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Early this week  posted a report on the Amway leadership symposium held last weekend in the UK. The meeting was the first time that Amway had sat down with local leadership to discuss the allegations against Amway, Britt WorldWide (BWW) and Network TwentyOne (N21). Others in attendance have confirmed to me that the mlmleads post is a fair reflection of the meeting, with IBOs being shocked about the seriousness of the matter – Amway was actually ordered to shut down – and Amway being somewhat shocked about the way IBOs reacted – as the entrepreneurs they are, and not as "Amway reps".

The original DTI submission to the court was apparently some 5 pages long, despite this the court told the DTI they needed to actually specify what it was they were claiming Amway, BWW and N21 had done wrong. They've now  wittled their case to 5 pages, but one "insider" tells me it is still rather lacking in specifics. What was in the previous 5 pages? Based on other court cases I've seen, I wouldn't be surprised if a large part of it consisted of essentially unsubstantiated printouts from "critics" websites and testimonials from folk who submitted them after encouragement from those same critics websites. I'm wondering if perhaps IBOs with a positive view and experience of Amway should also be encouraged to contact the DTI? If you get the urge, here's who to talk to –

Mr. Cliff Callaghan
Tel: 2 7215 3338/351
Director & Deputy
Inspector of Companies, Companies Investigation Branch,
VB 77, 1 Victoria Street,

Folk like Amway critic Scott Larsen and anti-mlm zealot Robert FitzPatrick have been urging people to send complaints to the DTI for several years, which means poor old Mr Callaghan has probably been getting a heavily biased view of how we operate. Time for another side of the story?

One issue that arose in the mlmleads post is that of refunds for cancelled meetings. In an early post, the site states that BWW IBOs are still awaiting refunds. When Amway first emailed IBOs about the situation, their letter assured IBOs refunds would be made for all cancelled meetings. I read that as Amway saying they would be backing these refunds, but a system insider pointed out to me the letter nowhere said Amway would be giving the refunds! He was right. Amway backed off any support for refunding the systems for the cost of cancelled seminars. It seems that even Amway UK boss Ben Woodward was confused about this!

Network TwentyOne tells me refunds are available on request and have already been made to many IBOs, and I've received a copy of a BWW voicemail assuring their IBOs that refunds are on the way for them as well. You can listen to Bill Britt and other BWW leaders talking about that here. My apologies for the poor audio quality.


more to come ….

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