Amway One by One – touching the world.

The Amway One by One program for children has been running for 5 years and has been estimated to have reached over 6 million children. It’s a truly phenomenal program that Amway business owners can be proud of. The video below is a small production which tells a little it about the program  and some of the projects Amway and Amway business owners have been supporting.

The video has been entered in the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship First Annual Film Fest, with the winner being announced at the 2009 International Corporate Citizenship Conference on March 30 in San Francisco. The entries highlight the excellent work being done by companies around the world.  I haven’t watched them all yet, but so far the Amway entry would I think be a very worthy winner. You can check out the videos and vote on the Boston College Center Website.

One thought on “Amway One by One – touching the world.”

  1. That is a very touching video that Amway put out. I know firsthand the vulnerability of children, having a missing granddaughter because the state of Iowa screwed up and placed her with her 3-time felon father, another granddaughter that is totally disabled because of Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and a grandson that longs to live with us, but has to live with his great-grandparents because that’s where the state thinks he should be. It didn’t matter to the court that my wife and I both have over 16 years of child care experience from running a state-licensed child care center in our home. We’re building the business to provide a legacy for those children.

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