Amway’s amazing 2011 – some statistics

Last October I posted how Amway North America had over 1200 new Founders’ Platinums and above last year. Well, I’ve now received some global statistics from Amway’s record breaking 2011, and they’re frankly staggering.

More than 54,000 new Platinums and above for Amway in 2011!! It’s also been reported that all of Amway’s top 10 markets experienced growth for the first 3 months of this year. Amway’s goal, set some years back, was $12 billion in 2012. Are they going to make it?

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  1. I think I’ve only made claims about the Australian market size.
    I’m sorry my crime was that I didn’t read all the posts and see there was a retraction prior to my comment. Then WTF did you spend so much time arguing the toss.
    You denied the 2004 Emma page spike and them begrudgingly admitted it may be right without apologizing.
    There is a big difference, as I’ve said so many times between saying you , they made a mistake and saying some one is a liar!
    I gave evidence for my assertions, numbers of recognitions and new pins in Australia.
    My pin was also not relevant BUT YOU SONNY QUESTIONED IT SO I JUST ANSWERED,
    You have just admitted you have no idea….. Should have stopped there…….. Go and ask your masters at castle hill go and ask diamonds McKenna or brier mills or McDermott , they will tell you it’s DROPPING ! Yes there are fast track new pins but overall it’s down.
    FEC used to fill Brisbane entertainment centre twice plus Melbourne plus Auckland , about 50,000 now they get less than 5000. DO THE MATHS. You sunshine are what the PC call , an owner operator !

  2. aj no it simply means i was a platinum – and not the fraud the david (ibofightback) accuses me and anyone who disagrees with him of being. in fact anyone who criticises anything he posts.
    howard – would be intersting but david cant admit when hes made a mistake, when hes got it wrong or that soemone may know more than him or indeed reached a hig
    her pin.
    david – their is plenty of chat on web as to what pin you reached – if you havent the guts to say what it was – i can only believe the speculation on the net. what believe the info on the net, horror of horrors – yet you expect others to .
    as ive said before happy to email you photos amagram copies etc. but that would mean exposing your details
    i actually really dont care – the whole point was the numbers reported originally were wrong, and included requals as they do.
    bottom line is in most western markets the numbers are shrinking and no ive never accused anyone least of all amway of lying.
    i have however noted mistakes made by david and the company.

    1. FP,
      “pin level” is not correlated with knowledge about Amway’s statistics, short of what has been revealed at qualification seminars. As to “the numbers reported originally were wrong”, that was already discussed and commented on before you even posted on this thread, and acknowledged that the original figure for “platinum” probably meant “platinum and above”. It’s already been acknowledged and a note made on the article, yet you choose to ignore that.

      As for “my pin level”, it’s irrelevant. Doesn’t matter if I’d never been an IBO. As to the “plenty of chat”, that again says more about you – you believe those guys? Seriously? I’ve explicitly stated numerous times why it’s wrong. Funnily enough your sources don’t report that do that? They prefer their lies and misinformation. Despite the fact it doesn’t matter, I have in fact revealed my best “level” publicly when people have earned my respect in their discussion – you sir, have done the exact opposite.

      The bottom line is, I’ve given publicly available sales data, supplied by Amway. You say it’s wrong, but then in the same breath say Amway isn’t lying? How is it wrong then? Do you mean they’re not lying, they’re simply making mistakes in their press releases? Really? How can Amway report the biggest western market, the US and Canada, is growing, but you claim it’s not growing and Amway not be wrong? Either you’re wrong or they are.

      You give ZERO evidence of any of your assertions, other than to point out an unusual year when Amway Oz had a lot of recognitions, and one of your claims leads to a conclusion that simply isn’t believable. (that Amway sales have dropped by half in a few years). I’ve no idea whether Amway Australia is growing or not growing. Press reports indicate it’s pretty flat, and my non-scientific observations of recognitions would indicate if there’s any overall growth it’s not great. But on the other hand a gal I’ve known since she was 11 went from zip to Founders Emerald in the last 3 or 4 years, and others have done similar, so clearly some people are growing just fine.

      I don’t care if your a current Crown Ambassador, let alone a former one. Unless Amway themselves gives the data, you have no idea whether Amway is shrinking or growing. Anecdotes don’t cut it, from you or from me.

  3. Very interesting! Why not go back to what you agree on and then list whatever is in disagreement. And then, decide if you should start over.

  4. This conversation must be way over my head! I don’t even understand what former platinum means by “i am the real deal”. Does that mean “too cool for school”? Or “I am omniscient”?

  5. no David you read through it all – we should call you mr circular logic. Im amazed with all your personal skills that you didnt get further than 100pv! ( oh and i know you didnt)

    1. Well, I am a current Platinum, not a former one. The month is not over yet and I’ve got 267.59 personal PV with 80+PV that are going to be added in the next week. For now, the personal consumption accounts for approx. 58 PV. And I agree with almost everything David says. How about that?

    2. What? You “know that I didn’t get further than 100pv”? Really?

      All your doing now is proving you’ll make up and say anything, your credibility is now zero. Well done, at least now I know not to take anything you say seriously.

  6. Yeah you’re right and I’m wrong , coz this is how the thread starts!!!!!
    Last October I posted how Amway North America had over 1200 new Founders’ Platinums and above last year. Well, I’ve now received some global statistics from Amway’s record breaking 2011, and they’re frankly staggering.

    6 new Crown Ambassadors
    7 new Crowns
    8 new Triple Diamonds
    25 new Double Diamonds
    83 new Executive Diamonds
    339 new Diamonds
    1,532 new Emeralds
    1,641 new Rubies
    12,454 new Founders Platinums
    38,000 new Platinums(update: likely Platinums & above)
    More than 54,000 new Platinums and above for Amway in 2011!! It’s also been reported that all of Amway’s top 10 markets experienced growth for the first 3 months of this year. Amway’s goal, set some years back, was $12 billion in 2012. Are they going to make it?

    Pretty sure that looks like 38000 and 54000 to me .

  7. okay as its kind of the same day – one more!
    Mr. selective is at it again.
    1. the only site you cite or link to is amway watch – another “non official site”
    then YOUR quote
    More than 54,000 new Platinums and above for Amway in 2011!! It’s also been reported that all of Amway’s top 10 markets experienced growth for the first 3 months of this yearficial” site. – no citation for this
    Alternatively the 18,000 figure is just new platinums and the data I have (photo of a powerpoint presentation) has an error under platinums (38,000) which is clearly not an exact figure
    A COMMENT i did not see when i made my original comment.
    GEE IBOF. did you make a mistake?

    YOU GO BACK TO WHERE THIS STARTED!!! i did use the words new ibos – i never said or implied in the one year – you uassumed that. point was 38000 was wrong and we later agreed that 900k ibos to 18,000 plat was about right.

    The article misquotes a non link to amway watch which apparently quotes EDAC, then you quote EDAC ppt slide and in the same sentance say its wrong.

    REREAD – I ONLY EVER SAID BOLLOCKS TO YOU ( & figures you later said yourself were wrong -THATS HOW YOU SHOULD INTERPRET IT – I never said Amway lied.
    For supposed scientist you are not very bright .

    case closed bye

    1. No, I provided a link to the Age, and I provided a link to AmwayTalk, where I provided the full article from the AFR. If you subscribe to AFR you can read it yourself. As for Top 10 markets experienced growth, that figure is from Amway. Are you claiming lies from them again? Or lies from me?

      As for Platinum numbers, no I did not make a mistake. That’s what the slide says. Any “error” may simply be in whether it means Platinums or Platinums and above. as per the comments analysis it would make sense if it was Platinums and above.

      So lets go back to where we started. You’re now saying you were saying “bollocks” to me, which means you’re claiming *I* am lying about the statistics I provided.

      I’m not, you’re wrong. Case closed. Bye bye.

  8. oh dear oh dear. Lets get this straight – not once have i attacked amway once – though their are some fair comments i could make. I considered not answering at all but this will be my last – all factual as far as i know personally, in the interests of other reading – not to feed egos.
    You are really quite frustrating with your switch and bait type arguements but i will try to stay on point and cover them all. Keep in mind i refer to this site about twice a year.
    I actually for a longtime admired it as a quite balanced site and intitally found it whilst trying to work out why IDA Australia imploded the way it did – & believe me I know alot more than is revealed on this site or any other and no I am not going to share – some of it is still in courts and it could be legally very dangerous.
    so you agree fiscal and financial years are the same thing. The membership year did not change from september to december for several years – but so what – you were the one confused here with who went diamond when not me! ALS 2004 was in november 2004 – and included all the pins qualified at 30/9/04 i could care less who what where when. my point sunshine was there were seven or new diamondships a point you refuted but now seem to accept. the whole story of als 04 was to prove my pedigree – something you refuse to do ( which is your choice) but you expect everybody else to di it!!
    the figure i said was bollocks was 38000 ibos – as i didnt read other posts but you all clearly accept 18000 as the real figure – so a moot point. i reckon it includes the founders ( which is in no way saying anything is a lie) – we all know platinums can be fast or slow and stggered and up or down – who cares! it still takes a certain number of ibos and that was the point ( remember you had the maths wrong – a point you acknowledge but dont admit a mistake) a know people who went platinum in a year or less and others like me who took 8. diamonds who took 26 years and some who took less than 3. who cares – point is it takes about 100+ ibos to be a plat. and usually 1000 to be diamond.
    a care less about amway wiki and its mistake – it was you who claimed its accuracy not me
    i have incredible respect for ANYONE who reaches any pin but especially 21% and above
    absolutely 2004 was a spike in australia – not even though in its shared NZ market where EP was launched several years earlier. I cannot speak for reynolds or n21 but have meet and chatted to all the IDA diamonds of that era – including hosting some at functions. one went diamond in 5 years one was silver in 90 days but then 13 years to diamond etc etc – most but precisely most were emeralds some for years and years. they spiked to diamond and went back to where they were or further back. mate the ONLY REASON we are even on this point was because you doubted my cred and the number of people at that function. that is the point!
    2. as i said i dont attack at all – you do. yes i have been here a bit but only coz the debate is mildly amusing as i said i wont be back til 2013 or maybe ever as you have tainted my respect for the site.
    as to why former – funny really you over nothing but expect me to answer – the easy answer is your rather childish – none of your business.
    the real anser:-
    IDA was the best business building self development system in the world ( though I suspect now N21 is ).
    I now make more than a Diamond amway income outside of it (fact not brag and no you wont get my p&l)
    i had three great upline diamonds but was sponsored by a rather nasty platinum – he blew out two who are now FP in N21 – but he did sponsor me. two things happened
    IDA blow out which you have documented rather well – other than the sponsor there were 2 emeralds and 3 diamonds between me and Tom A. – by the time i understood that many people i trusted and loved were gone – i was too tired to take up the fight again. as i said 8 years to Platinum and 60+ personally sponsored over 10 years plus my mentors gone – i was defeated plus my other business was smokin!! note nothing yet negative, just the way it was.
    i do however get annoyed when stuff gets exagerated and mosquoted. ie in our plans people used to say xs outsells redbull – BS! but xs is all i still buy and its great!
    now a little more – i do think the company has become lazy and greedy – The $A is way over the $US but product costs more now and it should be 20% less than say 4 years ago. i actually import millions of dollars worth of equipment for eurpoe and us every year – i know the numbers.
    an aussie made product is in the new catalogue at $120 – its cost is less than $40 – ( i know the manufacturer)
    have a nice life!

    1. FP, I think you need to go back and reread what you originally wrote in your first comment.

      This article quotes Amway statistics. Your response – “to which i say bollocks!”

      You called Amway’s statistics bollocks, and now you’re claiming to have not attacked Amway. How else should it be interpreted?

    2. I see the mark up. I live in Thailand and all the medicines the people in the USA are marked up higher than that. At least I know Amway is giving bonuses and taking their crew on tours. Also there are thousands of products on the market that are mark up beyond all recognition.

  9. if you are not active what is your motivation to defend so much that you do it blindly – if its that good why arnt you still buidling >?

    1. Why do spend so much time attacking it blindly? You’ve spent almost as much time on this site as I have the last few days.

      I haven’t been building for personal reasons that are none of your business.

      Care to explain why you’re a “former” platinum?

  10. you really are what i would (PC) call an owner operator!
    fiscal and financial year = same thing!
    and back then for australia at least it was all sept – aug. it moved to calender year later.
    i did say wasnt sure about kagan, point was there was still alot more the you reckon.
    awiki is inconsistant, same pages list Sykes 2008 ida diamond some do not , some have reynolds as 2004 some as 2005.
    2007 may well have had $150 mill. may claim was 2012 is half of what is was in2002 ( ten yeasr ago)
    you refuted 2m ibo based on 38000 and said is was 18000 platinums SO IT IS 300K IBOS. i said nothing about same year – i said it would take that many ibo s to make up that many platinum ships – a figure you later agreed with!!!!!!!!!!!!! read the posts mate it doesnt lie.
    dont forget my post only started because you inflated the figures.
    so you were wrong about a number of things including number of new diamonds that year and you still dont admit it ,
    BTW the huge spike was caused by the launch of emma page jewellery – huge in its self but also because double pv was offered on the sales kits in the first three months – which in effect meant hundreds went gold on 3750 pv. fact!!

    over and out

    1. Amway changed to calender year financial reporting with the setup of Alticor back in 1999/2000. It’s been that way ever since.

      Amway Australia has been reporting financial year sales at least since the days of AAP.

      Again, if you find an issue with AmwayWiki – fix it.

      As for # of IBOs, so your point is new platinums require new IBOs and you don’t believe there could have been that many (which means you’re accusing Amway of lying at EDAC). Even the 3 year platinum figure was “believable”, most platinums take longer to qualify from when they joined, so it too is an overestimate. The figure was not “inflated”, it was just unclear as to who it included. This has been well discussed in the comments.

      Do you accept the statistics now or are you still claiming the figures are “bollocks” or not?

      Re Amway Australia sales, a 2007 article in The Age reports Amway sales (presumably for 2006 ) at $140 million and says they had been pretty flat, with $120 million “5 years ago”, which is 2001/2002.

      The AFR article reports 2007 sales of $150 million.

      So what are you saying? That there was some dramatic huge spike in 2004? (which we don’t have data for), which then dropped back to the 2001 to 2007 trend line?

      Maybe, maybe not. Kagan was a bit of a “flash in the pan” Diamond (2 years I believe?) but most of the others you mentioned were long term IBOs (Reynolds was 20 years to Diamond), so not a lot of huge sudden growth there.

      Interestingly I don’t think any of them have gone on to higher levels (including Founders) so some kind of surge, quite possibly pushed by Emma Page, may indeed have been a significant factor.

      Either way, what’s your point?

  11. new diamonds recognised at the same ALS
    Reynolds,Pyne,Shack,Fogarty,Mcculloch,Racovalis,swaffield 2
    The first was N21 the rest were IDA, the was i believe another N21 diamond Kagan ?. like i said 8 or 9
    some of the years listed in wiki are wrong – i was there!!
    i am pretty much certain you owe me another apology!
    as to turnover – the numbers of people at functions here, the numbers of new people and talk with very senior people in the right circles just dont agree with AWiki – on that for the very first time you will have to trust me!

    i have also made clear what amway state on their own site etc. if you go out of qualification for a number of years and come back you are re recognised at that pin. fact !

    1. Amway Wiki is a community run website. I host it, so I know it’s strengths and weaknesses. If you find things that are wrong, then correct them. It only gets improved by people helping out.

      I did not “confuse myself in the process”. You stated that the recognitions listed would require 2000000 new IBOs. I pointed out that’s only true if it was 38000 new Platinums in that year. You know that’s not how it works.

      As for the data, those figures are from slides presented at the European Diamond Advisory Council, of which I was given copies.

      The sales figures of $150 million in 2007/2008 was reported in a number of sources, including the Australian Financial Review.

      I trust EDAC and AFR more than anonymous commentators on the ‘net.

      As for Diamond recognitions at ALS Hawaii, confusion may simply have arisen between Amway’s financial year (which is calendar year) and Amway’s IBO fiscal year (Sept-Aug), not to mention ALS comes after that again. I am surprised about Peter Shack though. Thought he qualifed in the 90s. Reynolds and Kagan were definitely different years, but it may have been different calendar years, same IBO fiscal year, so same ALS.

  12. 1. nothing supposed about it! joined with IDA in 1996 ( cant pick your relatives!) silver in 1999 platinum in 2004 – ALS Hawaii was about 700 – largest crowd in maybe 10 years and nothing even close since. spoke at several (smaller) BDS.
    2. Your maths are flawed. sticking with your 3 year plan thus 300,000 new ibo pa. the platinums in 2010 2009 or 2012 2013 would be doing the same numbers of 300k each too – so there would be 300k x 3 new ibos each year. – so 900,000. my numberes WERE correct based on the 38,000 claimed.
    3. Australian figures based on observation and more so watching the recognitions ( or lack there of)

    1. 1. if you’ve read this website you’ll know we have to deal with people like Joecool pretending to be IBOs when they’re not.
      2. including churn and growth (or otherwise) in the platinums, which you apparently are I’d guess 900,000 new IBOs in a year is an underestimate.
      3. So you are claiming Australia went from $150 million to $60 million in 5 years?

      To be honest I’m suspicious of the idea of >350 qualified platinums (assuming couples) and above at ALS Hawaii. That sounds too many for the Oz market at any time.

      1. 1. yeah i get that but i am the real deal. Happy to email you personally the ibo number and my city, so long as you recipricate ( you have my email address – i dont have yours)
        2. in that case a churn rate or complete renewal of ibos every three years – no way. 3 mil. / 900k – its not that bad!!
        3. no im not because i dont believe it ever went as high as 150 in the past 8 years.
        4. there was a huge spike due to release of emma page. and 130 odd new platinumships – 8 r 9 new diamonds – the biggest year since 91 but it didnt maintain. happy to send you a photo but not really sure why i am persisting with such an untrusting person.
        5. what your highest and current pin?

        1. The reason I said “supposed” was because your original comment implied platinums join and qualify within a a year, which you know isn’t the case. Other than that I’m happy to take you on face value.

          Via AmwayWiki I’ve been able to track 4 new Diamonds from 2004. I’m pretty much certain there was not 7 or 8 new Australian Diamonds in any year of the 21st century. There may have been some higher qualifiers at that time as well, hence the discrepancy.

          I’m not currently building an Amway business, your other question is irrelevant. Neither your level nor mine has any influence on facts.

          Your claims that Amway globally is making up their statistics and lying to IBOs, and that Amway Australia is lying to the press about their sales, are pretty serious charges. And you call me an “untrusting person”?

          1. My original comment implied no such thing. you misread it, confusing your self in the process about the numbers required, proff is you concured with me later.
            You place WAY too much credence on Amway Wiki, it is NOT an offical site.( more soon)
            Of course its relevant – you conitunally use words like supposed etc and doubt my credability – it is relevant to understand your undestanding of the business. surely you agree as one moves on and up so does ones understanding of the finer points. ie there is stuff that is only revealed at higher levels.
            I have NOT once claimed that amway has lied to press or ibos and i request you retract that statement now.
            What i have implied is your interpretations and those of others are flawed. YOUR OWN claims of what was said have come down from 38000 to 18000. I have not seen amway release numbers for years to the press. alot of amwaywiki is not calling you untrusting either – you claimed that for yourself because of trolls etc

  13. the famous line comes into play here. 85% of statistics are made up!
    Whilst recognising india and china as growth markets – good on em!
    most of the rest of the world is in decline – Australia is less than half the volume is was 10 years ago.
    Also amway count re qualified platinums who were out of qual for two years + as new!
    i decent platinumship is 100 ibos – even allowing for patinum on a platinum etc and there were only 50 per platinum ship – do the numbers – that would be 2,000,000 new ibos – to which i say bollocks!

    1. with respect, as a supposed former platinum you should know it’s extremely rare for someone to join and qualify platinum in the same year, so the IBOs making a platinumship will have been built up over a number of years. AS per the discussion in the comments (I’ve now updated the main post), we’re talking about 18,000 new platinums globally. If we take the 50 average number you gave and it takes say 3 years that’s only 300,000 new IBOs in a year. I’m seeing Amway reports with “over 4,000,000 ibos” occasionally now, it used to be 3 million and then 3.5 million, so it’s all perfectly consistent even without considering churn rate.

      We also know that out of Amway’s top 10 markets, all of them grew in 2011 except Japan, and in 2012 all top 10 markets are in growth. As for Australia, AmwayWiki has Amway Australia doing A$120 million in sales in 2001 and A$150 million in 2007. Have you got a source to support your claim that Australian volume has dropped from $150 million to less than A$60 million in the last 5 years?

      I say bollocks!

  14. Hello ibofightback can you ask all your IBOs to draw a profit and loss account of their so called lifetime opportunity from the day they join? And do you know in Amway once you make it to a pin level it is known as qualification? If you went to a school and passed certain grades of classes that is your qualification only to get your first job. Afterwards your qualification has no meaning, hope you guys still have brain outside CDs, Books and Functions. Boss when your PV has to start from zero every month first day what difference it makes in terms of qualification, getting a Diamond-ship once and being broke and still maintaining the lifestyle? Where will the money come from Books, CDs and Functions?

    1. “Amway Quitter” – how about you start and you post your profit and loss account?

      I certainly encourage IBOs to do so, but the reality is that most IBOs don’t treat it as a business, including doing proper bookkeeping. Amway and the IBOAI have done a lot of stuff over the years to try and help, but ultimately it’s up to the IBO.

      I’ve no idea what the rest of your rant is about. Everyone knows you have to re-qualify every month. You get paid for the volume you generate, both with Amway and any sale of system products. Do you have a problem with volume based discounting?

        1. Books/CDs etc are part of the turnover of the support companies, and also part of the turnover of any IBOs reselling them. They are not part of Amway’s turnover. IBOs reselling them should also be doing separate book keeping for that business. In fact most higher level pins will have separate companies handling that.

          Not sure why you’re thanking me, since it’s kind of obvious isn’t it?

    2. I wonder if it could be built without books, tapes, and functions. I wonder if folks would be happier just making money on selling the products.

  15. Oops, sorry, I meant “… that the worldwide figure of 16,095 for Founders Platinums and above will be correct.”

  16. Providing that the figure for Founders Platinums (12,454) is correct, it is very, very improbable that only 5,546 people would qualify for Platinum.

    Also, providing that the last year’s figures for North America, i.e. 1222 new Founders Platinums and above, is correct (and we know it is) and given that the North American market makes about 10% of Amway’s sales with most of the biggest markets surpassing the growth rate of North America, I would say that the worldwide figure of 16,095 Platinums and above will be correct.

  17. The Amway video isn’t limited to just new platinums, it says “18,000 new Platinums and above”. The “and above” should cover every pin level through to crown ambassador.

    There’s clearly a big discrepancy and it should be clarified before people go quoting the 38,000 and 54,000 figures otherwise critics will jump on this as more hype and misinformation.

    At this point in time the “18,000 new Platinums and above” figure is the only one Amway has officially made public, so until they officially and publicly disclose otherwise, this is probably the figure we should stick to.

  18. 18000+ of new Platinums plus all the higher pins (16095) add up to 34095+ IBOs. Plus new Sapphires and Pearls that were not included in the statistics. So, 38000+ is likely the number of all Platinums and above.

    1. These statistics were given at the European Diamond Advisory Council. The 18,000 figure is possibly Founders Platinum and above (My figures add up to over 16,000 for this category), with some differences in handling of Chinese qualifications and/or reporting of financial year vs IBO year. I’ve noticed Amway North America seems to be promoting Founders Platinum as the “base” qualification these days – a good thing in my opinion.

      1. Alternatively the 18,000 figure is just new platinums and the data I have (photo of a powerpoint presentation) has an error under platinums (38,000) which is clearly not an exact figure like the others.

  19. Thanks for the link. So it seems that the missing Crown Ambassador was Zhou Fan Yang & Zheng Xin Qing – they went from 45 FAA to 50 FAA.
    So now we have only one missing Crown…

  20. Thanks for mentioning these figures, Ibofightback. I wonder if the critics will mention any of these successes. I seriously doubt it. I will very much like to see huge growths in established markets like the UK as well especially at the higher pins.

  21. Do we know the names as well? Not all, of course, but I would like to know the names of Triple Diamonds and above.

    Founders Crown Ambassador 65 FAA:
    1. Dexter & Birdie Yager (US)

    Founders Crown Ambassador:
    2. Holly Chen & Barry Chi (US)

    Crown Ambassador:
    3. Yang Guan Yi & Zheng Jia Hua (Taiwan)
    4. Hong Jin Hee & Kim Jong Su (South Korea)
    5. Seung Ho, Hyunja & Jae Kim (US)

    Does anybody know who is the sixth Crown Ambassador?

    Founders Crown:
    1. Choe Yun Jeong & Seo Jeong Geon (South Korea)

    2. Yang Kuan I & Cheng Chia Hua – 楊貫一、鄭家華 (Taiwan)
    3. Theresa You & Steven Hsieh – 謝建宗、游麗珠 (Taiwan)
    4. Kim Myeong Hee & Kim Chang Eum (South Korea)
    5. Lee Ju Yeon (South Korea)
    6. Seung Ho, Hyunja & Jae Kim (US)

    Again, I missed one Crown (or above). Does anybody know who was the last one?

    Founders Triple Diamond:
    1. Gerald & Angela De Silva (Malaysia)
    2. Mark & Marina Kaplun (Russia)

    Triple Diamond:
    3. Patrick & Joyce Joe (Thailand)
    4. Chaweng Kunchayangkul & Kannalin Piyanantawarin (Thailand)
    5. Foo Howe Kean (Thailand)
    6. Jack & Ying Zhou (Australia)
    7. Hiroshi & Hiromi Hosomi (Japan)
    8. Wonbo Shim & Jungah Han (US)

    I doubt the numbers include new pins in China. Considering the growth there, there had to be many pins too.

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