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When searching the internet for information on Quixtar and Amway, it's easy to get sucked in to the sites run by critics, where they emphasise some individual "horror stories" where things have gone wrong for people involved with the business. Given the millions of people around the world who have registered at some time or another, it's to be expected that not everyone would have a happy experience. People do do the wrong thing sometimes – we are after all "independent".

I've set up an area on this site for people to submit their positive testimonials about the business, to give 'net researchers a chance to get a more balanced view of what this business opportunity is about. I thought it would take quite a while to get a decent number of testimonials recorded, but just recently I struck "the motherlode". Recently the FTC asked for peoples opinions about a proposed new business opportunity rule. And Quixtar IBOs responded in abundance. So far I've only gone through around 1 of the 3+ submissions, but I've taken some excerpts from those and linked to the originals. They are a joy to read. What's also interesting, given that the critics claim there are so many complaints, is that out of the 1 I've read so far, only two have been critical of Quixtar. One, predictably, was from Robert Fitzpatrick of the bogus Pyramid Scheme Alert, the other was from some ex-IBO who claims he was told he would be making $3-$5 in the first month and $25, in the first year!! If he was indeed told this, then whoever did so should have their IBOship terminated!

Another interesting thing is the number of IBOs who report things like "they joined to make a few hundred dollars" or "I haven't reached my goals, but I haven't done the work, but it's been worth it!". Many report how valuable they've found the training for other areas of their life, work, family, other businesses. Critics would have us believe that anyone who doesn't achieve Diamond is to be considered another Amway/Quixtar "failure". I've always maintained that success or otherwise is something only the individual can decide if they have achieved. Read these stories and you'll see what I mean.

Enjoy! I'll be adding more as I have time.


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