Amway Vietnam to open in 2008

According to news reports, Amway Vietnam will begin sales operations sometime next year.

Direct selling firm Amway sets up factory

Amway, an affiliate of direct marketing group Alticor, opened a factory on Tuesday in the Amata Industrial Zone in the southern Dong Nai Province.

The global firm sells health and beauty care and nutritional supplements and a clutch of other consumer products, many of which will be made in the new factory.

The $14 million, 8-square meter plant has two production lines and a 2,2-square meter warehouse, and is expected to churn out products worth $3 million a year.

Amway will begin selling from the middle of next year for which it has obtained permission from the province.

The company sells its products directly to consumers through In-dependent Business Owners (IBOs), or sales representatives, through one-on-one, personal selling or via the internet.

It has over three million IBOs in over 8 countries and territories around the world.

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