Artistry signs Sandra Bullock

Back in October I (again) posted the below message, which I had originally posted in September. I’d removed it at Amway Europe’s request as it wasn’t supposed be public knowledge. I reposted it after reading about it in Amagrams, on Amway websites, and hearing about it at seminars with non-IBOs in attendance. I again received correspondence from Amway Europe asking that I remove it as it wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge. Given by this time it had now been "revealed" to hundreds of thousands of people (it was even in a Romanian newspaper), I’m not quite sure what strange definition of "public" Amway has!

Well, now the news is even on public Amway websites, so this time it’s going up and staying up! Even six months later.still great news.

From Amway UK & Ireland

Artistry signs Sandra Bullock We are very proud to announce you that preparations are underway for the May European launch of the most advanced, luxurious, anti-aging moisturizer we’ve ever created, ARTISTRY Creme LuXury.

Because you are an integral part of the company’s success, we would like to take the opportunity to share an unprecedented development surrounding this premier product. In support of the Creme LuXury launch, we are pleased to announce that we have signed a 3-year contract formalizing an endorsement relationship with the talented, awardwinning, A-list actress and producer, Sandra Bullock.

ARTISTRY Creme LuXury will launch in Japan in December this year, and will beintroduced globally, with the exception of North America, over the next two years. The launch in Europe will happen end of May 28 followed by Russia beginning of June 28. Ms. Bullock’s image will appear in a series of advertisements for Creme LuXury. Her endorsement of ARTISTRY Creme LuXury also includes video footage and limited personal appearances in a few selected markets. Her web appearances though will be limited to our intranet websites.

Celebrities have long been used to generate awareness, align brands with recognizable personalities and create excitement. It has become a sign of legitimacy in the industry to have at least one celebrity associated with your brand. While this will be the first time ARTISTRY has leveraged a celebrity, the timing could not be better. More than ever, consumers continue to be drawn to the excitement and glamour that an “A” list celebrity provides. In the beauty category, celebrities are the “sizzle”—which pulls consumers in.

It is our sincere hope that ARTISTRY Creme LuXury and the partnership with Ms. Bullock will elevate excitement and awareness around the globe for the ongoing success and distinction of the company and our premier brands.

(hat tip to cmfitzg in the forums for the news)

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