Anna Banana Unveiled

Normally I think people who post anonymously online have a right to their privacy and their identities should generally not be revealed. I make exceptions under certain circumstances. Joecool for example, I originally uncovered when he was (falsely) accusing IBOs of threatening his family and later was shown to be posting under different names, pretending to be IBOs or former IBOs in different Amway groups. As far as I’m concerned, once you cross from sharing your opinion to fraud and libel, you’ve relinquished your right to privacy.

While Joecool remains the most prolific anti-Amway obsessive on the internet, back in 2010 another reared their ugly head – “Anna Banana” and her blog “Married to an Ambot“. On her blog, Anna Banana doesn’t hold back, with regular foul-mouthed tirades against Amway, Amway products, and her former upline. The comments she allows are often even worse, with crude anonymous abuse of the worse sort. I sometimes wonder how much of it is hers rather than legitimate commentary.

When the blog first launched, there were suspicions that Anna Banana was yet another Joecool alias. These were raised even further when I discovered “Anna Banana” was the name of a bar just down the road from Joecool’s then place of work. I did some checking with others and concluded that, unlike a number of other blogs, this one was actually a legitimate newcomer, located in the Pacific North-West of North America. Since then I haven’t particularly followed her blog. Any attempts to engage in adult dialogue on her website have been returned with childish abuse.

In April this year though, Anna Banana highlighted some comments on her blog that she says were directed towards me. Comments like this –

“You took my friend and soon you’ll regret this scambot.”

“Typical Scambot unit! I sure hope your upline programmed a few more lines to defend your mission for Scamway/Quickscam. Those like you took my friend and I’ll make sure to make you regret it Ambot!”

“The countdown has begun Ambot! The day when I shall have your head and theirs overlooking my nightstand will not come too soon shitway. I swear, they should upgrade your programming, that old recording in your memory-bank is starting to piss me off scamshit!”

People were posting death threats against me on her blog, and she apparently found it amusing and worth highlighting.  Given that Amway critics had already posted my name and address and photos of myself and my children online, and that Anna Banana was regularly allowing her commentators to link to this information, this was more than a little concerning. The entire tone of her blog and her comments does not engender confidence that these are in jest. Needless to say, such activity is also illegal for both the poster and the publisher (Anna Banana).

As far as I’m concerned, if you publish (and encourage) death threats against me you have well and truly relinquished your right to privacy.

So who is Anna Banana?

The internet isn’t as anonymous as you might think. People often leave traces they forget about, like Joecool leaving his email address published on links on forum posts, which allowed me to identify him. Has Anna Banana done similar? I’ll admit, she’s been careful. She gave no email address on her blog to contact her that I could find, and she never comments on my blog, make it difficult to trace her internet address or other information. When she has commented elsewhere she’s always been careful not to give away too much. Trying to work out her story was difficult, as many of her rants seemed to be about issues that must have been more than a decade ago (talking about tapes) yet she also spoke about other things as if they were recent, even current. Much of the stuff she talked about seemed like little more than caricatures of Amway criticism rather than actual experience. About all we knew was that she was married, she and her husband had been IBOs more than once, and they’d been associated with WWDB.

To see if I could find anything about her, I looked again at her website, and in particular the “source code”. I’d done the same thing with Joecool and several other blogs and discovered that they were using the same google adsense code – identifying them as being by the same person. There was one clue on Anna Banana’s website. She had some code called “IP Blocker” that is used to redirect people from certain internet addresses to other websites so they can’t read (or comment) on her website. This is the code –

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

The code had a member ID – “mermaidude”. Could that tell us anything? I went to google.

“mermaidude” isn’t a common internet nickname, indeed it appears to be unique. A review of the (many) links google revealed showed that “mermaidude” has been active a long time on the internet, with interests ranging from geocaching, to recipes, to horses and dogs. There were also three email addresses and a name that kept coming up –

  • Cheryl Rhodes

Cheryl Rhodes? That name sounded familiar. If you regularly follow this blog, it should sound familiar to you too. Back in August 2009, Cheryl Rhodes and her husband Kerry Murphy launched a class action lawsuit against Amway Canada, claiming they lost over $15,000. Without going in to details, using the links from the google search, it wasn’t difficult to confirm that Married to an Ambot’s Anna Banana= Cheryl Rhodes, wife of Kerry Murphy, of Cloverdale, Surrey, British Colombia, Canada, and original plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit.

The case was thrown out last year, but from the court documents we do learn a little bit about our friend “Anna Banana”.  According to the judgement, Kerry Murphy was an IBO on at least 4 separate occasions –

  • From 1980-1982, but “did not follow-up or purchase any products”
  • October 21, 1999 until December 31, 2001
  • May 22, 2002 until December 31, 2002
  • June 5, 2008 until December 31, 2009 , with the last activity in August, 2009

Based on her blog and the court documents, we also know that Cheryl Rhodes aka Anna Banana was part of this on at least the last 2 or 3 occasions. I suspect the May 2002 registration may have simply been a late renewal. These multiple registrations bring us some understanding of Anna Banana’s often confused and dated complaints about Amway.

Cheryl Rhodes aka Anna Banana

Along with Married to an Ambot, Cheryl Rhodes has been quite busy on the internet. She also has the following blogs –

along with the defunct

And a bunch of older ones as well. She’s also got a twitter account and facebook page –

And has self -published a couple of books –

She also had a blog up about the class action at

But in July a funny thing happened. You see, as an experiment I posted Anna Banana’s identity over on AmwayWiki and also mentioned on Amway Talk that I’d successfully ID’d her. Within a day or so, “Anna Banana” suddenly announced that she wasn’t actually running her blog, she just emailed her posts in to an administrator who did it for her, and the Cheryl Rhodes WordPress site got pulled down as well, replaced with a post that could only be considered bizarre unless you knew about the connection with Anna Banana –

This blog did lead me to assist another blogger. Shortly after I started this blog last year another blogger contacted me and asked me if I’d take over their blog. I declined because I don’t have the time. I don’t keep this blog updated so I didn’t think I could come up with material to take over someone else’s blog either. The other blog is anonymous and I prefer to use my real name, so it would not have worked out. Then they emailed me again to ask if I could temporarily take over the blog administration because of a shared computer situation and not wanting others to know the identity. They would email me posts and all I would have to do was upload them, and because I like the blog I said I’d do it for awhile which turned into a few months longer than I expected. Even though it wasn’t taking much time to copy, paste, and upload I asked them to find another administrator to take over their posting and they finally have.


Yup Cheryl, we believe that. You just happened to be contacted by another blogger who, just like you lived in British Colombia, had a husband involved in Amway with WWDB several times (and at the same times as you), both husband’s did things like bought digital recorders, and amazingly, Anna Banana used some of your long-term email addresses for their blog setup, started the blog not long after you launched your class action, etc etc etc – and despite all of this real friendly behaviour to you ,and clear dislike of Amway and apparently terrible experience – never joined in to the class action with you and Kerry!


Here’s the thing, Cheryl. You’re claiming that your wordpress blog led to Anna Banana contacting you to help administer her blog. You started that blog in September, 2011. You first added the “mermaidude” code to Married to an Ambot back in January, 2011.


Sleep well tonight Cheryl.

Are you getting advice from Joecool or something? He tried similar things to hide his tracks. Don’t worry though Cheryl, if anyone ever tries to sue you for your libelous posts on Married to an Ambot, I have even more proof than I’ve given here. Indeed I’ve already given it to some interested parties. Oh, and trying to hide your tracks like this is a bit pointless – Canadian (and US) law has established that publishers of libel are guilty as well. So your excuse that you’re just helping publish it wouldn’t work anyway!

But don’t let it disturb your sleep too much though, I get the impression they don’t think you’re worth the effort. Still, you never know. Must be a worry, what with the court already awarding costs to Amway for your failed lawsuit. What would a libel lawsuit add to that? And in Canada of all places, which doesn’t have the more relaxed free speech provisions of the US!


Anyway, with the help of some friends who kept copies, Cheryl’s old wordpress posts do tell us a little bit more about her Amway experience. We find out, for example, that her and her husbands sponsors was a guy called Neal Powzun, and –

“Our line of sponsorship was World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB). People in our upline were Neal’s sponsor, Jimmy Schaeffer, Robert Goodheart, Ron Maitland, Esmon Emmons (Platinum), and Fenton Eng, (Emerald). I was told Fenton had been personally sponsored into Amway over 20 years ago by Dean Kosage who was represented to us as a Diamond.”

It’s nice to be able to connect some names to the abuse on her blog. It offers some interesting insights too – for example on her blog she’s incredibly abusive towards her upline platinum (Emmons, we now know) and makes various claims about him, including that he’s regularly in and out of qualification. Yet in 2008 he qualified for Achievers and in an affidavit during the Canadian class action, he declared an income of over $100,000/yr.

Ms Rhodes has indeed been taking lessons from Joecool – publish whatever you want, facts be damned!

So there you go. Anna Banana of Married to an Ambot is Cheryl Rhodes. I wonder if she’s as foul-mouthed with all her friends back in Cloverdale.

Oh … and if I’m every mysteriously beheaded, you might want to let the police know where to find Cheryl.

37 thoughts on “Anna Banana Unveiled”

  1. hey all

    Anna banana has a funny blog and so I think the term is satire?

    You ever watch Saturday night or Malcolm in the middle or heaven forbid Animal House?

    She makes valid points about the Amway experience and so I found nothing remotely threatening about what she writes and btw she is hellacious funny with her schtick.

    Since this is amway I will just lov bomb ya yal as they say…


  2. Thanks for your work. I personally read one entry from Anna Banana and Joe Cool and thought it was comical (and exhausting) to see such negative people exist and even more entertaining to find equally negative followers.

    Threatening is crossing boundaries, sometimes fighting back is the classy way of dealing with none sense.

    That shut her up.

  3. Esmon Emmons is a good man. I grew up with his family, my dad Gunter (Guenter)Edel (passed in 2002)knew the Emmons family well. We were good friends. Esmon also taught at the school I went to Deer Lake in Burnaby and was a great teacher.

    Amway was not my thing, yet Esmon and his family powered forward over years with success in this I observed. This MLM works for him and those he surrounds himself with, and everyone benefits.

    I always wanted to be part of Amway however, I did not have people like Esmon supporting, guiding and encouraging me.

  4. Ive seen these people work their way to the top. I’ve seen where they were years before and i see where they got to now, the Emmons are some of the greatest people I have come across as well as robert and the Engs. I started a few years back and I stopped. I decided if I were ever to do it again. I WOULD. with the same team. I’ve seen other groups and none of them compare to the mentorship I once experienced with that group. the emmons helped me through many things and their advice was on point every time.
    Robert was also there when I went through some hard times (After leaving the business a few years back due to conflict with my ex)
    the engs also lended me a hand during this time.
    These are incredibly good people that Im glad I had a chance to get to know.
    It’s because of that group that my next two businesses had been a success. Now onto a third and considering starting up again.
    Too bad for those who didnt have as great of an experience as I did.
    I hope you find something that suits you all better.

  5. Why go to such a great extent to find the sites owner if everything she was saying was false? The site seems like it was hitting a nerve.

    1. Why? If an “anonymous” someone was after your head, wouldn’t you want to find out who it was? Knowledge is power. In this case, finding out it was Cheryl Rhodes should have given her pause.

  6. I think Cheryl might be running out of steam. Her last blog is a rerun from October 2012! I’m not encouraging anyone to read it but I think she is getting old!

  7. She’s doing a service for you guys. I went to a meeting where they tried to sign me up and it (to me, in my opinion) was just garbage and false dreams. The “leader” was pocketing money from desperate people to eat or attend his bullshit ridden meetings that were either in a hotel or in my case some strangers home. My former friend who was trying to bait me, put me into his cult-like “teams” Facebook page and WOW was it ever a red flag of a brainwashed group of people. From the selling of “tools”, to the phrases and language that were repetitive (“freedom”, “rock the house”, “love you all” and said over and over and over), to the constant reminder of qualifications and payments that needed to be made towards “the plan” or “the business”, which was conveniently never addressed as Amway. The “leader” dude once charged $10 for a BBQ day at his house. I saw this advertised on the FB page and people couldn’t wait to go TO GET NOTHING lol. All I saw was people spending time and money, but I never saw them rewarded for it. I’m not saying not to dream, but be real sometimes too. And I know the writer of this article is defending his choice of investment, but you out-ed and threatened a WOMAN, to a bunch of seemingly brainwashed gung-ho groups. No wonder she is pulling back, for a woman its intimidating. I saw first hand how this “business” isolated people and picked their pocket and I consider myself LUCKY to not have gotten involved. I’m not saying Amway investors should be attacked either, but its obvious you’re not in business for yourself, you’re constantly working for AMWAY and whatever douchebag you kick money up to.

    1. First – pulling back? Feeling threatened? Are you kidding? The woman has not let up one bit since I revealed her for the liar she is a year ago. And you conveniently seem to have completely ignored the fact she was posting death threats agains me!. The vast, vast majority of the stuff she writes is completely made up. Most of the comments are written by her.

      Secondly, Amway is not an investment, it’s a business. You’re working for yourself. Don’t believe me? Go ask the IRS. Just like any other business your suppliers are also in business and make money.

      Now if you don’t like the culture of the particular group your “former” friend was with, that’s your choice. From what you’re describing I wouldn’t like it either. But that’s not Amway. I’ve never been charged for a BBQ at my upline. Never been inundated with repetitive statements of “freedom”, “rock the house”, “love you all” etc etc. Guess what, it’s their business, if they like that stuff, good for them. It’s not for you, it’s not for me either.

      Contrary to your beliefs, every single year there are thousands of new people reaching levels of that match or exceed full time incomes from their works. Not garbage, not false dreams. And not just my opinion, either.

      Amway’s not for everyone and not every group who operates within Amway is for everyone (there’s many just in the US, let alone globally) – but please, don’t believe the crap Cheryl Rhodes spreads, and don’t let it color the way you interpret Amway, or your friends.

  8. I am an Amway IBO and I love this business. I am associated with WWDB. I am not a robot. I do have interests and hobbies outside of this business. I’m not biased, if you can find me something better, please do, but this is the best opportunity I’ve seen so far. My upline are the most incredible people I’ve ever met. They are honest, full of integrity and accountability, and they teach their downline to care about people and family first and business second. This crap about them forcing stuff down IBOs throats and “brainwashing” them just makes me shake my head. I have never once felt like they have disrespected me or given me bad advice. We have definitely disagreed, but with respect for each other we agree to disagree. We don’t push this business on anyone- quite frankly, we don’t really care if you ‘get in’ or not, it’s on to the next person for me. We use this opportunity to serve upon other people at their level with what they need- whether that’s with products or opportunity or simply “no thank you none of this is for me”!

    A friend of mine (who is my client- she’s been to meetings with me and has decided it’s just not for her- WHICH IS PERFECTLY OKAY!) discovered Cheryl’s website yesterday and being the awesome gal she is she started questioning her. Gave facts instead of opinion. Questioned the legitimacy of what she was saying and questioned her background. She showed me the conversation later and she was very polite. She got slander back- swearing and cussing her out. Would you walk up to a stranger in the street having a conversation and start swearing at them? Unbelievable.

    So my friend came here. Saw this site with all the information of who this crazy woman is. She went back to Cheryl’s site and started questioning her again. As far as I know she called her out on everything she said (that’s the power of education, folks- if there’s no fact to it then it’s just a difference of opinion and educated people know that)and she used Cheryl’s name when questioning her on what legitimacy she had. Sure enough her posts were deleted and replaced with a big long post from Cheryl about how “the writer and moderator are two different people” and the writer had been victim of a cyberstalker last year and she didn’t know if my friend was the cyberstalker but she better not come back unless she wanted to be investigated by the police!!! She called me at this point to tell me what a joke this was, and she politely responded to Cheryl explaining that it had taken a quick google search to find her and all of her information and that she needed to understand that if she is going to post slander and lies she’s going to piss some people off and she’s going to get found out and “that is nobody’s fault but yours.” See, friends stand by friends even if they don’t want to do their business. Yay Katie!

    This woman is a complete and total fraud. She hides behind an online persona clearly because she just wants to abuse people. She probably is nothing like this in real life. I have no idea what must be going on in her marriage or her life to make her say such foul lies and be so abusive to people with differing experiences or opinions but I can speculate that it’s not going well in real life for her so she takes to the internet because it’s the only way she can garner attention. I’m betting her husband doesn’t even know about this blog and if he did, boy would things be different!

    Let me make one thing clear- if you have had a bad experience with an Amway IBO, I am sorry. Clearly they have not been duplicating what the leaders are teaching and they are definitely f***ing things up for those of us running a professional and legitimate business. There are TONS of stories like this that I have already heard, and it sucks because it gives those of us doing this properly a bad name. However, you do not have the right to go an LIE about your experiences. No. It’s a free country and you can give facts and opinions but SLANDER AND LIBEL ARE ILLEGAL. So if you have had a bad experience please recognize that you have a problem with the IBO in question and NOT Amway or WWWDB. You do not have the right to lie and exaggerate about your experience for attention. Instead of posting like a maniac all day about “real life experiences” that you’ve probably written yourself, perhaps you should go back and fix the crisis in your home and marriage before taking to the internet. That would solve the problem, instead of leaving you needing to attack the symptoms to a bunch of people you don’t know.

    On a different note- Anyone know how to go about sueing this b****? Slander is illegal in Canada, and I’m definitely not a lawyer but I’m sick of hearing this BS. I doubt that Amway would bother wasting their time but if they wanted to they could probably take this and wipe her off the face of the plant.

    We are having an epidemic of bullying online and cyberstalking and yet look at what kind of example the adults are setting… come on now people.

    OH AND- to all the naysayers and Ambot haters- I am downline from an 18 year old girl who is on the cusp of leaving her job and going platinum with a $60,000 residual ongoing income. What makes you so special that you can’t outdo an “uneducated” 18 year old girl?

  9. Fenton Eng is a friend of mine. I look forward to having a good laugh with him about this Cheryl when I see him in a couple of weeks

  10. David, sorry but this is the only way I can respond. My home based email account works in Canada but my POP and SMTP settings are not accepted in New Zealand. To answer your question about a alleged meeting, it never happened as Cheryl only attended one FED and one Spring Leadership and one Family Reunion all hosted by WWDB. Our diamond up line past Dean Kosage is Brad Duncan and we would never have attended any function outside our line. It was hard enough to get Cheryl to attend these as she often commented negatively at all the speakers and finall left to the hotel room. That posting is totally false as a rant and although Cheryl has often called out people who are in or buy Amway products she never would go into a function just to mess around unless this is a side of her I never knew. Cheryl on the outside (when I met her) was a quiet and introverted personality. I asked her five times before she accepted a invitation to dinner and then only if it was with a friend of hers. As I have come to realize she has evolved into this hate and rage filled person who has been consumed with a singularly focus mission to discredit and malign Amway. It is weird as all the time I was involved she never participated unless I strongly insisted. Now she has evolved into a person I do not know nor love, I cannot continue to associate with such hate and anger. She has, on Facebook now attacked me in the third party style as she does in her blog, sad….

    I will be returning on Saturday and will start to see where the pieces lie and look into a different future which does not include such hate and anger.


  11. I’m new to the Amway Business but I love it. I’ve read the false claims before I had joined, but I saw the business model and I couldn’t say no. Use common sense when reading these scam accusations. The BBB would not accredit a Scam. McDonalds was accused of being a scam, but when I eat a burger there, I’m not attacked. People are not persecuted for working at mcdonald’s either. I’m new with only 3 sponsored IBOs so far, but I make up for the PV in Retail. 2 days ago, Amway had just called me informing me that my bonus check was coming in! WHAA!? Screw the liars, I’m a part of the truth!

  12. Great Article! I saw her blog once and was so turned off by the language. I kept thinking she was either JoeCool (I really thought it was him or a demon). Glad to see she’s an actual person, maybe she’ll think before she posts next time.

    The business works if you work it period. 12 Billion World Wide, 35 months of consecutive growth in North America. But oh yeah its a scam and no one makes money LOL.

  13. Love it. Quite a shame a fellow Canadian has to result to this kind of BS.

    Thanks again for searching out the true identity of these imbeciles.

    1. Thanks IBOFightback. Amway is a brilliant company with brilliant products. Like any business there is work involved in order to get it off the ground.

  14. Ultimately, what it boils to are choices. Can you imagine if we had the same mentality as a young child who is learning how to walk, or learnin how to play the piano, riding a bike, learning a new skill. You will fail! Failure is part of it. Not to think so would be naive. Most people who didn’t succeed in Amway fail to understand this. Everybody falls the first time. You make some bad choices when you start your business, you will have some bad results. But It’s not the end. Let’s forget about Amway for a second and look at any other business. Chances are, you will experience some type of failure. Either not getting the deals you wanted, employees leaving your company and criticizing you, experience a decline in sales, the need of downsizing or even declaring bankruptcy. The process is the same no matter how you slice it. the difference is in your emotional intelligence and the good character of making the proper choice. You talk to any successful person in and out of Amway, the process is the same. Your will fail one way or another. It’s not our fault, we live in a society that punishes you from make certain types of mistakes. It’s like saying to that baby you can’t fall while you’re trying to walk, or telling this child ride this bike but never fall off, or the young lady play the piano but don’t screw up! It’s impossible. Nevertheless, we are entitled to our opinions but do not mistake them with facts.

  15. Hating the Amway business is one thing. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But using really foul and threatening language in a blog to attack someone who does not agree with your own point of view must rank as the lowest of the low.

  16. In 1994. Amway started in Turkey. Many peoples join to Amway Business in 1 month. Those Peoples are scammer, they learned “Awmay business is business” . And they are quit, After quit they say Amway is Scamway :))))))) Why? Because they are unsuccessful person. Never person don’t say “i am loser” to himself. Amway must be loser.
    Another case. This is people dos’nt understand this business. This is most populer case.

    This business is IQ, EQ test. Some intelligent people don’t building this business, but they want using cheap and healthy products.

    And now we have 140 milion dolar sales in Turkey per year. (in 2012)

    I have a question? This succes is only Amway succes or just IBO’s success. Both Them.

    You don’t build this business. But please stop your inner habbits. Peace in your mind.

    (sorry for my english)

  17. Hahahahahaha!!!

    The best paragraph:
    “Yup Cheryl, we believe that. You just happened to be contacted by another blogger who, just like you lived in British Colombia, had a husband involved in Amway with WWDB several times (and at the same times as you), both husband’s did things like bought digital recorders, and amazingly, Anna Banana used some of your long-term email addresses for their blog setup, started the blog not long after you launched your class action, etc etc etc – and despite all of this real friendly behaviour to you ,and clear dislike of Amway and apparently terrible experience – never joined in to the class action with you and Kerry!”

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  18. Scamway most certainly IS a scam, and an MLM. Their stuff is garbage. My younger brother was looking into doing it, and I’m VERY glad that he had the sense to not do it.

      1. Agreed. Anyone that makes life decisions based on what others say or didnt do have no basis of experience. That is just not smart at all. You don’t know what you don’t know if you never do. Thats like your brother having a bad water experience or if had no experience at all jumping in a pool for the first time and told you to stay away from water its not good for you. If you were to follow this advice then you would never know if you could ever swim.

  19. I guess you should be calling me as another Amway critic, even though my language is better :); I have been here for letting others know what I feel. I have no hard feelings against anyone or anything. Can I change the past? No. In fact the day I quit, I had the guts to go to my up line and say ‘take all BSMs I am not doing this business anymore’. I take my past learnings for betterment of my life going forward.
    I feel time heals everything, even a bad experience in Amway. But can you tell me how do things get personalised? I might keep writing against Amway forever or my stop it from tomorrow. But what mentality makes someone to be foul mouthed for long time? You might have seen the world more than me so, it is just a legitimate query. I feel gentle to agree to disagree rather than shouting, becuase I am very selfish when it comes to happiness. Hatred never brings happiness.

    1. Hi,
      Greetings from istanbul. I don’t understand this. Amway Business is amazing. Why people are quit. Better healty and cheap products and very easy business. Personel Development and line of sponsor ship support.

      Have you those in your regular life? Answer YES. Ok Quit from this job and goes on.

      But you can’t build this very easy business. I guess you can’t nothing in regular your life.

      Sorry people we are happy with this business.

    2. AS,
      Some people have bad experiences with Amway. With a model like this, where people are independent, and a business this large, it’s inevitable. You’ve got a right to warn people about the bad experiences.

      What you don’t have a right to do is spread false and/or misleading information, which is what you do on your website.

      Admittedly, most of what you spread that is false seems to be out of an ignorance not just of how Amway works, but how most business works. Still, if you’re going to dedicate time to the blog, perhaps you should educate yourself about what you’re talking about a bit more?

      1. I have been gentle in my queries and I have not advertised my blog and I do not even make money through the blog. I used blogging for writing what I feel. When I asked some genuine questions, either you are answering it to the point or do nothing. You seem to try and contain me not write against Amway. Above reply to my question suggests that, you are not that gentle in terms of accusing others about the way they express their views. Do not waste time replying to this, because your agenda is clear, go on.

        1. Ok, I’m confused. Are you AmwayScam as well as AmwayQuitter?

          Why do you change names? It’s very confusing.

          Anyway, I didn’t realise you had questions you wanted answers to in your first post. I thought they were rhetorical. You have three questions –

          (1) Can I change the past?
          You answer that “no” and I agree.
          (2) But can you tell me how do things get personalised?
          I don’t understand the question. Can you clarify what you mean?
          (3) But what mentality makes someone to be foul mouthed for long time?
          I don’t know. Attention seeking? Shock value?

          What do you think?

          My comment about the dishonesty of your blog stands. Your latest post, for example, links to a story by a person that makes various false claims about Amway and the direct selling industry, for example claiming the DSA says 97% “fail”, claiming there are “required” seminars and that “more than half your downline MUST fail” etc etc etc

          When you promote writings anti-MLM rants that are full of lies and long discredited bullshit, why *should* we treat you with “gently”

          You then feature a decade-old “expose” which focused on a handful of people in one group in one country in the US and imply that’s the “amway experience”, even though it’s nothing like what I and many others experience, and that in the decade since that clip, Amway has implemented many changes to prevent people giving misleading impressions.

          Why don’t you explain that Amway has implemented all these changes?

          You then promote a book, merchants of deception, by a guy who had to apologise to Amway in court for lying to the press and making false accusations! I guy who even *clearly* lies in his book, just to try and make Amway look bad. (eg his claims about his first Pearl bonus are beyond belief)

          Then on top of that you come on this blog and write comments under different usernames, implying it’s different people having a problem with Amway, when it’s you both times

          Why are you promoting falsehoods and misleading and old information on your blog?

          Why are you posting under multiple names?

    3. AS,
      People can voice facts. They can even voice opinions. But when they start making “stuff” up, claiming it’s the truth, that’s a whole other issue.

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