Amway spreads its wings on the net

Amway has been slowly delving into elements of social networking on the internet. A while ago Amway Euope quietly started posting links to sites of interest on there own Amway Europe Delicious bookmark site. More recently they’ve started promoting (and regularly updating) an Amway Europe feed on Twitter.

Amway Global in North America has been on Twitter for a while. There’s now a Nutrilite Health Twitter, an Artistry Beauty Twitter, an Amway Canada Twitter, and an Amway Global Twitter and as of a couple of days ago, a Ribbon Gift Twitter. I’ve not delved much into Twitter before, not really being sure of where it might be useful. Indeed, my initial experiences have not been good, with attempts to update my profile resulting in “twitter is over capacity” and “something is technically wrong” errors. Still, it has me intrigued, and the error messages are a clear indication it has plenty of other folk intrigued as well!

As “microblogs”, twitters are much simpler and easier for corporate staff to quickly keep Amway business owners up-to-date. One tweet of interest –

Looking at an IBO Facebook page promising “prosperity guaranteed.” Perfect example of why Social Media Guidebook for IBOs coming out soon!

Ten new followers overnight! Probably thanks to @BWW, also Tweeting great stuff about their LOA & Amway Global. We move forward together!

Amway has always been about “social networking”, technologies like FaceBook and Twitter are tools that can transform how we do it. But how to effectively and efficently use them is something I don’t think we’ve really learned how to do just yet.

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3 thoughts on “Amway spreads its wings on the net”

  1. Social Media to your marketing mix is like the turbo charger to your car, you still need the windscreen, the roof and tyres but you can arrive faster with a turbo charger like social media.

  2. Hi IBOFB –

    The Mobile Brand Experiences in North America also have Facebook pages tracking their whereabouts. (Although, right now, they’re both in garages getting facelifts and won’t be back on the road until February (Artistry) and March (Nutrilite).

    We’ve corrected the Tweet – it now links to

    Thanks for posting this – I can’t wait to read people’s thoughts and suggestions, and if anyone is interested in emailing them directly to me, if it’s OK with you to post it here, my email address is

    – Cindy Droog, Web Reputation Specialist @ Amway Global.

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