Amway UK & Ireland – Letter from Crown Ambassador Jim Dornan

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Interesting – the letter I posted has apparently touched a nerve with Amway . I'm not quite sure what the nerve was, as in my first reading of it I didn't notice anything substantial in the email apart from support for Amway's actions. Amway obviously read more in to it than I did. They of course know more about what's caused this problem in the UK, so the rest of us are a little "blindfolded" in our commentary at the moment. Obviously N21 feels the complaints registered by the DTI against them are unjustified (doesn't everyone feel innocent! 🙂 ) and in the letter defend themselves. Amway has apparently taken offence at this. Not really a helpful response in my view and I'm very curious as the reasons behind it. I've no idea how N21 in the UK represents themselves or what the "serious complaints" are about and whether they are true or not. At this stage I assume nobody else knows the nature of the complaints except the DTI, Amway, and N21 and the other IBO organizations involved. I suspect that Amway may have thought that N21 was behind the public posting of this email. They were not. I was forwarded a copy of it and posted it, as others have done with similar correspondence from other leaders.

Given there is apparently actual formal DTI complaints registered in the UK, something which had not been clear, and thus I assume an ongoing legal situation, I've decided to remove this post.

Update: N21 has also asked me not to post the letter, though by the time I received the request I had already decided to pull it. A quick summary for interested parties as I read it – N21 understands why Amway has taken this action and supports it. They feel N21 has an excellent reputation and allegations made against N21 and Amway are unjustified.  Furthermore they will work and are working with Amway globally to improve all aspects of IBO training. Such actions will ultimately be a "good thing for all". As you can see, I didn't read much controversial in it at all. Obviously I missed something! My apologies to all concerned if this has caused any misunderstandings.

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