Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s price comparisons

I was having a discussion about Amway products and to my surprise the other party cited “JoeCool’s website” as evidence that Amway’s products were overpriced and not competitive – in other words, a scam. JoeCool is of course a well known anti-Amway zealot. So I thought I’d have a look at JoeCool’s price comparisons, and he was his usual dishonest self. This is JoeCool’s comparisons

Amway – Price Comparison With Costco

Guess who won?

Amway – Prices Comptetive?

Funny Story, the other day at work, I get a call from a friend, asking me to deliver a package for him to a mutual friend. A catalog drops out of the bag. It’s an Amway catalog, and apparently a friend of mine still buys dish drops. Anyway, I look at a few popular items from the catalog and compare them to Costco prices. I am shocked. Just by purchasing Gatorade at Costco instead of quixtar, I already get $14 savings and 80 ounces more product!

Prices Competetive?

XS Sports drinks 24 16 oz bottles = $30.00
Gatorade 24 20oz bottles = $15.95 (at Costco)

XS energy drinks 8.4 oz (case of 12) = $23.99
Red Bull 8 oz (case of 24) $31.30 (at Costco)

Double X (31 day supply) $78.05
Multi Vitamins (3 month supply) $24.80 (At Costco)

SA8 6.6 pound (100 loads) $22.75
Kirkland (5 gallon bucket from Costco) $15.99

Meadowbrook bath tissue 48 rolls $29.99
Kirkland bath tissue 36 rolls $11.99 (Costco)

Smart menu Pasta 12 – 16 oz. Bags = $24.99
Golden Grain Pasta 12 16oz. Boxes = $8.99 (Costco)

Smart menu chunk light tuna 24 6 oz cans $25.99
Coral chunk light tuna 12 6 oz. cans $5.99 (Costco)

Progresso soups 8 19 oz cans $19.99
Progresso soups 8 19 oz cans $11.99 (Costco)

The first thing I noticed was that only two of the eight products he did “price comparisons” on were even Amway products! The rest were made by 3rd party companies, not Amway.  Third party products (XS is an exception) are primarily for the benefit of Amway members, not for selling at retail price. And what prices does he compare it with? Costco members price. Costco membership is $50/yr. Amway membership? $50/yr.

Wouldn’t an honest comparison thus be Costco members price vs Amway members price?

And let’s look what else he does –

Smart menu Pasta 12 – 16 oz. Bags = $24.99
Golden Grain Pasta 12 16oz. Boxes = $8.99 (Costco)

I looked up the Amway Global website. The Smart menu Organic Pasta appears to have gone up in price – it’s $28.20 at full price, $26.04 at members price. But wait … it doesn’t just say “Pasta” … it says “Organic Pasta“. Organic pasta normally costs more doesn’t it? Indeed it does –

Tinkyada Organic Pasta 12 16oz Bags = $42.99 (Costco)

or  here’s another from Costco-

Da Vinci Organic Bow Tie Pasta 12 16oz Bages = $27.99 (Costco)

The Amway sourced Organic Pasta is CHEAPER!

The progresso soup prices I was unable to find on Costco, but I did discover that there’s a wide, wide variety of types of progresso soup, and they differ in quality and price. Which ones was JoeCool checking?

Amway Global sells the “traditional” style, for $2.30/ 19oz can has the EXACT same product for $2.99/ 19oz can
Walgreen’s has the EXACT same product for $3.00/19oz can

The Amway sourced Progresso Traditional Soup is CHEAPER!

Maybe CostCo had a batch at a good price. It happens. Nevertheless it’s clear that Amway’s pricing is clearly at worst in line with competitors.

The tuna I couldn’t find JoeCool’s prices on either the Amway site or the Costco site. Amway does have a Smart Menu Albacore Tuna product, but as one would expect for Albacore Solid White Tuna, it’s quite expensive at $1.84/6oz can. Generic chunk tuna is usually a lot cheaper.

Smart Menu Albacore Solid White Tuna – $1.84/6oz has Albacore Solid White  Tuna – $1.95/6oz

Indeed, I couldn’t find ANY solid white tuna product cheaper than Amway was selling it. I’m sure someone probably is, somewhere. But I couldn’t find it.

The Amway sourced Albacore Solid White Tuna is CHEAPER!

Shall we keep going?

Meadowbrook bath tissue 48 rolls $29.99
Kirkland bath tissue 36 rolls $11.99 (Costco)

It took me a while to find, but what JoeCool seems to have picked from the Amway catalogue was apparently the Meadowbrook Ultra Premium bathroom tissue. It’s the only48 roll pack of Meadowbrook Amway sells, and it’s $35.52, not $29.99. I’m starting to question whether JoeCool is actually using an old catalogue and old prices … did he really just happen to have this catalogue fall out on his desk? One wonders …

Anyway, the Meadowbrook product is clearly some kind of “gold standard” of toilet paper and the Kirkland variety JoeCool compares with is not. Hang on …. did you just click on that link? The one to Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue 36 rolls on The one JoeCool claims is $11.99 … but CostCo says is $22.61???

It seems it’s not just the Amway prices JoeCool can’t get right. Is he just making some of these numbers up? Let’s do a proper comparison –

Kleenex Cottonelle Bath Tissue 20 rolls – 2ply 505 sheet $25.76 (Amway)
Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue 36 rolls – 2ply 425 sheet $22.64 (Costco)

See joe, you could have used the real pricing – CostCo wins! If they’re the same quality. I’ll let other’s bottoms decide. In the meantime,  let’s see what other companies sell the name-brand Kleenex bath tissue for. – Kleenex Cottonelle Bath Tissue 20 rolls – 2ply 505 sheet $1.36/roll
ByOnlineNow – Kleenex Cottonelle Bath Tissue 20 rolls – 2ply 505 sheet $1.16/roll – Kleenex Cottonelle Bath Tissue 20 rolls – 2ply 505 sheet $1.29/roll

So the Amway product is 5.1% cheaper per roll than Staples, and 11% more expensive per roll than ByOnelineNow. It’s interesting to note though, that with ByOnlineNow you need to order at least 2 cartons to get that price. So … Amway IBOs … feel free to buy your Kleenex toilet paper at ByOnlineNow until you hit the 12% volume discount bracket … then you’d be better off buying from Amway!

So what’s left? Vitamins, washing powder, and energy drinks. I’m going to leave Vitamins until last, because what JoeCool does there is just so blatantly dishonest as to be simply jaw-dropping. How about washing powder? Unfortunately the Kirkland product he mentions is apparently not available online so I’ve been unable to find any information about it, such as ingredients, usage rates etc. SA8 is one product that does tend be more expensive than most competitors, but that’s because it’s the best and is better for you. I also recommend this great video from the Amway 50th expo with one of Amway’s SA8 scientists.

So, to drinks ….

XS Sports drinks 24 16 oz bottles = $30.00
Gatorade 24 20oz bottles = $15.95 (at Costco)

There is no XS sports drink. JoeCool is probably his usual out-of-date self. There’s a Nutrilite Sports Drink – it’s $30 at retail, maybe that’s what he meant? But we’re comparing Amway members price with CostCo members prices –

Nutrilite Sports Drink 24 16oz bottles = $22.56
Gatorade 24 20oz bottles = $16.54

The Gatorade from CostCo is clearly cheaper. But are they the same? The Nutrilite product has antioxidants and B-vitamins, with no artificial colours/flavours/preservatives. Gatorade has no B-vitamins or antioxidants and artificial colouring. Which is better? Are they even similar enough to compare? You decide. Next …

XS energy drinks 8.4 oz (case of 12) = $23.99
Red Bull 8 oz (case of 24) $31.30 (at Costco)

XS Energy drinks are $20.40 for 12 8.4 oz cans at members price, and the Costco website says their Red Bull goes for $38.19 for 24 8.4oz cans at members price.

XS Energy drinks 8.4 oz (case of 12)  = $20.40 ($1.70/can)
Red Bull 8.4 oz (case of 24) = $38.19 ($1.59/can) at CostCo

So the Red Bull is slightly cheaper. But again – are they the same product? Red Bull has 110 calories, with 27 grams of sugar. XS is sugar free, packed with vitamins and adaptogenic herbs. Wouldn’t Red Bull Sugar Free be the more apt comparison? It still doesn’t have anywhere near the nutrient content of XS, but at least they’re both sugar free.

XS Energy drinks 8.4 oz (case of 12)  = $0.20/oz)
Red Bull Sugar Free 12 oz (case of 24) = $0.18/oz) at CostCo

If you like Red Bull, and don’t care about the nutritional content, CostCo is cheaper. If on the other hand you think Red Bull tastes awful, like I do, then you might want consider one of the 14 different flavours of XS Energy Drink.

Which brings us to the vitamins …..

Double X (31 day supply) $78.05
Multi Vitamins (3 month supply) $24.80 (At Costco)

I’m not sure which multi-vitamins JoeCool priced at Costco. They have a bewildering array of different ones. I’m guessing it might be something like Centrum Performance, which is $19.99 for 150 tablets, so that would be close to $24.80 for 3 months. Now, the Amway Global member’s price for a 31 day supply of Double X is $44.84. The non-members price is $68.99, so even ignoring the fact we’re doing a fair Costco members price<->Amway members price comparison, JoeCool is out by nearly ten bucks.

But that’s not what’s shocking about JoeCool’s clear dishonesty here. Double X is Nutrilite’s flagship product. It contains 20+ organic plant concentrates as well as being fortified with other essential vitamins and minerals. It’s a true “premium” product. Comparing it with an off the shelf multivitamin is like comparing a Ferrari with a bicycle. They’re both means of transport, but they’re not even close to similar.

The funny thing is, Amway sells a multivitamin bicycle as well. It’s called Nutrilite Daily. A basic multi-vitamin tablet, including organic plant concentrates, to take once a day. Members price is $7.35 for a 3 month supply. At full price it’s $11.30. This is significantly cheaper than whatever brand JoeCool was quoting.

Nutrilite Daily (3 month supply) $7.35
Multi Vitamins (3 month supply) $24.80 (At Costco)

Why would you pick the Nutrilite Double X premium product for a price comparison when there’s a more mainstream “Daily” available that as much closer to the product you’re trying to compare it with? Maybe excuses can be made for the other products. Perhaps JoeCool doesn’t know much about tuna and figures it’s all the same. Maybe he doesn’t care whether it’s cheap soup or good quality soup. Perhaps he thinks organic products are a waste of money, and he didn’t even realise CostCo sold them. Excuses can be made. But JoeCool claims he was an Amway IBO and he built a business up to the 4000PV level. There’s no way he doesn’t know about Nutrilite Daily, one of Amway’s best selling products. Why didn’t he compare Daily with the Costco product, insteading picking one of the most expensive products Amway sells?

The only reason I can think of is because he is deliberately trying to deceive people.

Normally I just ignore his dishonest rantings, but this stuff affects people. I had someone I had never discussed Amway with before quote JoeCool’s blog post as “proof” that Amway’s products are over-priced. Yet that post is full of dishonesty. Frankly, I’m suspicious of the whole basis for it. Does anyone really believe that the most prolific anti-Amway blogger on the internet would just “happen” to have an Amway catalogue fall on his desk?

55 thoughts on “Anatomy of Deceit – an Amway Critic’s price comparisons”

  1. Wow! These comments are 9 years old and still relevant today, in 2018. I’m seriously evaluating the opportunity to join an Amway team. I believe in the business philosophy, the teamwork, the training, the e-eommerce distribution model, etc… but, PRICES…
    This discussion is about fair product price comparisons. My wife does the vast majority of our shopping for items that Amway specializes in selling/distributing, i.e. the makeup, soaps, food, vitamins.
    Me… I shop at the $.99 Cent Store, so…
    I totally relate to frugal shopping. I believe anyone who doesn’t do honest apples-to-apples price comparison shopping is simply ignorant and will, no doubt squander a significant amount of money over a year.
    So, my QUESTION IS:
    Why don’t the large Amway groups publish a monthly price comparison chart of, at least the top 20 best selling products offered?
    It’s not rocket science, people like me want to know that they are getting fair, competitive pricing on an ounce-to-ounce, liter-to-liter, count-to-count basis. I need to believe in the underlying product prices. A current price comparison chart would allow me/all independent agents to represent with confidence and conviction.
    I’m not stupid and I don’t believe the average consumer is either… we know there are times when quality outweighs price… or when convenience wins… BUT month in, month out… Why not PROVE AMWAY is COMPETITIVE at the price point?
    I think it’s a simple, honest request.

    1. I live in a small village, no store. It’s not an issue, there’s a town 10 minutes drive away with 3 supermarkets, and a city 30 mins away with malls and shopping complexes. If I go to either of the three supermarkets in the nearby towns, each of them will often have different prices *for the exact same product*. Which one do I put on a price comparison? And those prices will typically be higher than in the closest city. Prices vary significantly across a country, and change often – it’s just not possible for any group to publish something that would be even close to accurate for even a majority of their group most of the time. Wouldn’t some people consider it “false advertising”?

      Personally I also think going out and doing your own price comparisons has a value beyond just marketing to others. You learn about the Amway products, and the competitors, and where the differences lie. Did you know for example, that SA8 is better for you health than other detergents? Neither did I until I started researching the area! It’s not just about price.

  2. Yes, it makes sense to compare apples to apples.

    I’d also like to chime in and say that there are many other factors when you compare two products other than just price.

    Quality is one thing. Speed of delivery matters. Ingredients is another. Value is another. Opportunity is another. Where you are buying it from is another.

    If everyone in the world just bought the cheapest things, everyone would live in a double wide. No one would buy a Mercedes. No one would buy a fancy fountain pen. Everyone would shop at the Dollar Store. There would be no upscale restaurants or stores.

    To me, price is one of the last things I look at when I evaluate something. Yes, it’s a factor. But it’s not the most important or only thing. Just saying.

  3. The complain about the price of Amway virgin oil is invalid as it’s very competitively priced considered the acidity is under 0.3%.

    That’s the least expensive low acidity olive oil I could find (retail price).
    ABO price is a bargain.

      1. It’s not about taste – just numbers.
        Extra virgin olive oil must have acidity level below 1%.
        Not every olive oil has the level that low and shouldn’t even be called extra virgin. (according to wikipedia).

        Only the most premium oils has acidity below 0.3% and usually it’s very expensive.
        Considering this fact Amway olive oil at retail price is a bargain in premium quality category. At least in UK.

  4. IBOFB, your site is very interesting. And it is also interesting to read discussions in the comments.
    I believe that a true business should help people to solve problems. I am in a business that helps solve various types of problems, from skincare to health and wellness to homecare to kitchen aids and appliances to car care, you name it, the business has it. I love Time Defiance range, DoubleX, Body Series–to name a few. I even wash and glaze my car by myself with Carwash and Silicon Glaze. I am working and I’m also a part-time graduate student. This business really helps me a lot. To those who are against business owners, ask yourself, are you solving people’s problem with your hate messages. To those who want to be in business, ask yourself, what problems do you want to solve. In Amway, we, the IBOs, surely know what product to suggest to solve many different kinds of problems. Thank you.
    Signing off,
    IBO from Malaysia.

  5. Man forget it they are not gonna get it. The point is not to replace going to your regular grocer. I still get my darn meat there, its about everyday expendure and cash back. Don’t like a product? Don’t buy it then. You only need 100pv a month. Now just run along

  6. In IBOFightBack’s response to “The Director”, I think he meant “billion” instead of “million” when stating the annual sales for the Artistry brand. Also, “iCool” should be “iCook”. Otherwise, excellent response once again, IBOFightBack.

  7. Amway prices on Amway products are generally more than comparable ‘store brand’ or ‘name brand’ items. You buy them to increase your sales numbers. You’re drinking the koolaid, IBO. Or getting your downline to drink it, anyway.

      1. tw’s wording isn’t clear. tw means to say that Amway prices are MORE than the prices of comparable products.
        As those of us who have actually done local price comparisons, we know that, in general, this is not true.
        Are there exceptions? Absolutely. But for the most part, when people make such statements:

        *they are talking about non-Amway (Partner Stores in the U.S./Canada) products,
        *they do not understand concentration and cost-per-use and instead they are comparing gram to gram,
        *they do not understand the features and benefits of an Amway product, so they are using an “inferior” product for comparison
        *simply are repeating things they’ve heard, without checking the facts for themselves.

        Are products offered by the Amway Corporation for everybody? Does everyone need/want such products? No. And Amway isn’t looking to serve the masses. That’s the job of the Wal-Marts of the world. Though Wal-Mart is an admirable business model, it is not Amway’s Business model.

        Just like Apple does not follow a Wal-Mart business model—and they seem to be doing just fine—even without me as a customer. 😉

        1. Why does Amway conceal the source manufacturers for their “brands”? Why do these discussions lack concrete comparisons? Why is it not valid to approach Amway as a retail business, to be evaluated on it merits as a source of goods, not as a source of income for its IBOs?

          I have spent a few days matching Amway store offerings to online equivalents, especially Amazon. Amway in comparison offers very few choices and seldom has an equivalent product at less than twice the Amazon cost.

          Amazon offers free shipping on most of the equivalent items for those of us who pay the modest PRIME membership premium that means two day delivery.

          Amazon products can be researched and evaluated, Amway products … we have to take Amway’s word for it that their products have quality control.

          Amway Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 29.95 retail before shipping or just over 46 cents an ounce. The highest price equivalent on Amazon is 33 cents an ounce, free shipping with Amazon Prime, brand Zoe is widely reviewed and awarded best choice by The New York Times. SMART MENU Olive Oil has no reviews and only the strange claim by Amway “If you like Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, try Smart Menu’s. Bertolli is the lead Walmart brand and not considered a top choice. At least the consumer can check it out and read its label. The Amway online catalog does not provide a product label. There are not assertions that it is cold pressed or organic.

          I would consider myself a rather poor shopper to choice the more expensive product when there is no indication why or how the product might be worth more and concern that vital product information is being withheld.

          Nutrilite brand is available on both Amway and Amazon. Amway cost is 20% higher or more depending on the product. Amazon offers dozens of equivalent and perhaps better sources of for instance Vitamin D, Nature Made’s at 3 cents a tablet as compared to more than 14 cents a tablet at Amway (the Nature Made product is arguably better, too, having zinc in addition to calcium and magnesium and twice as much Vitamin D3 per tablet).

          Take one step further and READ the actual labels. Nutrilite uses ten ingredients which speed processing of the tablets, reduce the effectiveness of the actual supplement and may cause health hazards. Do I want magnesium stearate in my diet … no, that is an industrial oil to protect machinery. Other supplement manufacturers avoid compromising their products. Amway chooses the more expensive and the less clean product.

          Since Amway remains founded upon it Nutrilite brand, this consumer must carefully avoid their products.

          1. To be frank, I get pretty sick of having to answer BS posts like this. I never know whether it’s sincere ignorance or wilful ignorance purely in order to complain about Amway. So if I sound a little testy, my apologies in advance, and don’t hold it against Amway, its just me.

            So let’s see what you’re doing. First you complain about Amway concealing the source manufacturers for their “brands”. What a load of utter BS. What are Amway’s brands? #1 is Nutrilite, with over $4billion in sales. Does Amway hide who manufactures it? No! Amway manufactures it! Next is Artistry. I believe over a million in sales. Who makes it? Amway! Next is the durables, eSpring and iCool. Just announced at over a billion in sales. Who manufactures it? Amway! And you want to talk about Amway branded Olive Oil? Seriously? A product that’s not marketed or advertised by Amway, and provided purely for convenience of IBOs, not customers? A product they probably sell at most a few tens of thousand dollars worth, globally? Olive Oil?

            Are you an IBO? No? Did you ask your Amway rep about the olive oil? That’s what they’re there for! To answer questions. Heck, if you don’t want to do that, ask Amway themselves! Did you do that? Or just decide that Amway products can’t be researched?? But here’s a hint “director” – Amway is not an olive oil company. Did you know you can buy coca-cola from a machine in many car dealers, and they make money on it. Do you evaluate car dealers on the price of their coke, and info they provide about it? Really? Good grief.

            But hey, I’ll give you some credit, you didn’t stop there. You mentioned Nutrilite! An actual Amway product! Well done! Vitamin D3 3000 IU plus K2. When I looked there was no equivalent on Amazon. Did you check for vitamin D with K2? Do you know why the K2 is there? Since you like researching then I’ll leave you to find out. It’s important. That’s why Nutrilite includes it.

            So … I tried to find this “Nature Made” product you claim has 6000IU (twice the nutrilite product). Couldn’t find it. Could you provide a link? I thought maybe you meant this one. With 5000IU, which is 2.5 times the Nutrilite product. But you couldn’t mean that one, could you? I couldn’t even find out the ingredients, let alone the manufacturer. We know how much you hate that, so clearly you wouldn’t recommend that product, would you? Then I thought maybe you meant this product. It’s 3cents/tablet on speci, not the list price, which is what you used for Amway. It comes with zinc, calcium and magnesium. But it has only 10% of the D3 that the nutrilite product has! So can’t be that one can it? Especially since you still have no information on the manufacturer. Not to mention the fact it’s got magnesium stearate in it! You know, that substance you claim “compromises” the product. But don’t stress, in fact, magnesium stearate is based on either animal or vegetable oil and is commonly used in tablets. It’s even used in baby formula! There’s no evidence at all that it “may cause health hazards”, it’s perfectly safe. And wondering where that Nature’s Made tablet really comes from? No idea, they’re site just says “a trusted network of suppliers”. What are they hiding? You’re more than welcome to go visit the Nutrilite farms and manufacturing facilities!

            Oh, and just one last thing. The price you’re quoting from Amway. They’re not the price Amway sells them for. They’re the price Amway recommends their reps sell them for – you know, the “list price” you conveniently ignore on IBOs can sell them for whatever price they want, and given they have profit margins anywhere up to 50% and more, they can and do. Just like people do on Amazon. And they even offer free shipping!

            You’ve demonstrate classic confirmation bias here, selecting products that Amway does not manufacture nor actively market to anyone, and which is a trivial part of their business, to complain about a lack of information, then actively promoting another brand as better despite this exact weakness and simultaneously attacking Amway for having an ingredient your “favoured” brand has too! But hey, we already know that expecting people to be convinced by the facts flies in the face of … the facts

          2. Two things in addition to ibofighback’s comments…
            1) Amway is not an Amazon. It is not a “web portal” nor a mega-mall.
            Amway is a health and beauty business. That is what they are good at, that is their focus.
            So their main product lines are *nutritional supplements, nutritional foods and drinks,
            *age-defying skin care and cosmetics, and *health-tech products like air filters, water filters, and healthy-cooking cookware.
            2) If those who are selling Amway exclusive products (like Nutrilite, Artistry, eSpring and XS) on Amazon, or any mass-media, non-one-on-one platform, are distributors/IBOs, then they are breaking Amway’s Rules of Conduct. If/When caught, they will be warned. If they continue, their distributorship will be terminated.
            In addtion, I looked at a handful of the sellers. They offer no return policy. Amway offers a 180-day money back guarantee.

          3. I’m going to take a slightly different approach on this one as I thought the first paragraph of what the director wrote was actually an honest legitimate question, and a question i had when I first came into the business.

            But then we flash forward to the last two paragraphs and its pretty shakey. The ten ingredients that speed processing of the tablets, reduce effectiveness. I am getting pretty sick of people who write these outlandish statements without some factual evidence to back it? I’d really like you to get back to us on that seriously. Also just read the label nothing about magnesium stearate just magnesium.

            If Nutriway isn’t the best out there and it is indeed a scam (which is gonna be like proving the moon landing didn’t happen) then there is no clear leader in that field. Every person you ask about multi-vitamins would have a different one.

  8. What is intesting is that the Amway IBO’s boast about no need to go to walmart, samsclub or costco in their sales pitch. But ultimately you will find them in all the walmarts, samsclubs and costcos of the world trying to hook up with and lure more people into it!!

      1. I don’t shop at any of those stores. I purchase everything through my business sponsored by Amway. Nor do I lure anyone into an opportunity to join the business. You have to be a qualified prospect to even be considered as someone I would sponsor. I don’t sponsor idiots.

  9. I remember reading this article on another site. I would like to point out something about this comparison. The Double X is the premium vitamin. They have other, far cheaper vitamins.

    Also, the products and prices are really out of date.

    Would I buy products from Amway? I would buy SELECTED products from Amway. I think some things are descent while others are not. Why would I do this? Nutrilite has good stuff and I am willing to pay the price for certain products they have (Mens pack for one- 1 month at $23 and is made with organically grown products). I have certain beliefs about using organically grown products and am willing to pay a little more for it. On the other hand, would I pay for their teeth whitening system? Not at all.

    People will buy what they want and won’t buy what they don’t want. Amway has both good and not-so-good products just like Wal-Mart.

  10. ibofightback

    How much money do you get for being a public relations rep at Amway?

    Individual business owner my a$$, you people are nothing more than slaves of a corporation and don’t even want to realize it.

    If you were real business owners you wouldn’t have Amway control the whole process. Buy their products and then sell it privately. why the hell do you want to earn pennies and receive checks from a company when you can try to earn real cash. Rent out a storefront and become a real business.

    1. IseeYou – as it states on every page on this site, I don’t get paid a cent to be a “PR Rep” for Amway. Your last claims are simply wrong. Amway does not “control the whole process”, and we do “sell it privately”. Having a company handle logistics for us at an incredibly low cost is a benefit not a burden. And you need a storefront to be a real business? Pity the likes of ebay, amazon, and google huh?

    2. Someone’s gotta do it! Most people who succeed in Amway don’t spend time on internet forums explaining stuff to people who aren’t gonna change their mind anyway.

      You Amway ‘truthers’ don’t know what you want. You want more people to give positive reviews about Amway but when one guy actually comes out and takes the time (and a heck of a lot of patience) to explain it to you then you accuse him of being a PR rep?

      Face it, you guys are gone and not coming back. That’s all there is to it. I honestly don’t have the patience to do what ibofightback does because of people like you. Nothing moves those types of people, apart from maybe a grenade.

    3. These comments are laughable ISeeYOU. First of all I am not a slave to Amway; I can quit my business and walkway anytime I want. I can choose to sell or not sell. I don’t have to buy products to turn around and sell. My customers buy directly from my business. I have never recieved pennies in the form of a check from AMWAY, however I have recieved large bonuses I have earned from the work I have done with building a huge organization that is now active in 5 states. It cost more money to rent a facility to attempt to run a business. Ecommerce is the wave of the future as we are now in the information age and no longer the traditional industrial age. By the way how long have you worked at your job?? Arent you a slave to your job? Getting up when you dont want to. Clocking in to get paid and clocking out so you dont get overpaid and then doing it all over again the next day? Or do you even have a job? Maybe you own a business. I dont know nor really do I care because I know that not only does the Amway marketing model works, the Federal Trade Commission uses the Amway Model to compare to other MLMs to ensure those businesses are not illegal pyramids. I have personally been to the US Federal Trade Commission in DC Jan 2013 and acquired the case file of Amway from the 1979 court case in which the Judge ruled that Amway is not an illegal pyramid. I keep a copy of that case file with me at all times to bust out on ignorant people. I have also sent a copy of the case file to all my business mentors upline in which we are now trying to make that file available for public use to put a kabosh on the ignorant nonsense. IBOFIGHTBACK if you want a copy let me know and I will send it to you.

    4. IseeYOU, I kinda wonder if you ever did your own business before. You seem to miss out on the headache of setting up a business – all the legal stuff, warehousing, market study, product sourcing, quality control, product pricing, staffing, sales team commission planning, etc etc etc. Ever thought of how to build a successful business locally then expand to another district, another state, another country? Ever thought of those headache? Amway takes all that headache away so an IBO can focus on creating the volume and assists others to create volume too. Income is based on each individuals’ ability to produce volume and how many other individuals they bring in and assist to build a consistent income.
      I’m currently building in Malaysia, while at the same time have network growing in China. In a month’s time I’m looking to expand in Singapore and Taiwan. The reason I allow Amway ‘control the whole process’ is simply because I WANT TO! I run my own sourcing business and the stress at management level is excruciatingly painful compared to a simple Amway IBO.
      On another note, if your concept of a real business is having a storefront, you probably should consider coming out of your stone age mindset and take a closer look at the world of business. Your post was 2010, 7 years ago. Online business was already everywhere since then, but you seem to no nothing about it. Amway is a well planned online platform for business. eBay is too, but eBay still requires all the product sourcing, QC, pricing planning, warehousing, market study, etc. Not to mention delivery planning. Amway takes care of all that.

  11. One thing everyone left out: I have never heard of anyone making money to pay their bills by buying from Costco. Anyone who wants to make money to pay their bills can sign up with amway and start making money (depending on their sales ability), while I have never met anyone that made any money selling costco products. Costco has NEVER offered to help me make money by selling their products. (except if I apply to be an employee)

  12. This forum is awesome. I enjoyed reading the posts in response to JoeCools’s biased post. Regardless of the prices, when you understand success principles, you pay the price and don’t count the cost. You don’t become wealthy by saving money but my making money. I think what’s more important than proving his comment on Amway’s prices incredible is the fact that IBOs come together and realize how awesome the opportunity is. I’m not sure if you guys are only IBOs or are also part of a business team. I myself am a part of LTD (Leadership Team Development) which accounts for the majority of Amway’s revenue. Good job on the response posts. As an addition, if he was a 4000, I’m sure his upline didn’t mind him quitting as his personals were transferred upline. I’m at the 4000pv level myself. It’s funny how someone would wait until they go 4000 to complain about the pricing. He probably didn’t do his volume and never got payed. It could be why he found it expensive. Take care guys.

    1. Hi DC, thanks for the comments, but be careful with the hyperbole. From what I hear LTD is a great and growing team, but there’s no way in the world it accounts for “the majority of Amway’s revenue”. LTD doesn’t extend much out of North America, and the US only accounts for less than 1/8th of Amway’s volume. Within the US there are many teams larger than LTD. That’s not meant in anyway to diminish LTD, just to rein in any false claims, which don’t help anyone, least of all you, in the long run.

  13. This guy must be getting paid by a competitor or someone he knows got very successful using the Amway opportunity. Other than that, nobody will take as much time to go into so much detail trying to discredit such an amazing company for no reason. HE IS GETTING PAID. Can I get his contact info ? I would love to meet him and look at his credentials and investigate him. My email address is I would love to get his.

    1. Actually it ends up he had several downline when he quit, and apparently one of them went on and qualified platinum! Basic human psychology is that he will then have to go out of his way to justify his decision to quit.

    1. That’s a pretty broad question senny! It depends on what your current lifestyle and diet is like, and every person is different. Some Amway products may be good and useful for some people, and others not, and vice versa.

  14. Thanks for pointing out some of the misleading errors in his post. I, too, came across those and could see his pricing and comparisons were inaccurate.
    Unfortunately, some people will believe what they read instead of checking the facts. Many people don’t realize that there are 2 prices for Amway. Retail and Wholesale. He should have listed the wholesale price as a fair comparison. But, clearly he’s not ‘fair’ in much of what he touts.
    He really is an internet troll.
    My question is, who the hell has that much time?

  15. For all of you “Negative Nellies” out there…you OBVIOUSLY don’t get it…AMWAY/Amway Global is awesome people, awesome product and awesome awesome income that allowes me to do what I do best…Be a MOM. When you are ready for a true dose of reality, look me up, I love to share a GREAT opportunity with you…
    IBOFB I am glad to see your response to the bogus “comps”

  16. hello
    from the start i want to say that i’m from Romania, so my english isn’t so good so i appologise for that.
    i discover this site a few days ago and i must say that i relate with the way the discussions goes. Compared to other sites or forums this a lot more proffesional.
    i did my studies in Sport Academy and i’m specially preocupated in health.
    what i want to say regarding this subject of nutition and price is that, in my opinion, the ultimate concern or the bottom of the line is our health. So we need quality.
    Let’s say that Amway nutrition products are more expensive than any other product. i know this is not true but let’s play this game. i will make a few points:
    1. i know someone who is in the bussines and she is a biolog scientist. if we take only the Vitamin C ( essential vitamin by the way ): in other products than Amway the vitamin C is clear because it’s made by industrial methods. In Amway products Vitamin C it’s extracted by cold pressing. this method allows also the fitonutrients to be a part of the final product. This is a big difference for our health.
    2. Nutrilite is the only company in the world that has certified organic farms. i don’t want to take supplimets from some company that has acres of farms next to the highway where all the toxic gases from cars are laying down on the plants.
    the point is that i will buy something that can help me to keep my healt i dont care how expensive it is.
    when i see prodocts that are really cheap i wonder if the producer spend any monay in quality reseach for the products.
    Nutrilite meets o lot more quality standards that are even necesary for a farmaceutical company. 500+ spcialists cost money. and everything is for our health and our bussiness. quality will always build a good, strong bussiness. no wonder this company is still growing after 50 years.
    thankyou and good luck to you all

  17. Yea.. honestly.. Joecool … what your comparing… isn’t all that accurate.
    you forgot one super big factor.. its not just pricing.. you have to compare value.. i mean that like getting all pissy because a Bentley cost more then a Kia..

    i can go soooooo deep into convo to support the FACTS .. but i will give you just one example..Nutrilite Twist tubes. in comparison one tube is equivalent to 6.4 bottles of it high end competition ( Gatoraid/ Sports Twist Tube…and Vitamin Water/ Immunity, Joint, and Antioxidant Twist Tube) that retails for about $2 a bottle.. so that means one Twist Tube is valued at $12 each with 20 tubes in box that makes a box worth $240.. AND IT ONLY COST $10.99.. so honestly…. with the Nutrilite products its a win win.. your getting a way better price and and much higher quality product.. so the Value surpasses its competition.. hey its a fact you pay for what you get.. but before you go bashing .. i suggest you really do your research and know what your getting.. annnnnny questions feel free to ask.

  18. Levi,

    Those people whom you mention, particularly the owner of that blog have no interest in having a sane, rational conversation.

    Their MO is that of an Internet troll.

    “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.”

    Having learned their true intentions, I no longer waste my time, knowing that this is all a sick game to them.

  19. ibofightback, its nice to hear sensible information after so long of hearing the nay sayers and thier wild tangents. I have delt with Gina, rlaurens, joe cool and maximum on various issues on joe’s blog and it is been a head spin. good job here on the costco issue.

  20. There is a definite distinction to how people live who pursue quality and actually do their homework. Where I am in sales and see it everyday, just because it is a bad economy doesn’t mean people who buy quality are going cheap. There is a phrase out their that says “you get what you pay for”. Does this mean that those who pay $60 for a bottle of wine should be smart and pay $3 for the wine. Could be different brands and that could constitute cost variations. How long it was distilled, how long did it set or cure. In construction, you go cheap you get cheap.

    The simple issue that I have with people like you JoeCool or whatever your name is…is that you people who are so against Amway say that they keep pushing the agenda. The only people I see pushing any agenda is you. I could only imagine what you could do with your time if you used it constructively. Coming from someone who is neutral and has other businesses by the way.

    1. Just an observation….

      It’s interesting how people who are already successful in whatever else they do always have positive things to say about the Amway business and products, because they are objective, and see things how they are (not pushing an agenda). Some may get involved, some won’t. That’s not the point. They see it as it is, and it’s impossible to be negative about it when you look at it that way.

      Contrast that with people who are unsuccessful. They look at things with a “what’s the catch” mindset, and so are constantly trying to find one, even with something as great as Amway, where there isn’t one. They have insecurities about themselves and their past experiences, always feel like they have something to prove, regrets about bad decisions made in the past, as IBOFB mentioned, that JoeCool would have had a downline Platinum if he hadn’t quit when he did. They will try to twist the facts, or even just make things up, to try and justify their own non-success, and convince people (not least of all themselves) of things that just aren’t true.

      I once heard an Emerald who has been around the business for a very long time say “I’ve never had a negative reaction from someone who is successful in what they currently do.” I highly doubt anyone has. That’s not to say they will all get in and go Diamond. If they aren’t “looking” for something, don’t have big dreams and goals, etc., they probably won’t, but they are secure enough in themselves to be objective and evaluate it on the facts, and only have positive things to say because that is the reality of it. Insecurities will prevent people from seeing it that way.

  21. JoeCool, your website is retarded, just from the beginning you compare our energy drinks to gatorade, what the hell? they are not at all the same energy drinks are at least 2 dollars each of course gatorade is cheaper. So you say that things are cheaper at stores. Well duh, lets compare your saving to the check they send me each month, and we will see who saved more money buying there stuff. I would rather not waste any more time then i have already with people as dumb as you, and i feel bad for anyone who does listen to you. Good luck in what ever it is you do, apparently talking bad about corporations is where you spend your time. No wonder you were not successful.

  22. Norris,

    Currently I personally get residual money for a product/service I provided (in another industry outside Amway) 24 years ago. If I were to die today, my estate would continue to receive those residuals. However, those residuals will only keep coming if there continues to be purchasers of that product/service.

    If people stop watching/renting/buying that movie, the residuals will stop.

    So just to clarify with Amway Business, an estate does not get money if the flow of product stops, just like a living IBO does not get money if the flow of product stops.

    Bonus money is driven by the CURRENT sales of products.

  23. I’ve often heard Amway sales reps touting the ability of Amway folks to make lots of money. So much so they actually can retire on the work of those they sponsor. They’ve even said that their kids can actually inherit their retirement.
    If this is true it would appear the only way a company can sustain itself on this business model is to inflate the price of their product.
    At some point you get so many people living off other people’s earnings and not doing a lick of work that you create a great welfare system.
    It’s the same reason social security is having such a hard time. Too few workers supporting too many retirees.

    1. The “only” way they could sustain itself is to inflate the price of their product? “inflate” compared to what? The “residual” type income payouts for Amway are around 6% of revenues. You could do those payouts by oh, decreasing other expenses by 6% … like maybe not having retail stores? By not doing as much advertising as the competitors? Take away the 6% and you have taken away incentives to the sales force …. so you’d need to spend that, and probably more, on other methods for attracting business.

      I suspect the problem is you’ve had little more than a quick overview of the model and haven’t researched it in depth and are misunderstanding how the bonuses are calculated and paid out.

  24. joecool,

    Don’t you find it “odd” that you would use Google, and pick the first two websites which support your OLD information, rather than going to the MAIN, CURRENT, and ACCURATE source, like a Corporation’s website, regarding products and pricing?

    And the fact that you back up your claim like this, leaving a comment, even AFTER ibofightback clearly says:

    “There is no XS sports drink. JoeCool is probably his usual out-of-date self. There’s a Nutrilite Sports Drink – it’s $30 at retail, maybe that’s what he meant?”

    is so very telling.

  25. Thanks for the update IBOFB! It continues to amaze me what he writes. To think that anyone would take him seriously is even more amazing. That guy seriously needs a checkup from the neck up.

  26. It’s too bad when people like JoeCool write this kind of deceptive stuff. However, I find it hard to believe that anybody who has a brain takes guys like that seriously.

    When I do cost comparisons, I mainly do the Amway-exclusive products that are concentrated and that can be compared to similar items that are bought in the store that can be compared on a per-use basis. Some examples include Pursue Disinfectant Cleaner against Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner, Dish Drops Automatic Dishwasher Detergent against Cascade Complete, and Glister Multi-Action Oral Rinse against Scope Mouthwash. These items, when compared on a per-use basis, show substantial savings over store-bought products.

    When the Amway items are used correctly and are included in a $75.00 order that has free shipping, there is simply no comparison.

    Besides, shopping at Wal-Mart, Sam’Club, or Costco doesn’t offer the opportunity to be in business for yourself, and the chance for financial independence.

  27. IBOFB, your price comparison is based on your internet searches while my price comparison was done by actually walking down the aisles at my local costco.

    No XS sports drinks?

    Quixtar XS Sports Nutrition – Buy XS Energy Sports Drinks from
    When you push your body to perform your body pushes back. … Drink XS Sports Drinks before physical activity to promote adequate hydration during your workout.

    Quality is subjective. Most people don’t care about anything but the prices, especially in a struggling economy. If you, IBOFB weren’t so busy pushing your agenda, you would see that.

    1. No JoeCool, there is no XS sports drink. That’s old.

      Quality is subjective, but you haven’t even tried to get close in matching products, and with the multi-vitamins you went out of your way to avoid a cheaper product from Nutrilite.

      I mentioned maybe Costco had some specials on, so that’s how you got your pricing – guess what … Amway, and Amway IBOs, have specials too. But you compared Amway list price with Costo specials didn’t you?

      Your choice of Double X instead of Daily shows what your agenda actually was, and it had nothing to do with doing an honest price comparison.

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