Amway UK advertises for ABOs

Amway in the UK has launched a print ad campaign promoting the Amway Business Opportunity. The advertisement below is included in Jump magazine, a publication of the UKs largest parenting community Bounty. 100,000 print issues are distrubed via Toys R’ Us and a further 450,000 copies are circulated to members online. You can see the online magazine with the Amway ad on page 41 here.

Leads generated from the advert, both to buy products and to hear more about the Amway opportunity will be distributed as per normal policy, that is to active ABOs at 12% Performance Bonus or above. According to speeches at the opening of the Amway UK experience center, further marketing campaigns are on the way.

Hat tip to RW1 in the Amway Talk forums for the info

9 thoughts on “Amway UK advertises for ABOs”

  1. How about working on that line,
    carrying that leg from 12% to 15% ?
    I beleive this would solve all problems 🙂

  2. I already said I appreciate the volume. They are professional people in their occupations outside of this business. They could very easily get some more customers, then it would be a “true” 1000 PV leg. Anyway, however it comes, as the song says, “Wrap it up. I’ll take it.”

  3. Jeffrey,

    It appears that they have a pattern, so you can count on them every month to wait until the last minute to hit 1,000 PV. So just expect it.

    I don’t see it as “screwing your sponsor.” They are not IBOs for your sake.

    Why don’t you see their volume as a positive? Be grateful that their volume helps you to reach a higher percentage on *all* your group volume.

    If you had six other IBOs in width with that kind of volume, would you be complaining? Just sayin…

  4. Bridgett, I know exactly what you’re saying as I’ve crunched the numbers, too. But, I refuse to spend more on products than I will get back on my bonus. However, the couple I’m referring to consistently waits until the very last 20 minutes of the last hour of the last day of the month and will spend $300 to $400 to earn back maybe $75 to $100 and end up at 1000.50 PV to 1002.00 PV. Formally, it’s called “Buying a bracket.” When it is done month after month after month, I call it, “Screwing your sponsor.” I appreciate the volume, but I would just rather have it achieved honestly and ethically.

  5. Jeffrey,

    While I agree with you in spirit regarding not “buying a pin level,” I wouldn’t exactly make a broad brushstroke across EVERYONE’S situation. I would buy (and have bought) a little extra in order to get more in my bonus check.

    As an example (in the U.S.), if I’m at 3,800 PV. I’m willing to spend $436 at cost of WIN products if it means an additional $452 in my bonus money. I get those additional products for FREE and $16 more dollars on top of it. 🙂

    In other words, I have “crunched the numbers” on more than one occasion in my Amway career. And I would think that “traditional” businesses have done similar in their world: buying additional products from their suppliers for inventory or giveaways or whatever, in order to get a bigger discount.

    Blindly buying to get to the next bonus bracket–no.
    Logically buying to get to the next bonus bracket–yes.


  6. I have found that there is no such thing as a “level playing field” in this or any other business because someone always has more money to throw around than someone else. Whether it’s a good or bad thing depends on your perspective. I have one couple that makes a very high income, they have no credit card debt, their cars are paid for and their house is paid for. They have some customers, but the majority of their volume is personal use. They literally buy 1,000 PV (12%) every single month. Is that good or bad? I appreciate the volume, but it does cut into my bonus when they end up at 1000.69 PV just to make the bracket. I’m not complaining, but I don’t operate my personal business like that. I don’t believe in buying the bracket unless I’m REALLY close, like within 20 PV. Even then, I try to hit it with a retail sale. But, if I’m 100 PV away, I definitely won’t buy it. I just don’t think that’s totally ethical. That’s just me, though. If you have to buy your bonus bracket every month, you either need another leg or 5 to 10 new customers.

  7. It is different that they can talk income potential before showing the plan.

    I believe that the corporation’s limitation on individual advertisements helps the business to keep it’s purity as an equal opportunity for everyone. Imagine some rich guy that’s already a diamond or a multi-millionaire from another industry beating you at every turn because they can afford to. That’s business as usual. No thanks.

  8. This is interesting, especially since they list potential incomes, since that is pretty much a no-no in the United States. Also, leads are only given to Platinums and above here. It would really be nice if Amway would loosen up its restrictive advertising rules so individual IBOs could run ads like this.

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