Amway smashes through $10 billion

I’ve received a lot of queries about this and I’ve confirmed from reliable sources that Amway exceeded $10.2 billion in global sales for the 2010/2011 IBO financial year. Note that this is not the official 2011 sales figures – which should be self-evident since the year isn’t finished yet!

In 1999/2000 Amway/Alticor switched to reporting sales for a calendar year, to match the Alticor financial year. These are the figures Amway/Alticor releases every February. The IBO financial year however runs from September to August (matching the original Amway Corp financial year), and sales for this period are still reported internally and to Amway field leadership. It is at those meetings that the $10.2 billion figure has been presented. The Alticor figures that will be published in February will include revenues from other Alticor interests, such as Amway Grand Plaze, Fulton Innovation, Gurwitch products, and others. A few years ago they were reported as being around $100 million and they are probably higher today. This means that when Alticor’s official sales are published in February they’ll likely be higher than $10.2 billion.

This is, obviously, a huge milestone for Amway, particularly given global financial circumstances. Another question that has arisen is whether this now makes Amway the #1 direct sales company, surpassing Avon? Given Avon did $10.9 billion in 2010 it’s unlikely. Furthermore, as a public company, Avon reports their sales quarterly so it’s relatively simple to calculate their revenue for the October 2010 to September 2011 period, shifted  just one month from the Amway sales. The result? For September 2010 to August 2011, Amway did $10.2 billion. For October 2010 to September 2011, Avon did $11.5 billion.

So no, Amway is not yet #1, but it is catching 🙂

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  1. I am very sorry about these great numbers. I was taught to believe after reviewing. Here we go, all these numbers if they were to be believed should be published in the newspaper as per IFRS and in fact a chartered auditor should have audited them. And for that matter Forbes listing also makes no sense to me because these third party certification could be easily manipulated, there are many ISO certified companies which are good for nothing.
    Even if that has to be true, it does not make any difference to all those IBOs who are earning in Cents and losing in 1000s of dollars possibly spending on their respective teaching system. Well I have question to all active IBOs. If a company has to spend so much on advertising and still give comparable quality at lower price than any of Amway products how is it making the difference to any one. Argument sake you can say there are people getting an opportunity to make money. But if you look at the number of people end up losing money on proven business and proven system, pathetic it is. There is famous quote in Amway ‘fake it until you make it’ so very true!

    1. AmwayQuitter,

      1. Are you seriously accusing Amway of having forged it’s sales data for the past 53 years? How are their multiple manufacturing plants, largest corporate jet fleet in the world, and 20000 employees paid for? Are they all fake too? :/

      Good grief.

      2. “fake it until you make it” is the exact opposite of what I was taught in Amway.

      3. Not sure I understand your question on advertising/product quality/pricing?

  2. I will like to know how much from this figures is produce in the USA domestic or European markets, but i already know the answer, Amway is not going to published it because they figures are not good here in USA or in Europe, only in East Europe and Asia are they making money, and that will be until they find out there what we already know around here, the pockets where the mayority of the earned money goes.

    1. Actually John, many European markets do publicise their sales data. Check Amway Wiki where a lot is collated. North America has also certainly been releasing information. A few months old now for example, but they reported that North America had experienced 20 consecutive months of growth, and I think it was 2 consecutive years of double digit growth. 1222 new Founder’s Platinums in North America is certainly a bit of a hint in what’s happening in that market!

      And while China is obviously the #1 driving force, you also forget Latin America, which is where a lot of growth is happening. Much of Western Europe is I think stagnant, I agree, though UK has been reporting strong recovery after the BERR case. Western Europe is I think a bit of a back water in the Amway world at the moment. Very few of the great initiatives happening elsewhere are happening here (I’m in Western Europe) and there’s quite a disconnect between global approaches and Europe. Amway is for example putting a lot of work in to positioning itself as a health & beauty company – even in Western Europe – but still requiring people to buy boxes of soap when they register! It makes no sense. Same with incentives – just a few weeks ago I received an Amagram advising of the latest “trip” incentive and encouraging people to go for it. Problem is that you pretty much already had to be in qualification for it 6 months ago to achieve it, and by the time it was in the Amagram it’s impossible to qualify unless you already are. Where’s the incentive in that? Doug DeVos did a video a couple of years ago for Amway Europe IBOs about the new incentives talking about the incentive program and how there was “something for every IBO” – except there wasn’t. Unlike other markets with programs like “Fast Track” deliberately targeting new IBOs, there was nothing offered in Europe that was of interest unless you were already, or about to, qualify as a Platinum.

      People should be getting told at least a year out about incentives so they have time to actually achieve them, and they need incentives that are truly there for everyone.

      Not to menion that here we are in 2012, Amway Europe IBOs still don’t have a website where their customers can place an order, pay for it, and have it shipped to their home. There’s simply no excuse for this.

  3. This is great news indeed and shows that Amway is continuing to grow regardless of what others say. Facts don’t lie and it doesn’t matter how you draw it out, the growth it there because people need a plan B or in some cases need to re-figure out their plan A. Not saying Amway is for everyone but its a great option if your willing to put in the work. Nothing comes for free.

    Excited at the possibilities for the upcoming year!

  4. This is just amazing news! it proves once more that we have completely left the industrial age and have now move to the information age. Because of access to information, people are able to learn the facts about Amway and not the opinion that most people, organizations, groups have about it. People are opening their eyes and seeing the shift that is also occuring financially and understand that just have a decent and honorable profession, job, or career really doesn’t cut it!
    And the crazy thing is just the tip of the iceberg!!! Am excited about that!

  5. Amway IS already a number one – it is the number one in multilevel marketing category. Since its fouding, Avon has been and in many countries still is a single level marketing. All the money that Amway distributors earn in addition to retail margin, Avon uses to advertise on TV and magazines. Therefore, you will not find Diamonds or Crown Ambassadors in Avon.
    And one last remark: Avon needed 125 years to achieve 10.9 billion USD. Amway needed 52 years to achieve 10.2 billion.

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