Amway Sales – Top 10 Countries 2012

Country Sales (USD$m) Growth
China $4,385 +1%
Japan $1,185 +2%
Korea $885 +2%
United States $861 +5%
Russia $629 +19%
Thailand $568 +10%
India $493 +7%
Taiwan $340 +8%
Malaysia $263 +8%
Ukraine $150 +7%

source: Amway Europe Leadership Training Seminar 2013


7 thoughts on “Amway Sales – Top 10 Countries 2012”

    1. Harm, great to hear from you. How is it going in the Netherlands? How about going over to Amway Wiki and “updating” your page. Love to hear more from you.

      1. Use “CONTACTME”, above and talk to David. He’ll explain how. It would be great to have your profile and message. Wish more Diamonds would do the same. Check out your upline, Jim Janz, for an example. Go to “Canada” and click on his name.

  1. It would be great to get a list of rankings for all countries, or perhaps this is already available,elsewhere? I am especially interested in some of the growth rates of countries with lower sales figures.

    1. yeah, would be great to know – but it’s also the kind of information competitor companies would like to know too! So I understand why they don’t make it easy. Quite a few countries post data on their own though, or mention it in news reports. A lot has been collated on Amway Wiki under each individual country.

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