Barnes & Noble to promote Artistry

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Barnes & Noble partnership will introduce new customers to Artistry brand

Samples of Artistry essentials soothing creme to be shipped with every online customer order.
A complimentary Artistry® essentials soothing creme Sampler Card will be packed into every Barnes & Noble order placed online starting September 11. The promotion is expected to run for about three weeks until Barnes & Noble fulfills 293,000 orders.
A sticker is being placed on every sample that directs consumers to order from their Independent Business Owner, visit, or call 800-253-6500.The order stuffer is intended to raise awareness about the great products available through your business and the Artistry essentials brand. Make sure you and your downline are raising the awareness level with friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances, so that when a Barnes & Noble customer is looking for a way to connect with an IBO – they’ll know just who to contact!

This is an interesting and innovative marketing approach! Checking the Barnes & Noble 2007 Annual Report, receives over 138 million visits annually and had US$476,870,000 in sales in 2007. As the release above states, that means around 293,000 order in just 3 weeks – all of whom will be receiving complementary Artistry samples! Fortunately a google of Artistry turns up a positive view of the brand, unlike what happens if you google Amway where the results have been well and truly hijacked by the anti-Amway zealots.

This type of promotion, along with the upcoming Amway Global Tina Turner Live tour, accompanied by the Nutrilite and Artistry buses and the Amway Global Now You Know television and newspaper campaign, really encourages Amway Business Owners to be proud of their association with Amway, and to ensure their social network knows of their business.

I’m eager to see what the come up with next, and particularly eager to see what Amway in Europe has in mind, where they are looking for a direct marketing agency to support business owners.

2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble to promote Artistry”

  1. I’ll second that! It’s been such a great experience. Everyone likes a good advertisement to raise awareness. Bundle that with one of the best book distributors out there giving away our product, and it’s just a good thing all around!

  2. The new marketing programs of Amway Global have been very positive for my group. The ad campaigns have helped my lower activity IBO’s to become more active and definitely helped their belief in this business.
    I was always proud of my association with this business and am even more so now!

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