Be Smart with Amway!

Last year while throwing around ideas for how to improve the Amway business, one of the bloggers on the Opportunity Zone mentioned the possibility of using the "car incentive", as many other direct selling companies too. One example is of course the famous Mary Kay "pink caddilacs".

Well, Amway in Austria has been doing exactly that. As part of the Amway Europe Sales Incentive Program (SIP), qualified Q-12 Platinums have a choice of how to receive their Annual bonus

Alternative 1: 1, EURO
Alternative 2: 8,5 EURO + 1 year lease contract for an Amway Smart coupe
Alternative 3: 7,5 EURO + 1 year lease contract for an Amway Smart Cabrio

It’s great to see Amway continuing with its well known environmental awareness and choosing the Smart cars.

Would a "car incentive" help motivate you? A Smart car? Or perhaps something a little more "flashy"?

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