking for ways to make money faster and I could understand Scheibler felt. Maybe he was at the right time and at the right place with the wrong people.

            If Amway was what he describes, then the company would have wound up a long time ago. Just like a kingdom, if the king is useless he will be overthrown. Same as a company, if it is possess no values, it will wound up too. I don’t see that in happening in Amway yet. 🙂

  9. While I swear by DISH DROPS, I do not hold the same belief in Amway’s laudrr products. If I want a truly white wash, then I invariably use a competitor’s product, naming no names but using ghe colour ‘pink’ as a clue!

    1. Well I find that very strange to say SA-8 and the other lines are not so good. both my son and I worked in very dirty environments and Try Zyme pre soak Best results. We were IBO’s a while ago and forgot to renew as I had an accident which resulted in my retail business going broke. We met up with some people associated with Network 21 and rejoined to GET PRODUCT and were not interested in the business side of things….However we found the system is the key to success and after going to a Weekend Seminar and reading the Business, Personal relationship books etc have improved many aspects of our lives. We are now helping people find their own dreams and to make them come true. The world out there just don’t care.

      Colleen, I now run Domestic Cleaning business and will not use any of the poisons from the supermarket especially all those Clorine based products that will burn your nasal and lung passages.




  12. If one wants to see the true sucess that comes with being associated with Amway, then all you need to do is look to India and study the phenomenal growth there.
    I recently signed up after having seen what my father in law and brother in law and a whole lot of friends involced in Amway. As for me having to ‘convince’ people, it really isnt that much of a big deal….these products are first class and THEY WORK. IPersonally me and my family have been using them for years and I wouldnt just blindly recommended them had I not been absolutely convinced of their results. Whether it’s the Home Care range or the Artistry line or the Nutrilite supplements, the stuff is amazing . And to think someone sees them as a cult or crappy products is laughable…come on we all have atleast half a brain and can decide if something is good or not, can’t we. The Nutrilite Kids Drink is amazing and has changed my kids immunity along with the chewable multies. And the Protein powder has really worked wonders for a lot of people esp the older gen , I only stick to Amway products for everything and I have no complaints. The stuff is good and people come upto me and want to buy. So you cant just sign up and sit on your backside and expect miracles..I think these lazy complainers have to learn from the Indian model of success and realize hard work is what pays off, and that along with selling world class products can never go wrong. See the number of fab success stories of all the emerald, platinum , diamond level folks and read up on how they did what they did.
    you can choose to be inspired and believe or be cynical only coz you are too damn lazy. Totally upto you!!

    1. I have to agree with you my friend. I am a proud American but hang my head in shame when I read the negative bloggers and notice a high concentration of whiners and failures seem to come from one demographic. When I watch new diamonds take the stage, it’s equally easy to see what group is dominating and showing the world how to build a successful Amway business. I am personally thankful to have these wonderful sharing people in an organization where I can learn their principles of success which not surprisingly are the same among all successful entrepreneurs. Hard work, discipline, ability to stay the course, fight through the negative to fine the positive, and the biggie perseverance.

  13. There is also a path to success like any paths to anywhere. In Amway up line/sponsors show that path to new members. If they accept and choose the path they will reach success. others will blog/yell that Amway is wrong/failure. Determination and hard work is the key for success in any business. But most people are looking for and go behind easy money, easy business, Lottery, easy jobs, ………..

  14. (1) signing up people to buy stuff is selling products
    (2) while I’m being a little pedantic here, external customers isn’t what separates Amway from pyramid schemes, it does however over offer evidence it’s not a pyramid scheme
    (3) For this reason, among others, Amway rules state you must have external customers.

    The fact your upline was telling you to ignore your contract and ignore Amway says something about their integrity doesn’t it?

    The reality is that what you (or your upline) was doing was not Amway, it was something else hiding under the cover of Amway.

  15. Let’s examine these 2 points and compare them with reality.

    (1) You don’t make a cent if you just sign up people in your downline, you only make money if products are sold.

    I was told by my upline I didn’t have to sell, only buy my own products.

    (2) The education program is entirely about selling and building a business. You seem to have the misconception that Amway operates like a pyramid, where you make money through recruiting.

    I was told by my upline that all I needed to do was to sign up people to buy their own produts like I was doing and I’d make a ton of money. After I had read the Amway Rules and Regulations, I discovered that a certain amount of product did need to be sold in order to qualify for a bonus check. I even went so far as to contact Amway to get clarification of this rule and Amway informed me that this particular rule is what separated it from pyramid schemes. I showed Amway’s email response to my upline Direct and was told to “ignore it and don’t contact Amway anymore about rules.”

    Amway may not have been designed as a pyramid scheme but a number of upline biggies have turned it into one.

    1. I think THAT is as succinct as it gets!

      A large percentage of ‘conventional’ businesses flounder and/or fail within the first year (or years) of business.

      A similar thought revolves around the current (supposed) ‘uneven’ distribution of wealth. Experts theorize that if all wealth were collected and ‘evenly’ distributed, that within a number of years it would return to the current ‘uneven’ distribution. People are people.

      Due to the wide appeal and significant potential of the Amway opportunity, a number of people ‘sign up’ who, for one reason or another, don’t have what it takes (not the right time, poor discipline, misunderstanding, poor self-image, whatever, etc.) and as a result choose to not build this (or ANY) business. Some people actually PREFER to work for others – and there’s NOTHING wrong with that. While there are numerous factors why individual businesses (Amway or conventional) fail, there is at least ONE ‘common denominator’ to them ALL – people QUIT.

      Just like success in ANY endeavor (restaurant, grocery store, or brain surgeon), the Amway opportunity requires effort, drive, determination, and most of all a reason WHY (aka DREAM). Thomas Edison’s invention of the light bulb is a classic example of someone who COULD have quit, but didn’t. There are COUNTLESS other stories that could be told.

      Back to the original statement, ‘Success is ALWAYS a minority’ (in Amway or any other endeavor)

  16. So, it comes down to this:

    [1] Amway IBO’s are focused on signing people into their downline and DO NOT want to sell the product.

    [2] The education programs, aka “tools” are not about selling and building a business, they’re about recruitment.

    1. Ummm, no. (1) You don’t make a cent if you just sign up people in your downline, you only make money if products are sold. (2) The education program is entirely about selling and building a business. You seem to have the misconception that Amway operates like a pyramid, where you make money through recruiting. In Amway “recruiting” is not really any different to the marketing all companies do in order to “recruit” people to use and market their products. The great majority of people “recruited” are merely customers for the products.

    2. I’m unsure how you developed this belief. Successful IBO’s I work with use our products and sell them to non-IBO clients. I personally help others develop a business if they’re so inclined but my primary objective is growing my retail business. I also have a traditional restaurant franchise. I buy product, sell product, and pocket my profit. The big difference is they take 7% of my net every week. Amway doesn’t take any of my profit. Also, if I work with a prospect looking into the restaurant franchise and they sign, I receive no incentive from the franchiser. As for training tools, I am required to stay current on all franchise concepts and food safety in my restaurant franchise. That requirement is at my expense. Even if I have to travel to the parent headquarters to receive training I am responsible for travel, quarters and food expenses. The franchiser only provides the training material. Amway has been in business 50 years. The model works well. The fact that some people don’t succeed isn’t Amway’s fault. Many people fail in traditional franchises as well yet the franchise continues with people who can operate, develop and grow a business.

      1. sir as u tell i am also member of amway and i am also into retail business and my profit is not taken by anyone i earn more than what amwaygives me

      2. I could not agree more heartedly with the above comments of Kevin and Ibofightback. I am seriously considering restarting an Amway business. I was not successful in 1993-94, but I learned much. While not successful, I was not a failure either. Three personally sponsored IBOs were more enamored with of the idea of “being in business” rather than “building a business” and for whatever reason, left the business within ninety days. Two had a “bad” attitude, or simply didn’t get it, having an “employee mindset.” One stayed around too long. The sixth, Maggie, was phenomenal. She built a 2500PV leg in very short time, but accepted a lucrative position in San Francisco, fell in love and married. She did not renew her distributorship. Her team melted away as Jan and Will moved to Denver and Robbie to Miami. As for the others? Oh, well, I just don’t know. I became discouraged and did not renew myself. Is any of this Amway’s fault? No. But can I operate, develop and grow a business? I believe so, even more so, because of the tools provided by INA. This line of sponsorship came out of Sacramento and Anaheim. I encouraged Maggie early to hook-up with up line Diamond Jim Floor. Too bad she didn’t. I think about Maggie often now now that I am reconsidering. I know I want to be more like her. In the short time I knew her… such a rich friendship… all because she laughed at me when I created a “Cleanup in Aisle 6” mess at a Kroger supermarket.
        The tools are all about selling and building a business and more importantly, mentoring new leaders. Without harvesting leaders one cannot buy one’s “freedom.” And “freedom” is really no more than owing no debt, no mortgage, no car payments. Getting the money problem out of the way. Open for business for two or three hours per day two or three days per week. Mentoring and friendship.
        I attended two functions, one in Chicago, the other in Anaheim. They were incorporated into my vacation plans and were more fun than what I did “vacationing,” including Disneyland. And cheaper, too.

  17. I was in Amway 25 years ago and i did sponsor a few people but never quite made it work for me. But i can tell you I was 18 when i started and had many people give me there time and knowledge to help me succeed. people only make money if they help other make money so people who were my upline would help me when ever i asked and if i had someone that was working hard they would help them just like they would help me. The cost i paid was nothing just work hard to make it work and help others and you will be rewarded in the end. My Boss at work has never done anything for me to succeed or really care if i need to make more money. Amway did not work for me but it help me become a man and to look to help others if you want to succeed in like they help me become the man i am today and will always be grateful to them for that. Amway is just product but the organizations like Dream Builders with in Amway help people become better people and love there family, country and God.

  18. It not the product, there is no doubt they are the best world wide.

    Millionaires know is a great opportunity, none millionaires
    think it doesn’t work. Who r you gona listen to???

    The problems are some IBOs. most of them have/come from a middle class mentality (i don’t include “poor” people, poor people have more potential of becoming some 1 here than people in the middle class. this happens because poor people are tire of being poor and wish they where rich, wile middle class are comfortable not being poor and with some money.) they’ve been living the same mental routine their whole life and are afraid to change, that’s why they are middle classed. So when they come to AMWAY, where you need a rich mentality to grow, its really hard for them to get use to such a way of thinking. so they complain, criticize and come up with excuses to cover up their failure.(This is just my opinion on what I’ve seen and experience.)
    AMWAY it self is a GREAT opportunity not many seem to see.
    the problem is us and the lack of dedication and effort we put in to it.
    correct me if im wrong.

    1. With respect, I anticipate becoming a millionaire within the next 18 months.

      Amway might be a route for some but it isn’t the only way.

      You would do well to remember that there are successful people “out there” who have no part or role within the Amway organisation or business, people who have achieved through other means, approaches, and applications of their talents.

      The implication that those who do not become involved with Amway are “losers” is crass and insulting. You are part of a larger picture and success methodology not the only one and neither the elite or best. Just one of many.

      1. Ed, I entirely agree and your comments are not much different from what I’ve been taught by many successful Amway leaders. It’s really only a small number of groups who have had this whole “loser” attitude, and I think even they are starting to rethink the approach. It edifies no one.

      2. hows that million dollars going? lets see by now you should have made….$55,555 last month. I doubt you made a tenth of that….

  19. Yes, agree with cdsto..when people cannot do a business they start to complaint this is not right, that is not good and etc. If our products are not as good enough why we are in top 5 ranking (Artistry) and why we are top no.1 (Nutrilite)…these simple ranking figure shows that we don’t have to prove to people how good our products are..I’m using Artistry and taking Nutrilite and I’m having good business with it..

    The only thing you need to know is..learn from the right person and you need to use it first with the right way..then you know how good AMWAY products are!

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