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Quixtar UniversityOver on the Quixtar corporate blogsite, Adatudes , there's been quite a deal of discussion about "tools" and training, and Jim Payne, Quixtar CEO , announced last week that Quixtar has decided to increase the level of training they provide to Quixtar IBOs. Over the last few decades such training has traditionally been the responsibility of an IBOs upline and lead to the development of various IBO Professional Development Programs.

Apparently the launch of this training is closer than thought – Ty Tribble over on MLMBlog highlights a new Quixtar websiteQuixtar University ( The site says Quixtar University will be

offering online courses and educational resources that teach you what you need to know to launch, establish, grow, and achieve long-term success.

Interesting. At first glance this seems to be in direct competition to the "systems" offered by various Lines of Affiliation. One question that arisea – what's it going to cost? Well, on Adatudes, Jim Payne said –

We believe that Quixtar must offer the best possible training, at the least possible cost to the IBO or the consumer.

And the least possible cost? Free. From the Quixtar University FAQ

5. Do I have to pay for these courses?

No, all Quixtar University classes are free to registered IBOs. Simply log in using your IBO number. There are no additional charges or fees.

Quixtar University is offering what they call blended learning – "courses are offered in multiple formats, including online, DVD, CD-ROM, instructor led, and in print.

How will this affect the existing LOA training systems? Well, the Quixtar U. website says –

We offer classes on product knowledge and sales techniques and skills, as well as tools that will help you use our websites more effectively

These areas are actually the ones that many LOA systems have been criticised for being weak in, with their focus more on the personal development and leadership type skills needed to develop a large Amway or Quixtar business. The first step for most systems is for example to work out your goals or "dreams". As with developing any new business, there's a deal of delayed gratification. It can take time, often years, to develop any substantial income, and without a clear vision of what you're trying to achieve, it's difficult to motivate yourself to do the necessary work. With network marketing, with it's low initial investment, and thus risk, and it's part-time nature, this motivation issue becomes even more important.

The same issue applies for why people join – if you are interested in developing a small, part-time income, then sales training is obviously of primary interest. However, if you wish to develop a large network, perhaps involving thousands of people, then other skills and tools are needed as well.  Of course, to develop a large network you need to first move through the stage of developing the smaller income, and in my opinion at least some of the LOA systems have tended to lose sight of the trees for the forest. The Quixtar First Circle initiative focuses back on getting the new IBO profitable fast, and for the majority this happens with product knowledge and retail sales, not network building.

So, at first look it doesn't appear to me that Quixtar University directly competes with the existing LOA systems, it instead should enhance them. Quixtar can focus on what it has knowledge in – the products, the websites, and product sales. The LOA systems can focus on what they're good at – developing attitude, atmosphere, and leadership and personal development.

Who does it hurt? Well it appears that the free Quixtar University may directly compete with the proposed IBONetwork – a commerically based new independent training systems provided by non-IBOs. It will be interesting to see how that proceeds-

Finally, I must say that as an Amway IBO, not a Quixtar IBO, I'm extremely jealous this will only available to Quixtar IBOs. Hopefully all of these great Quixtar initiatives will eventually spread throughout the world of Amway.

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