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Please note this communication has been sent in the following order to all Diamonds, Emeralds and Platinums.

UK IBO Communication
May 1th, 27

To: UK/RoI IBO Leader
From: Ben Woodward, Branch Manager, Amway UK/RoI

RE: Further information on announced changes

Amway would like to take this opportunity to share more information with you regarding some of the points referenced in the recent announcement of changes made effective May 4th 27.

Firstly, in reference to meetings scheduled by IBOs; please understand that ALL meetings that have a ticket charge associated will need to be cancelled until further notice, and all ticket fees for cancelled meetings must be refunded. As any activity associated with recruitment (for example showing the plan) is currently suspended, there should be no need for open meetings at present. There can be no redefining of meetings to circumvent these requirements. Please appreciate that this action is necessary. No recruitment also includes no registering of Members. Amway will notify you when this decision is reviewed and what criteria will be applied to the authorisation by Amway of future ticketed meetings and activities in connection with signing up new IBOs.

The sale and distribution of Amway products continues and bonuses will continue to be paid as all bonuses are paid out based upon the sale of products.

Please be assured that during the course of this sponsoring moratorium Amway is looking at ways to ensure that everyone is treated fairly in respect of qualifications and rewards to ensure that people do not miss out due to the difficulties associated with our current mode of operation.

The reference to training IBOs to re-qualify them is in relation to Amway ensuring all IBOs understand and will deliver only appropriate messages in their Amway business. Hence sponsoring is suspended for 6 days to allow Amway the opportunity to develop this training. Amway will meet first with its leadership. Leadership being defined as IBOs qualified as Platinum and above. Following this meeting Amway will host a series of meetings or roadshows around the UK and Ireland where all IBOs will be required to participate should they wish to be qualified to sponsor new IBOs. Details of this process will be made available shortly.

Please understand that these decisions have been taken by Amway in the interests of and its commitment to the long term life and well being of the UK and Irish markets. The Amway business opportunity is a wonderful one and we have many, many committed and loyal IBOs across these two markets that are sincere, hard working, trustworthy and dependable. Difficult times or times of change reveal our true leadership abilities. I have been most grateful for and am heartened by the messages of understanding, support and cooperation that I have received from IBOs. Thank you to each of you. To others that are not so sure I give you Amway’s assurance that such change is well thought out, that IBOs long term interests are at the heart of these decisions and that the principles and values that founded this company continue to flow through the decisions made recently.


Ben Woodward
Branch Manager, Amway UK/RoI 

The word is Amway has acknowledged privately that the way they went about this was not quite right, but urgent action was required. As I suggested the Department of Trade and Industry was threatening to shut down Amway UK and Ireland , this primarily in response to complaints received through the actions of a number of anti-MLM anti-Amway zealots.  While any complaint is obviously an area of concern, and while we all know that some IBOs, and indeed IBO leaders, are also over zealous, it's my belief that this situation was inevitable yet very avoidable. While Amway and Quixtar have been taking steps to address the kind of problems that cause complaints, Quixtar Accreditation and Quixtar University being such steps, their failure to adequetely tackle the extremly unbalanced perspective of the Internet Echo Chamber has directly lead to these events. 

This is why I effectively suspended my own business building efforts in order to develop this website. The DTI, like those involved in the California class action suit, have quite probably received their Amway and "MLM training" from the critics websites. That's the consequence of hoping things would go away. They had to be addressed, they could not be ignored. When bureaucrats, journalists, and the public are effectively getting their education from such sources – well, what do you expect?

It's my belief that Amway globally will be much stronger as a result of this weeks events. Folk in positions of power within both Alticor and the various business systems have no choice but to sit up and take notice of what's been happening "on the ground", or should I say "on the net". Just because there is growth, just because there are people happy with the way things are, that does not mean there are not things that need to be changed and dealt with. Yes, there are World Wide Whiners – but ultimately the image of the Amway and Quixtar brands is entirely the responsibility of IBOs .

Overall I would have to say I'm actually looking with some excitement over the next decade. Amway Europe, and especially Amway UK & Ireland, is a potential sleeping giant of the Amway world. It needs to be remembered that a similar situation has happened before – Amway South Korea. Amway South Korea is now one of Amway's biggest markets, with Amway products the #2 best sellers in the marketplace, outselling global giants Unilever and Proctor & Gamble.

So there's the challenge Amway IBOs of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Come back bigger and stronger. 

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