Amway – The Power of a Positive Campaign

According to Forbes (and we know how accurate they can be), Amway Global this week launched a new advertising campaign dubbed “The Power of Positive”. I’ve not been able to find the ads published online anywhere (why not, Amway??)  but I did find the following video published by Amway IBO organisation eFinity on their FaceBook page. It’s apparently a behind the scenes type “teaser” of the upcoming campaign, probably produced by Amway to show IBO leadership. I look forward to seeing the actual ads!

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  1. I saw your Farm Amway commercial with the blue butterfly once or twice. Are you no longer airing the commercial. I found it interesting and perfect for summer. I hope it runs again soon.

  2. This video is available on the site, in the Resource Center, which is located in the Business Center.

    A messege (in the Message Center of the Businss Center Dashboard) was posted on 16th of March with a direct link to the video.

    Here is the message:

    New national advertising campaign launched March 15 and runs throughout 2010.

    Amway Global is thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new multiplatform, multimillion-dollar advertising campaign entitled, “The Power of Positive.” The first of three new television commercials broke on Monday, March 15, 2010.

    When you think about it, “Positivity” is in our DNA. “The Power of Positive” campaign exemplifies who we are as a company and you are as Independent Business Owners. It demonstrates how all of us make life better through our products, our businesses, and our community efforts around the world. Check out this “behind the scenes” video on “The Power of Positive” campaign.

    As with our previous national advertising campaign, we are fortunate to have renowned TV announcer and musician John Tesh as the voice of Amway Global in these new commercials.

    In the coming weeks, Amway Global commercials will be seen everywhere! Look for The Power of Positive ads on the following Cable networks: A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, FoxNews, History, Headline News, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, SyFy, TBS, TNT, Travel, and USA.

    Throughout 2010, you (and many others!) will also spot ads in 17 magazines and newspapers, including USA Today, People, Sports Illustrated, Business Week, Newsweek, and Time.

    For broadcast and print advertising updates, be sure to check The Message Center online periodically.

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