Amway Watch Lives!

A few years back I set up the website Amway Watch, with the idea of collating all PR and news media reports about Amway around the world. Unfortunately over the last couple of years the site was put to one side and not updated. Well, now Amway Watch is back! There’s an enormous back log of articles I’d like to post, keeping it as an historical repository, but that will take a while. In the meantime I’ve started in the last few days to post recent stories from around the world, such as these –

There’s lot of great news from the world of Amway nearly every day, subscribe to my twitter account and you’ll get a notification every time I update the site. Eventually I’ll setup an email notification or newsletter system as well. If you know of a story, either one you see in the media or on an Amway website, or you work for Amway or an affiliated company, feel free to email it to me at

Additionally on Amway Watch I’ve set up an Amway video library hooked into youtube. It’s a simple place to find Amway related videos, all in relevant categories. Well … all eventually – there’s around 200 posted already, I haven’t yet classified them all!

ETA: You can now also keep up with Amway news from Amway Watch on Facebook! “Like” the page to get the latest news.

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