Amway Video – LOC Wipes

Following on from The Salesman and SA8- Go on, Get Dirty, here's another video from the new Amway  Europe public video site, this one about the LOC wipes product –

I love the SA8 video, but personally I think this LOC video suffers from the same problem as The Salesman video – it's takes way too long to get the point. It's good to see some effort going in to this type of marketing, though the date on the video suggests it's 2 years old now. I think though the internet in particular has a role to play here – I've been loading up various Amway and Quixtar videos on to my youtube channel for just under a year now, and so far the videos have been viewed a total of more than 17, times – that's nearly15, a month!

Do any UK IBOs know if this video appeared on Television, or was it for IBO consumption only? 

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