And now a word from the experts …

While tabloid journalism seems to be the name of the game with Jayne O’Donnell and USA Today, there are actually bonafide experts on topics like multilevel marketing that also regularly publish articles. One example is Direct Selling News, a trade journal focused on the direct selling and network marketing industry. This month they have published an article that provides a nice, intelligent rejoinder to USA Today’s piece. I suggest you give it a read!

Special Report: Amway – returning to it’s powerful brand

4 thoughts on “And now a word from the experts …”

  1. Why are Jayne’s incorrect statements still attached to the LOC brand info on Wikipedia?
    Why hasn’t Jayne been sued for her false representations?
    In my personal opinion; Her writing is amateur and myopic and she plays the roll of consumer protector with her own sloppy research and agenda. She probably was a failed IBO or could not even qualify to become one.

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