Amway UK & ROI – Letter to Leaders

It is a pleasure to be able to tell you that the Government’s legal action against us is over. The Court of Appeal has ruled today that we are clear to continue the business in the UK and that the High Court was correct to validate our new business model in its ruling last May.

This means the uncertainty that was hanging over us in the UK has finally been removed. It also means that the judges have endorsed the business model we are now operating and the opportunity we are offering our ABOs.

I have the greatest respect for your loyalty, hard work and determination since the Government started its case against the company, and the way you have dealt with the many challenges and changes that have been necessary.

We believe the fact that you have been operating the new business model fully since last September made an impact on the judges’ decision that it would be wrong to allow the Government’s appeal. So the effort and goodwill that you have put into working with us and running your business throughout this difficult time made an enormous contribution to our success in court.

Although putting this behind us is a great feeling, all of us need to remain vigilant on the issues that brought our company to the courts’ attention. With your support, the changes Amway has made will make sure we never face a legal challenge like this again.

Now we want to go out and build this great business with you into everything it has the potential to be.

To make that happen, everyone here at Milton Keynes and our new Business Development Team will be working with you to keep driving forward the success of the new Sales and Marketing Plan. The foundation for growth will be the new partnership we are now building with you as the Leaders of the Amway business. Our job is first and foremost to support ABOs in the UK and Ireland, and we are investing time and resources to build a strong business partnership they can all rely on.

We want to raise awareness of our products and the Amway opportunity with a new generation of customers and ABOs who have never heard of us before. Raising awareness will include the opening of our new London Flagship Experience Centre in April this year. This is going to be the most exciting Centre of its kind ever seen in direct selling in the UK. It is also a firm statement of intent that shows Amway has never been more committed to its UK business.

So, the judgement in court today can be a real turning point for us. We come out of this stronger and with a business that offers an opportunity that is clearer and more attractive to new ABOs. They will be our future and yours, and there is now no doubt that we will be here to support you and your ABOs, and to help your Amway business grow.


Andy Smith
General Manager & Director, Amway UK & RoI

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