Blogstar blows a gasket!

Some of you will be aware of a blog by a Quixtar IBO going by the name Javert – A Quixtar Blog about the Quixtar Experience: Blogstar.

Javert has an interesting story to tell. A little more than a year ago, in June 26, one well know Amway Quixtar critic, Rocket of RocketsRants said this in the comments on Blogstar

This "business" sucks, and you won't succeeed at it. And you need to understand your "leaders" don't care that you won't succeed, as long as you keep buying their motivation.

 Javert's response? Well, a few more posts and then he went quiet, until April 27 when he posted Back, Not with a vengeance. Which included this little tidbit –

Since my last post a year ago, we've had numerous family emergencies and situations. I won't mention them here for two reasons: 1) They may bore you, and 2) They're none of your business…

But… despite these, we've managed to qualify as Quixtar Platinums, break a Quixtar platinum, and maintain Platinum+ volume outside of that! To tally it, our income from our Quixtar business has jumped over $3 monthly since my first post on the Blogstar! Am I excited? Hell yeah!

Great response huh? Cool

So … Javert is someone who has talked the talk and walked the walk. He's a Quixtar IBO through and through. Well, a warning for the faint of heart, Javert lets fly in his latest post about the name change from Quixtar to Amway, and he's not happy! In Transform This! Javert doesn't hold back. Here's just one quote –

My real question is, who is the Chachi who came up with this shit-for-brains idea and what rock has he been hiding under for the past 2 years?

Next time, let us know how you really feel, Javert! It's a great post and whether you  agree with him or not, I  encourage you to read it. One area with which I definitely agree with him is his concerns about who the corp. is listening to. Is it the right people?

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