(updated as incorrect) Amway sales exceed $12 billion, surpassing Avon to be the world’s #1 direct selling company

I’ve heard unofficial claims for some time, but now it’s confirmed – Amway has exceeded $12 billion in sales for the 2012 IBO fiscal year (September to August). For the same period, Avon reported sales of  $US10.8 billion.

In 2006 Amway’s sales dropped slightly for the first time in many years, settling back to $6.3 billion. In reponse Amway set the ambitious goal to reach $12 billion in sales in 2012, an almost doubling of sales in only 5 years. They have done it.

The Bangkok Post reports that for the first time in more than two decades, all of the top 10 Asia-Pacific markets have experienced growth. In October, Amway North America announced to IBOs they had achieved 33 consecutive months of growth in that market – it’s oldest. Figures for the official 2012 Amway financial year will not be released until February, but it is clear that Amway is now the world’s #1 direct selling company

Congratulations to Amway, Amway employees, and Amway IBO’s around the world!

Update: A reliable source is telling me that the sales figure reported in the Bangkok Post is not accurate. Another reliable source has however confirmed the claim about surpassing Avon.

Update 20120207: Official figures are out and my source was correct, sales were $11.3 billion, not quite reaching $12 billion, and they’ve still beat Avon for #1!

30 thoughts on “(updated as incorrect) Amway sales exceed $12 billion, surpassing Avon to be the world’s #1 direct selling company”

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  2. When I got in the business we were a 6 Billion Dollar company and still people didn’t understand it. Well 6 years later we are the largest company in the world in direct sales at 12 billion. There is no denying that we will be at the 100 year anniversary of Amway they are not going anywhere. 100 billion in sales easy by then.

  3. Felicitaciones para la mejor empresa del mundo, me siento orgulloso de estar vinculado como empresario independiente. Que siga la cocecha de buenos frutos para todos los que vemos esta tremenda oportunidad

  4. Era cuestión de tiempo, los empresarios Amway sabemos que estamos en la Corporación N*1 en la industria del mercadeo por redes, ya que Amway nos brinda la oportunidad única de poder ser libres , mejorar como personas, ser más útiles a nuestros países, los que sabemos de la oportunidad de negocios Amway tenemos la responsabilidad de divulgarla a todas las personas , ya que este fue el sueńo de los fundadores .

    Samuel Montalvan

  5. Way to go Amway! $12 billion is not easy for any company, but I am particularly proud that it is a direct sales company! Great news for the direct sales industry!

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