BLOG: Accreditation – Is WWDB next?

Recently Quixtar launched a PDP accreditation system where the various "systems" that support IBOs in their business building efforts can get "official" Quixtar approval. It's my view that is one of the best steps forward Quixtar has made. To get accredited systems have to undertake various commitments, which are monitored, such as not pushing particular political or religious views, having formal contracts for tool rebates etc etc. I strongly recommend reading The IBO Communications Platform, available on for further details.

As of August 3, 26, only two PDPs have been accreditated – eFinity and Team5k. The accreditation process is quite arduous and there has been speculation that it may be difficult to impossible for some of the larger IBO organizations to comply.

Well, a little birdie has told me that WWDB, lead by Founder's Crown Ambassador Ron Puryear is well on the path to achieving accreditation and that iTeamUSA, headed by Diamond's Brad & Vera Doyle, is also vigorously pursuing it.

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In the letter I received it was stated – 

It was confirmed to me that WWDB are in the
accreditation process. How far and how long was not confirmed but they,
meaning the top brass in WWDB, REALLY want to get this done before any
other major North American LOS/LOA get it done.. Apparently WWG has
been pushing for a version of the ACCred. process for sometime. Makes
sense with Greg Duncan and Brad Duncan both triple diamonds on the
board and the distancing of WWG from BWW in the recent past.

Also, ITeamUSA ,which is headed by Diamond Brad Doyle, is either inquiring about or has begun the process also. Should be quick with no actual "tools" to purchase. Just acess to
the website at $5. a month. With free downloads and mp3's. Ipresenter
and much more.. Looks great and the advice is some of the best I have
ever heard… All of the books are purchased by you through your book
store ,B&N… I hope they keep kicking butt.. Very impressive..
They are very retail and merchandising focused first, sponsoring
second, personal developement third…. They are a spin off of Yaeger
and Comden . The stacking principal is used but with 3pv circles
focused on retailing 3pv to 1 customers. One of them being you.. I've
heard Mr.Doyle say at a mini- conference and on mp3 that if the website
doesn't help you make money, cancel it immediately…..

I'm not sure about the"quick" part for iTeamUSA because of the mp3 usage – I'd assume Quixtar wants to approve all of them too?

In any case, this will certainly put the pressure on other teams to get accredited.

Got any gossip on the accreditation process and other groups? Let me know.

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