Announcing Amway Watch

Amway Watch

For a few months now I’ve been working on a new website – Amway Watch. Amway Watch is solely dedicated to reporting news on the Amway business from around the world, using official sources such as newspapers, Amway press releases, court documents and such.

This site, The Truth About Amway, will continue to break news on controversial and other topics that are generally not of interest for most people and not “in the mainstream”. The Blog area will also continue to provide my thoughts and analysis on various topics about the Amway Business. I won’t however be updating the front page on general “news” as much as I might have in the past – the focus for that will be Amway Watch.

While Amway Watch will not ignore what might be considered “negative” stories about Amway, such as BERR’s decision in the UK to appeal the dismissal of their claims against Amway, it’s my opinion and experience, that, overwhelmingly, keeping track of global “news” about the Amway business leads to an extremely positive view of Amway. As such, unlike The Truth About Amway, where controversy is heatedly debated, it’s the kind of site I think anyone can feel comfortable referring a prospect or new IBO to. The “truth” is, that when you look at the big picture, the Amway story is overwhelmingly a very positive one.

To keep Amway Watch global, relevant, and up-to-date, I’d appreciate it if folk can keep me updated on relevant news in their corner of Amway Global. Anyone who is willing to help contribute stories would also be gratefully welcomed.

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  1. know anything about the purchase of a company called Revive? Started about 10 yrs. ago and purchased recently for $50 million by amway global? They have a product called Revive which states that it is a surgery substitute, is this equal to a surgical procedure? This has to do with skin care and facial care?

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