Amway posts a billion dollars sales in a month

Grand Rapids press has reported that last month Amway had it’s first ever billion dollar month. Wow. To put that in perspective, according to Direct Selling News there’s only 11 other direct selling companies in the world that do over a billion dollars in a year. In 2010 Amway did US$9.2billion for the year, trailing only Avon, who reported sales of $10.9 billion, which includes from their retail outlets. Is 2011 going to be the year Amway takes the crown as the world’s biggest direct sales company? It’s going to be tough, with Avon also reporting first quarter sales up 7% over the same period last year.

The report also noted Amway North American sales continue to grow, which is great news for Amway’s oldest market, which has had some struggles in the past few years.

7 thoughts on “Amway posts a billion dollars sales in a month”

  1. Negative opinions are made by competitors…so they cannot be trustworthy. Direct Sales are improving because most people like a close approach and this way sales get higher… I think this kind of sales is a great business, because almost anyone can do it…

  2. This is great news indeed. I believe this will be the year Amway takes the crown for sure. If they can finish August off with 1 Billion in sales then no doubt at all.

    Pialdo, doesn’t matter what people think there will always be negative. There is negative about any business, just need to move past it and focus on your business and know why your building it!

    Go and grow guys!

    1. I completely agree Shaun! Am just saying that it’s a shame that people don’t realize the changes that are happening but you have a point.

      Good luck to all AND GO DIAMOND!!!



  3. We are in an intense growth cycle that I believe will last through 2015, so get out there and build your businesses, now is the time!!!

  4. It is an exciting news!!
    It only goes to show that despite all of the nagative opinions, the compagny continues to grow by leaps and bounds!
    It always amazes when people are saying that this is a scam when it lasted 50 years, is over 80 countries and territories, is #1 online for health and beauty for the last 8 years, has had 10 consecutive growth years, is affiliated with millions of name brands, and now is doing 1 BILLION for one month!!!

    People need to understand that the economy is changing rather you like it or not. There is a shift going on right now in the world. People are realizing that what they were taught all their lives is not working! They understand that they need to be in business for themselves if they are to survive what is to come. I just wish that more people could open their eyes and seeing what’s happening right now!

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