ARTISTRY FACT: Artistry – a Top 5 Prestige Brand

Artistry is a global success story as one of the world’s Top Five largest-selling prestige brands of skin care and cosmetics. Artistry was independently classified by the world’s leading independent provider of business intelligence and market analysis, Euromonitor, as a prestige brand based on high-quality formulas, elegant packaging, and technologically advanced product innovation. Other brands in Artistry’s category include Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique and Chanel.

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59 thoughts on “ARTISTRY FACT: Artistry – a Top 5 Prestige Brand”

  1. Not all skin care is for everyone but the best meets most. My suggestion is to be your own judge by using and if results are good, recommend for others. That way you can build a business if you like.

  2. Hello we are From India. We love ARTISTRY and feels proud to be Distributor of Amway who sells Worlds Best of The Best Products!

  3. I m a business owner last 1 year, I using Artistry since 1 year, really its x lent product. I’m very satisfy with this

  4. Artistry has numerous reasons to be on the top 5 list of super premium skincare brands. I love Artistry and Amway.

  5. I was just wondering if you could point out to me the exact source that states that Artistry is a prestige brand with Lancôme, Estée Lauder, Clinique and Chanel in the same category. I understand that Euromonitor’s website currently states that Artistry is one of the top 5 brands (, but I can’t seem to be able to locate the exact statement that identifies it as a ‘prestige brand’ and states what the other top 4 brands are.

    I’m a new IBO, and I’d really appreciate it if you could help me to pinpoint the exact source so that I can share it with others.

    1. Categories like “prestige” and “premium” are defined by the companies doing the categorizing – in this case, Euromonitor. I recall reading their definition years ago, it had do with all sorts of things, including packaging, marketing, pricing, technology etc. They probably tell you (and the others in their category!) if you lay out the $$$$ for one of their reports.

    2. Since you’re a new IBO, why don’t you try the products first and be your own best spokesperson and give a testimony on how great the skincare systems are. You can find the link later but when you believe in your own products they will too. Congrats on becoming and IBO!!!

    3. You can look at the artistry webinars and the tutorials showing the Development Manager on the formulation and what makes them prestigious like the other top brands. Go to your tools and resource area and they will give you all this information. If you are not sure their customer service is excellent they can guide you with all the materials for you to read on and other areas to research and explore. This is so you are knowledgeable about the products you sell or endorse and you can explain any questions or concerns to your clients.

  6. I am a Canadian IBO and can’t wait to get my hands on Artistry Men’s skincare system!!!
    Shout out to Amway and IBO’s!!!!

  7. I love Artistry! It’s prestigious and top most quality brand! I am using for last 2 years and my skin looks more youthful and healthy now…
    I can complete rely on it for all my skin concerns! It’s just awesome!

    1. Perfect!! and do not forget with any skin regime add the Nutrilite vitamins so it can give you the constant support to your skin cells. 🙂

  8. I’m a new IBO in California. I have already switched from Lancome to Artistry skin care and there is such a huge difference. My tone is evened out and my skin is soft but not as greasy as before. My Lancome makeup is running out and I’m slowly changing out to Artistry Color. Oh and I’m 43 and had been faithful to Lancome foot around 10 years!

      1. Prestige brands. Artistry is in the top five of prestige brands. Brands like Estee Lauder and Lancôme. That list from the link includes drugstore cosmetics like Cover Girl and Maybelline.

        1. yes, that list is for all brands and Artistry is top 5 in prestige brands. That list includes all brands from publicly listed companies. If I recall correctly Artristry may even make top 10 of all brands now, in skincare at least, if not skincare and cosmetics.

    1. Have you really searched through this website ? Do not post website you know nothing about
      read methodology

  9. Hi everyone! I’m an IBO from the Philippines. Astristry Hydra-V Collection was launched in our country last September 2014 and I am one of the lucky IBOs who was given the privilege of using the products for free and give testimonials on the after effects. Well, I’m so fond putting make up on my face but I noticed that it made my skin dry, dull and flaky. But when I started using Artistry Hydra-V, my face was refreshed and hydrated making it feel soft and supple to touch! And I’m really loving it! Will be definitely use this as my daily skin regimen and will recommend this to you girls. :))

    1. Help me too as i am also new in amway..i am finding difficult in sharing information as people dont want to listen nowadays…

  10. I have used all expensive or luxury brands like lancome clinique blah blah blah n nothing worked after a few weeks……guess my skin used to get immune…..I have very sensitive skin n my friend recommended artistry n I am using using it since march 2011 n I am absolutely satisfied with the result n texture of my skin. It’s luxurious it’s caring n it’s not expensive I font have to spend $1200 in time defiance cream anymore I get a range of products at unbelievable price. I am so loving it! My skin is lasts moisturized day long radiant n smooth. Thanks to the natural ingredients of artistry I am nit using chemical anymore on my skin to make it worst. Natural plant extracts are working wonders!!!!

  11. I have been using Artistry for 10 years as to follow path of my mother’s only brand choice and this is the best product i have used since i have tried others before. Artistry make my skin smooth and never worry about the skin problem would keep happening on. I LOVE ARTISTRY MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

  12. I’m yet to try out aristry skin care. Hoping I can get more detail on its produce and Information on it’s works, it might build my confident in it’s produce.

    1. Hi Agnes,
      There is a lot of information here…
      Click on the link and scroll down the the section “The Science Behind the Beauty.” Click on the “Learn More” and there is much information on the research that goes in to developing Artistry products.

  13. my skin is Dry and sensitive . i could change my skin’s nature. i love Artistry . -experience Artistry- u r the Brand Ambassador.

  14. Artistry indeed is the BEST. I have been using it since I was 19 (when i really started using makeup) and the WHOLE range is absolutely THE BEST!!! I have tried something of the other top 5 and other popular brands and nothing compares. The foundation is absolutely the best and the skin care…. I am so glad I discovered it and I will swear by it too. It works!!!

  15. i love artistry it is the best I have used even though I have used clinique i prefer artistry it is wonderful i love my skin thanks to artistry

  16. I’m not even 19 and Artistry is the only brand I use. Even when I was little, it was all I would play with because it’s been my mom’s brand of choice for 20+ years

  17. Artistry skin care has improved the overall texture of my skin, is more radiant and moist (live in dry climate). I wouldn’t go back to using the others in the same category that I’ve used before.

  18. However i always think that Lancome Paris is the most prestige brands of skin care and cosmetics as Lancome products is really good,you canalso try it at any Lancome outlet

    1. do you have any idea what they put in their products? animal rendered parts… petroleum, mineral oil… try Arbonne or Artisty..

  19. thanks for the information, I have a meeting tomorrow and just wanted clarification as to who classified Artistry in the top 5 as I maybe asked.

    Thanks again, hope your business is doing great.

    1. Artistry was independently classified by the world’s leading independent provider of business intelligence and market analysis, Euromonitor, as a prestige brand based on high-quality formulas, elegant packaging, and technologically advanced product innovation.

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