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A while back on one of the Quixtar Opportunity Zone blogs a commentator suggested that Quixtar should allow product reviews and ratings on the Quixtar site, as happens on many other e-commerce websites.

I thought at the time that this was a good idea, but more recently the idea has been given a boost. Checking the search statistics of this website and Amway Wiki I’ve noticed that there’s quite a lot of folk searching for information and reviews about Amway and Quixtar products.

So I figure – let’s give it to them! What do you think? I’ve already checked out what’s necessary to get it up and running and I think I could have it going in a week or two. There’s some software I’m going to need which costs a couple of hundred bucks, so if you feel inclined and can afford to support the project, I’d appreciate a click on the “Support This Site” item to the left. Other than that it’s just going to need the contribution of people to write up products and give their reviews and ratings. It will probably take a year or so to become a really good resource, but assuming my experience with Amway’s products is similar to everyone else’s, it should be a very positive addition to the internet mileau.

And of course, if there’s some crappy products being promoted, the corp will hopefully get to read about it from us folk on the ground!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. U are right all the wealth goes to few apex controlling members and downliners are fooled.even products are not FSSAI approved and directed amway to recall the products but unfortunately they haven’t.ICMR and NIN Found most of the products unfit for consumption

  2. I have started using Amway multivitamin, omega and calcium supplements. I really feel energetic and active as I had a serious vitamin deficiency. I will be watching if it has any side effects to me. BTW I did not like my upline asking me to talk and add downlines below me within a month when I told I need time to get convinced about the product.

  3. Guys dont join amway for business. Use its product. Products are good. Business is what they earn from. Billon dollar company fuels from the millions of fools who join this and circulate money by shit cd shit seminar and eventually and finally this whole money goes back to amway which make them a billion dollar company. I would certainly not recommend doing this business. Its a chain/pyramid kind of business. You become ABO. Then you have to make baits or in other words you can call it downlines which can be your close friends family members in order to earn money. These downlines are now forced to attend seminars, buy cd, products, books. And they are told that by not doing all these things success are not gonna come to you. And again these downlines are asked to make list of people as their baits so that the money is circulated and your upliners gets commision. As simple as that. And this process continues and people are multiplied. Finally these SUPER HIGH COST SEMINAR, CD, BOOKS cost you hell and thus all this money goes to piggy bank of scamway or amway shit and they become billion dollar shitcompany. Haa and one more thing, this scamway is a very clever business plan in which you just have to make downlines force them and let them force others… God damn! You might lose friends, relationships and self esteem. You will get some money first but you lose a lot in order to get this. There are millions of people doing this shit due to which amway is a billion dollar company. YOU CANT STOP IT COZ THE COUNT OF FOOLS ARE MUCH HIGHER THAN SMARTIES WHO DONT GET INVOLVED IN THIS SHIT. Amway shit.

    1. Raj, Amway doesn’t make any money from “the business” per se, they only make money from sale of Amway products. They also don’t make money from sales of seminars/cds etc. They’re generally sold by third party companies (who can an do profit). In my experience as an entrepreneur, their prices tend to quite competitive with seminars and materials outside the Amway world.

  4. There is a secret to working the Amway plan. Instead of trying to offer the hundreds of products that they offer you need to focus on one brand to market and learn every thing about that line. For instance a woman might focus on Artistry. You can say it is supplied by Amway if you wish, but only need to refer to Artistry. Maybe you want to focus on Nutrilite or household items or air/water purifiers. Regardless, if you are familiar with one line you will gain great rewards. My wife does Artistry parties and makes a great income. I focus on nutrition and am doing well myself. In case you are wondering, we have broke off three directs in two years having my sales team ( I hate the word down line) duplicate my efforts. I call everyone in my team, which is quite large once a week. It works if you dedicate your self to it.

    1. Hi ,
      Artistry products are the best products . For uneven skin tone you can use ideal radiance .Its cures the uneven skin tone by removing the tan and evenly spreading the natural colour .

      1. I have taken daily bt I have found se side effect in that one of mother friend has joined this she has recommended to take daily when I started taking I don’t feel energetic In office …

    2. You can try Artistry ideal radiance Illuminating essence. There is also a whole ideal radiance system but it’s pretty expensive, if you have the money and want faster result you can get the whole system, but if you’re short on cash but want even skin tone get only the Illuminating essence. My friend mom tried it and said it worked for her, you can try and see if it works for you too. You can find more info about the product, like benefits and ingredients from the website

    3. Hi Nikki, For uneven skin tone, I’d suggest either the Hydra-v toner or the Youth extend toner if it’s basic but if intense, I’d suggest the ideal radiance system

    4. Yes, u can use amway product.
      Attitude be bright face wash,scrub,masque,day cream & night cream.
      Your skin is always smooth & shine.
      I suggest u try it.

    5. you can use amway day cream and night cream. It has lotus extracs which helps the skin to glow. And also body cream can be used, my wife has used it and it effective. But make sure you are purchasing it from either from amway store, amway online site or from an amway distributor not from any unauthrised source.

      – Anand Singh

    6. HI Nikki! I see you wrote your original question in 2016, I am just seeing it now so I do hope someone else has answered you or you have found a solution already. If not Artistry Ideal Radiance is designed for uneven toned skin. And the new Serum has elements for that also. I hope you find a good solution.

  5. This company is really a bluff company. This company just take away huge money from its customers.

    Its products are no at all good as they show and also really very very high priced.

    I am an IBO in this company since 7 months before this i joined this company in India in 2002 at that time also i gave my member ship back in 3 months after buying its high priced products and experienced that they are not at all good enough as they are presented.

    They talk to their IBO’s about active and passive income by joining this company and also manipulate its members to bring new customers but its all fake. They don’t give back that kind of money. After charging you a huge amount they just give you a very very little part of it. Their are many other good products in the market that are good and also not that expensive.

    I joined this company just because my wife insisted as she heard this for the first time, i tried to explain her how bad this company is but still she wanted to experience it so we got enrolled by spending $150.00 and we just got $89.00 worth of products. Than I purchased $400.00 products and got one of my friend enrolled in this and he paid $150.00 enrollment fee and than bought products for $270.00 and in return i just got $4.00. Any body can calculate what is the return this company is giving.

    Also they tell that product return is free but its not, they charge $5.50 as the invoice charge.

    In short its good to buy stuff from the store where you can see the product physically and pay less and buy it in spite of spending huge amount for this worthless products.

    When i joined i was also told that this company is in partner with T-mobile, Verizon, etc. so i will get $50.00 discount in my phone bills by presenting this id but when i tried to get enroll to the phone company for that discount they told me they dont give any kind of such discounts.

    In short please don’t spend your hardly early money for this company products. You have earned this money after working so hard. My annual income is just $2600.00 per month from which i pay $1200.00 as rent of my apartment and also many other bills like grocery, phone, furniture installment, etc.
    So i know how difficult it is when this money is taken away by such companies making us fool. And they are happy when you join the company and buy its products because they got 1 more fool like me who will be making them rich by getting ourselves poor for worthless products

    1. I think you are the most foolest person in the whole world because now I have resigned my IAS post because I am a DIAMOND in this business and I got from this business being an IAS too I couldn’t get………….

    2. I also have bad experience with all Amway products as an Abo since last 10 months… Even I had acne on my smooth face after using high price products like ATTITUDE n artistry products too…. Income is also not so pleasant…
      Everybody can’t n a successful Amway business owner… And I think it’s not fruitful for starters… N its an bad n dumb investment…. Rest upto u guys.

    3. Thanks for your honest opinion. I have been contacted by an Amway rep, and after reading your comment it really made me question the business model overall. First, i looked at the product, and none of the products sold is anything I really can picture myself selling. Its super overpriced, and I feel like they try to lured people in not to buy their products (because they are not even close to competitive) but by convincing others of this “picture perfect” career you can make for yourself. This business plan would work perfectly back when Amazon didnt exist, but in today’s market I’d think twice.

    4. As in other MLM businesses its not for everyone. Everybody will not “get it”. It’s more than just products (which by the way are fantastic) its the people, the mentoring program, just the overall atmosphere of being in your own business and being around like minded entrprenaurs that think like you do.

      Thank you

    5. Hi Rinku,

      I also joined amway as an ABO 4 months back. Your comment is shocking, did you discuss this with your upline? Because upline plays a very important role in this business.

      Anand Sing

  6. I am looking for product reviews. I just sat through a demonstration of many products. I see that the items are expensive, but are they any good? What should I buy first?

    1. Hi Matica, depends what you want! I find most of the cleaning products are excellent, and while they may cost more upfront, they’re usually cheaper per use, so not expensive. The Artistry range is “premium”, so not “cheap”, but is also generally cheaper than other brands in the same category. Nutrilite is in a class of it’s own, so price comparisons are difficult.

      My 5 favourite products, in no particular order –

      LOC Kitchen cleaner
      XS Energy drinks
      Body series roll-on deodorant
      Nutrilite Double X
      Artistry Youth Xtend system

      1. Thanks for getting back to me in a honest way. You were very helpful. I will take your advice and start with the cleaning products.

    2. Hi Matica,
      Amway products are excellent,
      Choose the category out of many and then try with the products which suits your budget

  7. I have used Amway products for over thirty years and as far as the company I think they are top notch. I use their SA8 laundry detergent, Tryzim, all fabric bleach, and prewash and my whites are brilliant. My husband never has yellowing under the arms of his t-shirts. Their hair spray holds without sticky residue, their deodorant is the very best I have ever tried. I use their shampoo and body wash. No residu after shower and then spray the shower cleaner so I don’t have to clean my shower as often. I used their Nutrilite until I found Advocare supplements that I liked better.

  8. My mother bought a set of Amway Queen pots and pans 45 years ago.A couple of the pots got warped recently(I think due to going from gas to electric cooking).Amway replaced the pots with no charge,no hassle.I couldn’t believe it.Standing behind a product like that is unbelievable.

    1. ray, how did you get your cookware covered/replaced? did they need original purchase or other documentation? I have a set with a couple warped pans, inherited them, and do not have paperwork. Pls let me know.

    2. Yes that is the experience i recently had with Amway. They sent me the wrong product. When i called and told them about it they replaced the product I did’nt receive and told me to keep the incorrect product. GO AMWAY! No other company does this.

  9. I have been using Amway products and love almost everything I have used. There are slightly more expensive but that’s because you get better quality. A McDonald’s hamburger and a filet mignon both are beef but they don’t cost the same. This is a personal choice. Eat what you want to eat and use personal care products that you want to use. Amway products are biodegradable, organic and don’t contain fillers an additives. you need less because it’s concentrated. I say that with confidence because I can see the excellent job the cleaning products do. As a mother of 3 I can tell when it’s easier to clean off burnt milk from a pan or clean dirt laden football pants using just a small scoop of Amway cleaners compared to leading brands that use bulking agents so you use a big scoop full of junk leaving residue on your clothes to attract more dirt and bacteria. Similarly when I take my double X compared to leading brands that gave me such terrible stomach aches that I couldn’t even stand up every night. Once I stopped and started taking Nutrilite I finally could enjoy my family.

    Everyone has something negative to say but your own personal experience is what is the TRUTH. I was skeptical at first but I LOVE my amways products and can NOT get myself to go back to the junk they sell in the stores.

      1. Amway nutralite protein product is fake. I lost 4000 Rs for buying this product. I use complete packet of that product. No change will happened In my health. Useless products.. From amway….

    1. Thanks Ak that is true, our own personal experience is the proof to ourselves which counts. So with that said I will try different products of Amway and hopefully I can can share my personal experience at a later date, I have a Amway consultant coming back by to share more about the products she have on hand to sell. I interested in the women health vitamins and for children and men, so anyone have tried any of the vitamins I would to hear your personal results thanks. Thanks again AR for your sincere comments.

  10. Amway is a brainwashing company selling all the products at the cost of poor. Their policy is use first them share….By the time u use the products the company would be end up with huge revenue especially the market like India.
    I feel pl think 100 times before entering into this business or buying this product.

    1. It’s not Amway’s “policy” to use first, then share – it’s common sense! You obviously aren’t going to have much success marketing products to people if you don’t think they’re worth using them yourself, are you? And gues what – if you don’t like them or don’t think they’re good value, then you can return them for a full refund.

      Furthermore, Amway’s revenue statistics are quite clear – only a very small percentage of sales are to new people, so your thesis they get “huge revenue” from this simply isn’t true. Do the math yourself!

    2. Amway makes the products and people like me sell them. I use them because I like their quality. Quality is NEVER expensive.

    3. @B A Rout
      If it is so, then every company is a brainwasher & as well as a pocket washer too, coz they not only cost higher, but also using them do not earn you steady discount (approx 20%) & no other company will allow you to do business with their products without any investment. One needs only Rs 2.00 to join amway Business (Rs 2 for xerox copy of your photo id & address proof!!!!!!). Again, if higher cost is a factor then the answer is yes they are high priced in purchaase only but daily basis expense is so pathetically low, that non users cannot believ untill they use. e.g. a pack of 1 kg Surf Excell is around Rs 190.00 and in our household it only lasts for a month. In case of SA8, it costs Rs 750.00 (MRP), bought 5 months back & as per our calculation it will last more than a month now. thus our permonth expenditure is around Rs 125.00. Which is lower?????

  11. I have found amways products to be suburb in many aspects. They not only meet indutry in cost and effectiveness of their products, but exceeds them. They do this through their Nutrilite for example. Nutrilite products most of the time has three times the vitimins and minerals found in competing products. For example theri cold medicine i have found has three times the amound of the main compoinants for the drug to work on teh immune system then dyquil and other compeating products.

    1. Last night I compared my one son’s Nutralite chewable multi vitamin with another brand I bought at a health shop. The other brand had 2-3 times more nutrients than nutralite plus a cost far less.

      1. Could you give us an example? I’ve been unable to find competitor products that even contain the same nutrients as Nutrilite (phytonutrients in particular) let alone more of them. More is not always better by the way, especially with children. Did your competitor product include organic plant extracts? If not, then it’s not even remotely the same product.

  12. amway is sick…..its nothing but business…. very very costly…..but unfortunately the new ABO’s would try luring u saying that amway can cure any disease….hahahahah…funny man…if it can do so….why are there so many diseases around the world?????
    unfortunately the new ABO’s will be in a racing mood to make money, become platinum, silver…blabalabla… they end up telling all nonsense….
    see.simple i will tell u some thing…. amway doesn’t have a check on the educational status of the new person who wants to join….so obviously they are not concerned on any thing except making money…..after all who doesn’t want money…
    even a doctor wont stick to one brand of medicine all the time….he keeps changing the brand based on the rep who offers him the best perk…..
    go to a temple…. the poojari will not give u special prasad unless u keep a 10rs note in the plate….
    sooooo…amway guys…ur products might be great….welll buy them and eat ur self…dont claim that it is every thing…..we dont like it…..
    sick amway business…..

  13. I personally find Amway products, in my own experience, to be sub-standard compared to other products. I would not waste my money on them again and I have friends who have also tried their Nutrilite range and found it extremely lacking.

    Thank goodness that at least now we have the internet to be able to share this information.

      1. I agree with IBOFIGHTBACK. How can #1 selling vitamins in the world company sell sub standard products?? That leave me a big question about this paradox?!

        1. Where do you see that they’re #1 selling? I’m googling it right now and can’t find Nutralite topping the list in any category. I’d like to know what to search for, other than the brand name.

        2. Do Amway multivatins comply with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations? Where can i find documentation with respect to d same?

      2. Keep up the good work…Amway products and health sups are top notch,with whole foods grown from seed to consumer,certified organic and good quality products…most people pay far more for less. fightback for good! fightback for life!

      3. This person is definitely is hired my amway to defand the company’s bad reviews. All people are not the same so it is normal to have bad and good reviews but you sure cant take no for an answer. You defending every negative reviews shows us that your company sucks!!!!!!

        1. You need to read more of the site and my comments. I “attack” the company where I think it’s deserved, and fully admit to a lot of flaws, particularly in the way some market it.

    1. I can’t understand HOW exactly anybody could waste money on Amway products. Have you ever heard about 100% satisfaction guarantee?
      Why do you waste your time on the Internet to “share” the information when everybody can try the product and if they don’t like it, they can return it for a full refund? I can’t understand why do you think they need YOU to tell THEM what you think. Who cares?

    2. I am using Amway products,as costumers an finally (recently)as member to enjoy the discounts.You will be of great help if you can specify which product you found substandard.
      Thank you

  14. I have used Amway products earlier, they are good, a bit expensive but worth the price..I haven’t tried any of the Amway Nutrilite products. I just wanna know if they have positive reviews before I could try any…

    Thanks, 🙂

      1. Hello,

        … doing “…my own review” translates to experimenting with my own health, without knowing the adverse effects… It would be helpful to know some, specific information w.r.t product, like, known drug interactions, known adverse effects, product usage recommendations and such details for the literate user atleast.

        Thanks and regards,

        1. Hi,
          Nutrilite is usually happy to answer those kind of questions. There’s a lot of info supplied by Amway on their websites and in their manuals also. Varies a bit between markets though.

        1. I’m a registered Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) fighting back against the myths, BS, and occasional outright lies you read about Amway on the internet – IBO Fightback. Why do you ask?

          1. What are the most common myths about Amway? I’ve heard them compared to a pyramid and some people call their meetings cult like.

  15. Amway Reprentative during Show the Plan and Show the product, they campared Chemical product(Surf Excel, Rin, Areal never claim for Herbal product) with Herbal product of Amway SA8.

    It is very basic that comparision should be in same Grade or Cader or same species.
    i.e the purpose is only how a new ABO can join….

      1. This is what happens in direct selling. When I told my need for a product to my upline, who was my friend (Now business man), he thinks from PV/BV point of view rather than putting effort to understand the need and suggest right product. Very unfriendly. Sometime’s I felt that Amway should not have come in between us, so that he would have put a little effort in suggesting a good product without any bias.
        Very few sellers know about their products and can give good suggestion. In such a case Amway’s Product Range is too narrow.

        1. GGK, a couple of years ago I was looking for a new company car. The salesman was atrocious, but through our own work we decided the vehicle and lease agreement was what we were looking for, so we bought anyway.

          My point is that there’s poor salesmen (and women) in all industries, Amway’s no different.

          1. hahaha ibofightback is definitely an away guy… or something like that. he’s all over this thing trying to support them, sketchy.

      2. I have recently joined and ditched Amway. I hear a lot IBO’s telling people that the products do not contain any chemicals. This is a blatant lie. They contain petrochemicals and other controversial chemicals.

        1. If you encountered some IBOs who were saying things blatantly contrary to what Amway says – why wouldn’t you ditch them instead of Amway? It’s ridiculous to say Amway products do not contain chemicals. Water is a chemical.

      3. Ibofightback> Faith is well n good… But blindfaith is injurious.. For u n all.
        Artistry is for sensitive skin as advertised by Amway.. Thn how could it produce sensation …
        In short it’s not for Indian middle n lower middle class families. Moreover high pressures n untime disturbances of uplines makes personal life miserable… Uff…
        Some products are good I don’t ignore, but experiencing those r much expensive.. N if the product dont suit u…. Then what…?? If Offer products thn not returnable… Thats a good scheme… Lol

    1. SA 8 is not a herbal product but a bio degradable pruduct which is different than herbal. Herbal ia a term that is used for vitamins rather than detergent such as SA 8.
      I see that you have a great interest towards Amway product. GOOD. Analyse further and you will find that amway products are really quality products.

  16. As per your representative it is described that if you are member(ABO) then u will get 20% discount directally in all product. and other associated benifits as per plan.
    But actually we get approximately 14% discount after including the Tax. means customer must add total money spent by him, instead of Amway internal price without tax.

    It is just like that some Flight tourist agency shows that Ticket charges is just Rs.500.00, but when customer goes to buy the ticket he paid Rs.4000–Rs.5000 and agent justified that Rs. 500.00 was without tax.
    So i request to you that please try to do transparent buissiness not by making foolish to new ABO

    1. Heera, The actual discount varies from product to product, but it is applied to the tax-free value, not after tax. This is the normal practice in all businesses, and ABOs who purchase products are, by default, treated by Amway as business owners.

    2. One thing you need to understand that normally Amway apply the the distributor profit say 20% from the distributor price not from the selling price. So if you calculate the different from the selling price and the distributor price you will not get 20%. Try to calculate again and you will find out what I mean. Don’t judge too early. Amway is a big and reputable company. They will not DO things that are unethical and definitely not cheating.

  17. The products are too good for using and it was not more costly agins your helth.

    1. I used amway products with lots of doubts and for trial…after use t I just love it and only for the products I started the business and just between 1yr I can see the money as well as health..Amway is the only business where we dont have any risk….you can withdraw ur small small small investment when u want…then why not friends….just try once….believe ur own experience not the others….Now I am a successful business woman…..I m also working nd I am an MBA. my working organisation all my collegues r also amway user nd many of them are my business partners.

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