Amway to open first US business center


Amway's London Business Centre
Amway’s London Business Centre

Following a model which has proven successful in various Amway markets around the world, Amway North America has announced that the first US “Amway Business Center” will open soon at Citi Field, home of the famous Major League Baseball team, The New York Mets. According to a report in the latest Amway Business News, the experience center will offer –

  • Credible Opportunity Messaging greets all IBOs and their prospects as soon as they walk in the door.
  • Lounge Spaces where IBOs can meet and connect with their prospects and each other for one-on-one opportunity presentations and mentoring sessions, or just catch up on some business.
  • Brand Experiences to promote Amway’s biggest and best brands: ARTISTRY®, NUTRILITE®, LEGACY OF CLEAN™ (as well as the Healthy Living brands), and XS®. IBOs and their prospects can engage with the products and the brands for themselves through interactive and engaging experiences.
  • Training & Education through a variety of scheduled knowledge- and skill-building sessions held in the large training room. There will also be opportunities for IBO groups to reserve the room for education, leadership events, and business meetings.
  • Ordering and New IBO Registration can be done on the spot via on-site computers. A few products are also available for purchase in limited quantities.
  • Education and Activities will begin soon.

4 thoughts on “Amway to open first US business center”

  1. Sounds a little bit like what Bob Stonelake did in Los Angeles back in the 70’s. It worked real well. Isn’t that basically what Barry Chi and Holly Chen have been doing so successfully? This one being in New York City, I’ll bet Dr. Du had something to do with inspiring it.

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