Amway tops the DSN Global 100 as world’s biggest direct selling company

For the first time, Amway has topped Direct Selling News’ “Global 100” list of the world’s top direct selling companies. With sales of US$11.3billion in 2012, Amway passed Avon, which dropped to second at $10.7 billion. Herbalife was a distant third at $4.1billion. The top 10 are –

  1. Alticor (Amway) $11.3B USA
  2. Avon Products, Inc. $10.7B USA
  3. Herbalife Ltd. $4.1B USA
  4. Vorwerk Co. KG $3.3B Germany
  5. Natura Cosmeticos SA $3.2B Brazil
  6. Mary Kay Inc. $3.1B USA
  7. Tupperware Brands Corp. $2.6B USA
  8. Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. $2.2B USA
  9. Oriflame Cosmetics SA $2.0B Luxembourg
  10. Belcorp Ltd. $1.9B Peru

15 thoughts on “Amway tops the DSN Global 100 as world’s biggest direct selling company”

  1. I have read that someone seriously interested in a MLM should consider a company that has a minimum track record of 10 years, and is a member of the DSA and the BBB, any comments?

    1. I don’t know if membership in BBB is that important, but I think if someone is not a member of the DSA then caution is strongly advised. It really depends on how much risk you wish to take. Like in any industry a startup may offer you fast growth and potential long-term success, but start-ups are also much riskier. MLM isn’t any different.

  2. Welldone Amway! Congratulations! I trust in You!
    That’s the best news I wanna hear.I’m proud of being a part of Amway’s Big Family worldwide! I know that I must be an FCA in 2023!

  3. This table is misleading. Avon reports sales as defind by US accounting priciples. Ie sales as paid by customers. Amway reports sales defined as at estimated retail value. Ie if it was sold to a customer at cataloque retail price. Only 5% of sales are at retail price, the rest at wholesale price to ibo. About 30% less than retail. So real amway sales are about 8 billion. A decent amount but still a long way from Avon.

      1. Thats right ibofb. But 5% of amway sales only are to non ibo. Makes it less than 1 billion turnover. Still a good chunk.

        1. Vincent,
          (1) that’s not true. It’s a figure from some years back and was the amount of customer sales registered on the website with Amway. At that time most customers sales were not registered with Amway.
          (2) IBOs are (usually) legitimate customers as well. What makes the pasta I buy from amway and eat any less of a retail sale than if I sell it to someone and they eat it?

    1. Very interesting! Wonder which had the greatest sales just in the U.S. Which sells the most cosmetics? (Just stirring up the pot.) Amway has, by far, the best compensation plan.

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