Amway settles class action, and apologises

I’m still wrapped in various time consuming issues in my personal life so been unable to write much here, but some things just have to be commented on. In the last couple of days has come the quite stunning decision by Amway to reach a settlement in the Pokorny & Blenn vs Quixtar Class Action case.

I’ve obtained copies of the settlement and will post further comments shortly, as well as post the relevant court documents to AmwayWiki.

5 thoughts on “Amway settles class action, and apologises”

  1. I need help with a check that was sent out to me late ,,march 30 recived april 6 week late date from the settelment dept.. this is very sad

  2. This is truly GOOD NEWS, brother! Indeed, I find myself increasingly having to DEFEND and “unclog” the negativity prospects/other networkers have of Amway, even though my Amway business is taking a backseat for now. Truth is, if people cannot respect Amway, then they cannot respect anything else with regards to the Commerce Through Community industry.

    1. Yes, I think it is good. Not so good is that many of the worst offenders causing reputation problems are now the very people other networkers are following on other network marketing companies.

      1. Hi. I am an Amway IBO in Australia and also a member of Network 21. I just read about half of the first court document listed on the wiki site there where it outlined the case and what I understood to be some of the reasoning behind why the plaintiffs were filing. My initial reaction is this: “How can they seriously think they could win???” I mean their main gripe seems to be the fact that they think it is all a “pyramid scheme” when anyone who has even had half a serious look at the business plan (and also has half a brain) can figure out that by the court document’s definition of a pyramid scheme, this does not apply! Forgive me if you have covered this in a previous post, as I have not yet had a chance to look through all your posts yet, only discovering this site tonight.
        I am keenly looking forward to perusing more of your site 🙂

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