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Over on MLMLeads, the following letter to IBOs part of the IBS organization has been published –

By now you will have received or read on the Amivo web site Amway's communication to all IBOs in the UK and RoI dated 4th May 27.

Naturally many of you are seeking clarification on a number of issues as Amway's ruling will take immediate effect and dramatically impact our way of doing business in the short term.

Because their decision was not communicated until 3pm on 4th May – just prior to the Bank Holiday weekend – our ability to respond and communicate with you has been severely hampered.

We are therefore urgently seeking a meeting with the Company as soon as possible after Monday 7th May in order to clarify their position and assist them in finding a way forward. That way, we can all move on with our individual businesses.

Obviously because Amway's rulings take immediate effect, some of our planned business activity in the short term will need to be addressed.
If for instance, we are in the process of following up prospects or if we are about to register prospects, then we will need to explain to them that Amway is currently reviewing it's procedures and are accepting no new applicants for at least 6 days.

If for instance, we have appointments with prospects in order to show them the plan, then these appointments should be put 'on hold' with the same explanation given.

Until we have met with Amway management and sought further clarification and agreement, open plans scheduled for week commencing 7th May should be postponed.

A decision about Seminars for the weekends of the 13th and 2th May will be made and communicated by the 1th May.

The supply of business building aides (tools) and also our web sites will be suspended, again, further to our meeting with Amway.

Finally we ask for your support and assistance during the coming weeks. We honesly believe that together and with your support we can overcome these current challenges. As we all know, where there is a will, solutions can always be found.

Our most important priority remains the well being of the team. We can assure you that our leaders will have your interests paramount in their thoughts in the coming weeks.

Pat and Greta
Jerry and Mandy

UK Diamonds

International Business Systems (IBS) Is probably the largest IBO system in the United Kingdom. The fact that IBS Diamonds were not aware that this was about to occur is strange to say the least, and in my opinion and indictment of Amway. I can only guess that Amway UK felt a need to respond quickly to some concerns of the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

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