Amway reports record sales of $11.8 billion

Amway today reported record sales of $11.8 billion for 2013,  a 4.4% increase on 2012 sales of $11.3 billion. This is the seventh consecutive year of growth and exceeds the previous year’s growth rate of 3.7%.

Amway sales 1959 to 2013
Amway sales 1959 to 2013

While the figures include revenue from other Alticor businesses, including JW Marriott and Amway Grand Hotels, Laura Mercier, and Gurwitch Products, 95% of it is from the Amway direct sales business. It is another solid result confirming Amway’s position as the #1 direct selling company in the world.

45% of sales were from the Nutrilite nutrition brand, 25% from Beauty, and 24% from Home Care and Durables.

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  1. I just became a IBO with Amway and I am trying to find out and investigating the most about your Company due to the fact that my time is running out, I am turning 65 years of age in a few weeks and I am asking myself, starting a business like this is for me? I am investigating as much as can, I have a great group that is helping a lot for this dream to become REAL! Just letting you know. Thanks a lot for reading it.

  2. I feel 4% is a strong growth rate for a global company given many stagnant national economies. While the relationship is not necessarily tied, one can assume the number of ibos has increased net by something like 100000 worldwide.

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