BLOG: Quixtar Conversations?

I was over reading QuixtarBlog when I noticed the following ad served from BlogAds

A Fresh Approach to Quixtar Conversation

of the juvenile bickering on Quixtar blogs and forums? You need to try
out Quixtar Conversations – a new kind of website. Quixtar
Conversations uses a fresh approach to discussing Quixtar.

 Hmmm … that's interesting … obviously I had to go check this out!

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The site is still pretty bare, it's just running an open source discussion board. The question is – who is behind it? Intriguingly the "welcome" post, made five days ago says –

Welcome to Quixtar Conversations – A Fresh Approach to Quixtar
Discussions. The philosophy behind Quixtar Conversations is to
digitally recreate the neighborhood coffee house environment where
friends and neighbors meet and talk.

We're not associated with Quixtar though some members may be IBOs, employees or part of the IBOAI.

Well, well, well … that is an interesting sentence isn't it? Certainly makes you think the site has some kind of "unofficial" official backing. Has the IBOAI decide to directly engage folk online? This would seem a smart move given the soon to be launched advertising offensive. Have they finally been Scobleized?

I checked out the domain name ownership, it's "masked" so you can't see the "real" owner –

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 16, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 8526
United States

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 19-Aug-6
Expires on: 2-Aug-8
Last Updated on: 19-Aug-6

Interestingly it was registered less than 2 weeks ago. Might be I'm not the only IBO who has decided to "fightback"!

The only twist to that theory is that there exists only one other post, made yesterday, by someone calling themselves "Quixfreed". And it's announcing a new film an "MLM satire" would you believe, to be opened in Michigan! In the spiel the poster quotes the tired old myth

The sad fact is that the average MLM distributor has better odds striking it rich in Vegas than getting rich as a distributor.

So this poster doesn't seem to "pro" Quixtar does he? (or she)

Maybe it's a site for promoting the satire?

Or then again – the post links to, a site dedicated to defeating DeVos in the upcoming gubertanorial election.

So maybe it's a stealth site by democrats?

I've applied for an account, but they must be "approved" first. It will be interesting to see if I'm "approvable" or not 🙂

But the mystery remains –

Who is behind Quixtar Conversations?

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