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If you could sit down with a long-time Amway Diamond and have an honest conversation about the business today, what would you ask them?

Blogger Chuck Lia, who recently started his site happens to be a good friend of Diamond Mike Wilson, having known him since way before he was a Diamond. They play tennis together, and as such have plenty of time for a chat. Chuck has managed to encourage Mike to answer a series of questions about the business and let him post the responses on his blog. What’s more, Chuck is after your input – what would you ask an Amway/Quixtar Diamond?

Let Chuck know at

While you’re at it, post your questions here as well, I’ll see if I can get some of my contacts to respond.

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6 thoughts on “Ask a Diamond”

  1. Baldev Satwant Bhambra say come joined the amway and go D.D and see about amway u never leave the amway god bless co founder amway big dream see life styel amway diamond

  2. Hi,
    this is vk chandra.i want tell those gye who are right now in amway or ought of amway if they have realy big dream and they feel that realy they deserv it so they should belief on their dream and work through a proper way as defiend in amway gyes belief and work in a constant day you will get whatever in your some amway practical book too.

    vk vhandra

  3. Hi, I would say dedication and hard work. Me and my wife joined Amway this month and also have big dreams and aspirations. There are so many that did it before us so why can’t we? We live in South Africa.

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