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Quixtar's Beth DornanAs you might know, Quixtar's Robin Luymes (Manager-PR & Editorial), and Beth Dornan , (Director of Communications – pictured to the right) have been blogging for some time. As they have promised, both their blogs have now moved to new sites and been updated, Beth's today. Both blogs allow commenting, so this is fairly unprecedented access to staff in a major corporation. Their sites are at –

I'll be pulling down their RSS feeds and you'll be able to see their new posts listed under "Latest from Corporate Blogs" in the links on the left side of this page, but I recommend you bookmark their sites and visit regularly. Curiously, Beth Dornan says in her latest post

You’ll see that my blog is located in what we’re calling the Opportunity Zone.  It’s a place to learn and talk about our business.  More to come on that, but look for others to move in over the next few months.

So it appears some more blogs may be on the way. Robin Luymes also has some news which will undoubtedly delight Quixtar IBO's –

the Facts About Quixtar DVD (coming soon to the Web in its entirety).

As I'm not in the United States and am an Amway, not Quixtar IBO, I'm very much looking forward to that, as I haven't seen the DVD. What I can  say is that in the process of developing this site, Get the Facts – The Truth About Amway and Quixtar , I've been absolutely astounded at the incredible amount of positive information I've found on the 'net about Amway and Quixtar and Amway and Quixtar IBOs. This is truly a remarkable business. Unfortunately this information has been somewhat difficult to access, something I'm trying to address with this site.

One plea I have is for Alticor not to forget the rest of us. Quixtar is but one part of the Amway world. This site has been running now just over four months. I didn't start tracking statistics until the second week in October, but in the 1 weeks from October 8 to December 16 we've received nearly 12 visits from over 9 "unique visitors". And it's growing fast. Two weeks ago we broke 2 visitors in a day for the first time, and last week we broke 3 and are now averaging around 25 visitors a day. More than 15 people have registered for access to the forums, everybody from prospects through to Founder's Emeralds (no Diamonds yet as far as I know!) It took Eric Jansen's QuixtarBlog forums, populated primarily by "critics" nearly nine months to hit 15 members. Those 9+ individual visitors have come from 96 different countries around the world, including every single Amway market. I've received emails of thanks for doing this site from the Netherlands, India, US, Australia, South Africa, Sweden, Indonesia, Norway, Czech Republic and more. As one IBO wrote "I've been waiting for a site like this for years". Already we have volunteers translating into other languages.

So Alticor, don't forget the rest of your world. We are proud of Quixtar and we love what you are doing with the blogs and the DVDs and the television ads. But most of our prospects use google too. And they google Amway, not Quixtar. I have heard through the grapevine that Alticor is looking at centralizing more of it's global internet operations in the United States. Hopefully this will allow for some synergistic coordination of web marketing. We shall see!

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