Artistry Creme Luxury with Sandra Bullock – First Look

This appears to be the italian version of a promotional video for Artistry Creme Luxury, a new product to be launched soon in Japan and Europe and endorsed by well known actress Sandra Bullock.

From Amway South Africa Amagram

For the first time ever, famous actor and producer Sandra Bullock has agreed to put her name behind a product. And not just any product. Soon she will become the face of ARTISTRY™ Créme LuXury, the ARTISTRY™ brand’s first luxury offering.

Before agreeing to represent Créme LuXury, Sandra rigorously grilled ARTISTRY™ scientists to learn more about the product. She wanted to know why it outshines other high-end skin care solutions on the market. She needed to trust in the safety of the product. She tested the product herself. Finally, satisfied with – and excited by – the answers she got and the results she experienced, Bullock let her enthusiasm take over. And it shows.

“I don’t endorse things that I don’t use, that I don’t believe in myself,” says Sandra. “I was excited to be behind something that I felt really safe and comfortable with, and that, to me, is really important. I’ve always said no before, because if I wouldn’t put it on my own skin I would never ask other women to put it on theirs.”

Believing that Créme LuXury is truly an exceptional product, created from true science and true beauty, Sandra will soon share her enthusiasm for the ARTISTRY™ Créme LuXury experience with women the world over.

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