Are you on Facebook?

Frankly I’m not sure if Facebook is a passing fad or will actually be a useful tool. I’ve found it to be an awful good time-waster, but on the other hand I’ve also managed to renew contact with a bunch of old friends. What do you think?

For those of you who are IBOs and ABOs I recently found a new “official” Facebook Group for Amway Global IBOs and Employees. I while back I also started a The Truth About Amway FaceBook Group. How “useful” they are, I’ve no idea, but if you’re on Facebook, why not join? Or perhaps you agree, as I do to a certain extent, with this classic video –

11 thoughts on “Are you on Facebook?”

  1. Jr_brady,

    I had never heard of Meetup until you mentioned it. I checked out their website and it looks interesting. I’ll take a better look when I can do it from a regular computer and not my phone.
    I have gotten a few contacts from but no PV or new IBO’s yet.
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi Visioneer,

    No contacts for my Amway business through LinkedIn. In fact I just deleted that “job” from my profile. I think LinkedIn is best for corporate type occupations and employment rather than network marketing.

    Nothing seems to beat personal contacts for myAmway business as Jeffrey and other posters said. However, MeetUp is a good resource for finding business networking and personal interest groups. I recently started a network marketing mastermind group for local BNI members. Not to recruit but to share ideas, resources and help each other grow our businesses.

    Has anyone else taken advantage of MeetUp for your Amway biz?

  3. Yup, I agree. I don’t see network sites as much good for business prospecting, too many folk all looking to recruit rather than be recruited. It does seem useful for reconnecting with lost friends and acquaintances though.

  4. I’m a MySpace whore. I’m on Facebook,too; but like the video, I can’t keep up with all the Applications. And now, MySpace has Apps too. I started accepting a few, but I can’t do all the Apps I get invited to participate in.

    In my career, MySpace has been a boon and a darn useful tool.

    I like LinkedIn for a few uses. Mainly for re-connecting with old business partners and with people who are Internet savvy but have a certain disdain for other “kiddie” social networks.

    Regarding social networks and MLM and Direct Sales…I have yet to see a profile that didn’t “smell” of a sales pitch or have “copy” that was either shmarmy, cliche’, or didn’t scream it’s purpose..recruit. I accepted a few friend request from these in the beginning but am now more discerning.


  5. I had a profile on both Facebook and MySpace. MySpace seemed trashy and Facebook seemed snooty so I deleted my profile from both and haven’t missed either one. Nothing takes the place of person-to-person interaction in this business, or life in general for that matter.

    If you have 200 “friends” on either of these sites, which one will get out of bed at 3 a.m. in the middle of winter to pick you up 100 miles away if your car breaks down? If they won’t come, they’re not your “friend.”

  6. IBOFB,

    Bridgett summed it up perfectly. I’m on MySpace because of my (younger!) family members. It’s great for social networking, but the ads and visual overload is a bit much for me.

    For business networking I prefer LinkedIn and MeetUp. Biznik is a good site but they don’t allow network marketers/MLM’ers.

  7. I like Facebook for:

    *reconnecting/staying in touch with people.

    *the quick ‘status’ feature.

    *seeing my “friends'” photo albums

    But everything else–all those applications–are SUCH a time suck. Frivolous, and, really, not very exciting. I avoid all that stuff.

    I do think it’s “cleaner” than MySpace, for sure.


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