BIG NEWS coming down the pipe

Some of you may have missed the letter from Ben Woodward to Amway UK leaders of May 15 (thanks to for the copy) Here it is again –

Please note this communication has been sent in the following order to all Diamonds, Emeralds and Platinums.

Dear Leader

During this week we are changing our AMIVO website, as part of the plan to offer our Independent Business Owners and Members even more reason to buy our great Amway products online.

We will be taking the opportunity to accelerate our programme to move towards ‘Amway’ branding for our e-commerce websites, in line with existing European strategy. ‘Amway’ branding of websites has already been successfully achieved in 11 European countries, and will ultimately roll-out to all European markets.

In the meantime, when visiting you will be displayed a holding page, informing you about these changes to the Amivo website. On this page, you will be able to click on the link to be redirected to the Amway UK website ( where you will be able to log-in to Amivo and find all of the support you have been enjoying as normal.

In coming weeks, we look forward to sharing our new plans for our websites, and what will be offered to all who want access to our fantastic product range and business opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,

Ben Woodward 

Several years ago, Amway launched the Amivo and Vebso web brands to promote the ecommerce side of the Amway opportunity in Europe, somewhat parallel to Quixtar in the US. For some time now Amway has been rolling back those brands and reverting the various Amivo and Vebso brands back to the Amway brand.

Reliable sources are telling me the decision has been made to do the same thing in a certain other rather important market. The decision has been announced to major leaders. I'll leave you to speculate  ….

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