Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again

Former Quixtar Diamond Bo Short and well known MLM blogger and former Amway/Quixtar IBO Ty Tribble have apparently changed MLM companies again. In a posting on his website, Ty has published a letter sent to his “team”. Some quotes –

We have received numerous inquiries asking us for feedback about our status at Max. As some of you know we have resigned our positions on the Advisory Council and decided to go in a different direction. The decision to do so was not entered into lightly but was ours alone and followed a great deal of discussion with all levels of Max corporate leadership and ownership addressing various issues.

During this process we were approached and asked if we were open to discussing an opportunity to serve as Founding Partners for a new company and build the team of field Associates.

After leaving Quixtar in 2001, Bo Short, Ty Tribble and others started a new MLM company, Passport. That company apparently didn’t do so well and the Passport folk merged into Oasis LifeSciences, which then became Univera LifeSciences. Earlier this year, Bo and Ty started promoting what they said would be “the fastest growing company in network marketing”Max International.

Now they’ve jumped again, to what is not yet clear, but frankly I wouldn’t have been completely surprised if it was MonaVie, who rumour has it has “bought” quite a few “leaders” into their fold – a much easier way to get great growth than actually build a network from scratch! Still, they claim that they’re “founding partners” in something new – again.

In my opinion this kind of company-hopping is damaging for the reputation of the network marketing industry. While these guys may have the best of intentions, and are moving for what are honourable or even sensible reasons, it’s something that may be beneficial for leaders but detrimental for the most important folk – the new people entering a network.

What does it do for your belief and your credibility if your promoting a different product and different business opportunity if every few months or years?

This is one reason why I’m glad to be with Amway. While we all have our gripes with the way they do things sometimes, and we’d all like them to respond faster to changes in the marketplace – they’re still going strong after 50 years!

UPDATE: Tribble and Short have joined a new startup – EIRO

UPDATE 2011-01-19: EIRO Research has ceased operations

UPDATE 2012: They’ve now joined Shaklee

UPDATE 2013: They’ve now joined Mannatech

96 thoughts on “Bo Short, Ty Tribble jump companies again”

  1. Ty,

    Your history shows that you jump from one MLM to another. That’s your business plan to which I was referring.You’re right. I don’t know all your business plans, like selling leads and “tools” and such. And I really don’t care.

    I have zero problem with you pursuing other business models and plans. I have friends in other MLMs.

    But what I do have a problem with is your attempt, with “un-facts” to contribute to the reputation of both Amway and WWDB, negatively.

    Why are so hung up on the Amway Performance Bonus Schedule, acting as if it is the FIRST and the ONLY $$ available in the Amway Business? If you are solely concerned with the PB $$, then you are talking the self-consumption model which DOES NOT WORK.

    This is probably how you built your Amway business and why you never got passed 4,000 PV (over a decade ago), because no one was making any money in your downline, ‘cause you had them only focus on the PB money, which is paltry for the brand new person, and so they quit, and your business fell apart.

    “fast growing companies”–Please. This is one of the most misused statistic on a planet. That’s like saying the number of grandmas with HIV went from 1 to 4 in a week, while the rest of the population went from 100,000 to 120,000 and then saying,

    “Holy Virus, Batman! Grandmas are the ‘fastest growing population’ to get HIV, quadrupling in just one week, while the rest of the population grew a mere 20%! Wow!”

    Raw numbers. Context. Full picture. Otherwise, that “stat” is meaningless at best, and misleading at worst.

    30% on the dollar? Not true. The Ruby Bonus alone is more than that.

    You are revealing the fact that you do not know what’s going on in the world of Amway Global TODAY.

    The Internet is not always the best source to get your info, Ty. 🙂

  2. Bridgett, God bless you, but you have no idea what my business plan is. I will say that it is not hanging around Amway for 20 years hoping that they get their act together.

    Regarding PV/BV… How much does it cost you to do 100PV (basically qualifying for a check)? Now compare that number to how much it costs to qualify in any other company. In most companies you can qualify with an order of $150 or less. Amway is closer to $300.

    You should note that I didn’t say Amway had the worst reputation, I said name a company that has a worse reputation than Amway…still waiting for your answer.

    Amway pays out 30% on the dollar. The average is 37% and most fast growing companies today pay between 40 and 45%. My 8 year old can do the math.

  3. Ty,

    You have a tendency to write partial facts, not giving the entire picture of a situation, and thus those “facts” become, um, non-facts. 🙂

    Perhaps the fact that you are starting an energy drink MLM has something to do with your motivations to write what you write about certain people?

    1) Worst reputation? Says who? Data from a LARGE sampling, please.

    2) How is paying 65% on the dollar lower than what Amway keeps in profits AND uses to actually run the company (expenses).

    3) I have said this to you before and I’ll say it again: YOUR business model is not long term, Amway’s is.

    If Amway wanted to play that game, then the PV could easily be a 1:1 ratio. But then the bonuses would be 1/3 the size in hard cold cash. Sure, you make get a higher percentage POINT back, but not a higher percentage($$$) back.

    You think 3% of 100PV/BV is better than 3% of 100PV/300BV?

    $3 is better than $9?

    Oh, wait, but your point is that someone will “hit” the 3% sooner and faster. “Churn and burn” is NOT the Amway Business Compensation Plan.

  4. Amway is not growing in the U.S. or with WWDB. It is growing internationally. I respect the folks who have stepped out to become entrepreneurs with WWDB, however I can say for a fact that there are better options out there to earn financial independence through Network Marketing.

    WWDB leaders love to talk about fruit on the tree, let’s look at the WWDB fruit on the tree. Greg Duncan files bankruptcy and one of your WWDB board member Jim Harstad, left for a company called Eniva and you are breaking maybe one diamond a year.

    Hanging your hat on the fact that you can still get paid a $10 bonus check in 50 years is not a great business decision.

    Before you judge my actions, feel free to call me directly and I will be happy to give you very specific reasons why I did what I did, but before you do, you might want to ponder a couple of things…

    1. Name a company that has a worse reputation than Amway/Quixtar.

    2. Name a company that pays out a lower percentage of sales to it’s IBO’s than Amway.

    3. Name a company that has a worse PV to Dollar ratio than Amway.

  5. Ty,
    If Amway is so difficult to build then why does it grow every year and why has it been in business for 50 years?

    Why has every company you have been with besides Amway gone out of business or you are no longer involved in?

    What you don’t seem to get is that there are a lot of ways to make money Ty but the reason we build Amway is so in 50 years from now we are still getting paid. Not jumping from business to business in our “Hawaiian Shirts” telling everyone that you have guys making $12,000 bonuses in 90 days. There is a difference between residual income and job money Ty and all you do is trade hours for dollars with no long term residual income.

    Stay in one business for longer than a few years and don’t quit and then come back and tell us how great you are doing.

  6. But IBOFB this new company is a GROUND FLOOR opportunity! 🙂

    Ty, come on, let’s get real. Your business model is to start a company from the “ground floor”, build it and milk it for all it’s worth, and then move on and do it again…and again…and again.

    You put all the bonuses on the front end, for the brand new person, to lure them in. But then what? Once they’re done being “new”, what then? The company implodes before they ever get to the supposed “top levels”.

    People find out that they’ve built something out of sand, it collapses, and then you go build another sand castle. And those people are left with a terrible impression of this entire industry.

    I can only speak from a North American perspective with Amway Global. Given all the cash, what, an additional $60 million added to the comp plan, with all of it riding on the success of IBOs BELOW the Platinum level, I don’t understand how you can, with a staight face, say that Amway’s got one of the worst comp plans.

    Amway is for discerning individuals. That’s why you might have found it challenging to build, what, a dozen years ago? We don’t go for people who will fall for anything, hook, line, and sinker. We can’t B.S. people into the business opportuntiy as well as the quality of the products. Well, we could, but they don’t last very long.

    Once they see that there is WORK involved, they tend to fade away.

    But unlike the MLMs you’ve been a part of, Amway doesn’t fade away.

  7. Ty wrote:
    ‘Leaders lead. They don’t sit idle watching their team fail.’

    Yes Leaders should lead – But does a leader also desert people in his ‘former’ MLM?
    Do you mean to say that you bring people into a company telling them that it’s one of the best to only later jump into another one ‘because you have a chance to create a culture from the beginning’?

    Ty also wrote:
    ‘If one person is making money but the rest of the team is failing, should a leader, lead and find a solution or should they sit and do nothing.’

    How many times will you keep finding solutions? First the solution was Passport, then comes Oasis, then comes this and then next what? Can’t you just find one solution and stick to it – using the guidelines you put up in your own site? What about those that you got in telling them that this was the solution – are you telling them that Eiro is a ‘temporary’ solution?

    Ty even wrote:
    ‘Amway/Quixtar is the most difficult to build company in the world with one of the very worst compensation plans.’

    You ‘re saying the same about all those other MLMs you have been in! How come a comp plan or a product or management becomes ‘difficult’ after you quit it? Can’t you judge it before joining – and before bringing in scores of others?

    I got into Amway after 6 months of fact finding – from FTC to USPTO to using the product before hand to sending my relatives in the US to go see the Ada head office, to get some info from Hoovers and others – I made a decision and struck to it – I never did once change it – not even in the recent crisis period – I’ll tell you this – every time I show people the Amway plan I tell them that I’ll never give up on Amway! It’s my personal responsibility and I mean it!

  8. IBOFightback,

    OK, so since 2001, how many people have you helped to earn over $1,000 a month in that 50 year old company?

    How about you Chaitanya?

    If one person is making money but the rest of the team is failing, should a leader, lead and find a solution or should they sit and do nothing.

    Amway/Quixtar is the most difficult to build company in the world with one of the very worst compensation plans. I was earning a significant income in Passport and it was growing and profitable, but running a Network Marketing company is not my dream. So we joined Oasis/Univera. Oasis/Univera imploded due to poor management.

    At Eiro, we have a chance to create the culture from the beginning. Human Clinical trials are underway on our first product and we just launched our second product, an all natural Energy Drink.

    Eiro paid out roughly $100,000 in Ground-Floor/Pre-Launch bonus money last weekend in Dallas. We had people making over $12,000 in their first 60 days (not Network Marketers from another company or team but from scratch) and dozens of other success stories.

    You could earn a $1,000 Eiro bonus on top of your compensation commission with 10 people in your group.

    Leaders lead. They don’t sit idle watching their team fail.

    1. Ty, you repeat the mantra over and over but it doesn’t make it true. Passport was “better than Amway”. Now it’s gone. Oasis was “better than Amway”. Now it’s gone. You didn’t even mention Max. Better than Amway? How long until it’s gone? And now Eiro. Same old story. I wish you luck, but frankly I’ll be surprised if it’s still around in 10 years. I entirely agree there’s companies that you can make money faster in. I didn’t join Amway for fast money. I joined it for long money.

  9. Johnny D wrote:
    ‘I expect my “peers” to have at least half the class that Ty and Bo have in their communication’
    ‘If you had half the drive, integrity, and brilliance of Ty and Bo, you’d be more positive and not a drain to the profession.’

    If Jumping companies every few years is class – then I don’t have it – I don’t want such classiness! If deserting scores of rank and file distributors for a ‘better opportunity’ is class in your books – then I never want such classiness!

    Willpower wrote:
    ‘Then maybe people like Chaitanya would be a diamond instead of advertising that they could show you how to be a diamond in their posts. The easiest way to tell if some one is a builder/had success in this industry or not is based on whether or not they advertise what they COULD help you do or they let their work advertise for them.’

    It was you who ‘re advertising – click on your user name and it links to your business – now don’t tell me that your evil twin did it!
    I hope you haven’t paid for a full year’s subscription for your current site – ‘coz in two more months Ty and Bo will find another fantastic futuristic opportunity to jump ship – your yearly subscription for the present site will then be wasted!
    I’m still (and will be for the next 50+ years) with the world’s greatest and most successful MLM ever – and if you want to go Diamond contact me!

  10. You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

    A lot of talking heads saying NOTHING of significance.

    “meaningful amounts”
    “meaningful concentrations”

    What the heck does that MEAN?

    The more lame stuff I see like this, the more I want to shout from the rooftops of how phenomenal Nutrilite is.

    And thank you Amway Corporation for your integrity these past 50 years and beyond.

    1. Willpower, did you even read the article? They left Quixtar and started Passport. Passport failed and they joined Oasis which changed it’s name to Univera. They left Univera and moved to Max. Now they’ve moved from Max to Eiro. All since 2001. What effect does you think this has on the new person who just joined their network each time?


  11. You know if half the people on here took the time to actually build a business for themselves rather than using network marketing and blog sites as a social outlet you wouldnt get wasted bandwidth on the internet.

    Then maybe people like Chaitanya would be a diamond instead of advertising that they could show you how to be a diamond in their posts. The easiest way to tell if some one is a builder/had success in this industry or not is based on whether or not they advertise what they COULD help you do or they let their work advertise for them. Bo and Ty let their work speak for them. It’s real easy to talk the talk but a lot harder in this industry to walk the walk.

    If people have a reason to complain about Ty and Bo “jumping ship” it is really those people being jealous that THEY weren’t asked to be founding partners. Why is that? Because they’d rather bad mouth someone else on a blog or thread than get out there and get the work done.

    And to all you Amway-ers that said you will put another 50 years of work in with Amway good luck. Ill send you a post card from Hawaii because I will actually go to work instead of living vicariously through someone else who already has success.

  12. Small minded people talk primarily about other people – “Didja hear about what happened to Ty and Bo?” “Didja hear that Ms. Spears is in child custody jam again?” ET CETERA.

    Average minded people talk about events: “How about that SuperBowl?” Wasn’t the last function AWESOME!”

    Masterminds talk about concepts and the future: “Just imagine where things will be in 18 months with Fast Track” –

    The exciting thing is, each of gets to choose how big our thinking is going to be simply by what we choose to focus on today.

    A rather successful former beer truck driver – car salesman – clothing salesman said it best …. “success is a decision”.

    Why not decide to start thinking bigger today?

  13. I see everyone below is in good company. If any of you know Bo or Ty you would know them to be people of integrity. Knowing that it might be better to be supportive of two coleagues that are successful and made decisions that they clearly stated were not easy for them to make. Food for thought. There are always two sides to any story.

  14. I’m sorry to see so many disgruntled networkers out there commenting negatively when they don’t have the facts. As a professional in this industry, I expect my “peers” to have at least half the class that Ty and Bo have in their communication. People like Chaitanya are the same jokesters in this industry who believe they can feel better about themselves but trying to attack others. If you had half the drive, integrity, and brilliance of Ty and Bo, you’d be more positive and not a drain to the profession. Ty, go for it!! Look forward to seeing you in my sunny state of Florida!

  15. Bo & Ty got shit canned for shady business. DUH.

    Or you can believe they walked away from a company with:
    Potential to combine mlm & infomercials
    Patented scientific product verifiable by blood test
    Strong compensation plan. (Don’t take my word for it. You can ask my mentor who designs compensation plans.)


    A juice company.
    No recognizable management
    No scientific data on product


    Ya, ty.

    I’m sure you weren’t let go for funny business.

  16. They are involved in a company now that sells a nutritional juice from what I understand.
    Here is what Ty said about these types of companies in his blog a couple of years back:

    Long story short he said these companies weren’t worth it because you could find better products at Costco for cheaper.

    I was getting all his newsletters and getting anything I could that had his name on it because I thought he was genuine. Makes me think that he’ll say anything to make a buck. What else am I supposed to believe. I’m staying with MAx International. Who know’s, maybe he was given the option to quit.

  17. I don’t know why these gentlemen left Max or any other company. Maybe their just chasing money. Only they can answer that. My wife has M.S. and has seen amazing results with MaxGXL. So if your seeing positive results with whatever company your with stay with it and don’t chase the money guys.

  18. There is a word for people that MLM-hop or job-hop. They are quitters, plain and simple, no matter what the reason they jump ship. They are not leaders, they are quitters. When I got into the Amway business, I made the same commitment to it that I made to my wife when I married her: For better, for worse, for richer, for pooer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. The day I quit the Amway business, is the day they drop my casket into the deep six. But the beautiful thing about my Amway business is that it will keep right on going after I’m gone. Maybe by then, I’ll even be able to get PV on my casket. 🙂

  19. Just so you know, Dee, anyone that suggests that Bo and I were “let go” of Max International is flat out lying.

    The Max product is great, but product is only 20% of the story.

    Best of luck to you.

  20. As far as Ty and Bo I was starting to mentor with these two as I believed in them. Then all of a sudden my associates higher up in the company are telling me that they were being let go, something shady going on. How can you expect people to believe you (Bo & Ty) when you don’t do as you say. “Be the change you want to see in people” you always said Bo. I am sadly dissappointed that your extreme passion now seems to be only a sales pitch and not a belief that you got many of us at Max to believe in you. The company products I know are everything you said they were as I did my due diligence which leads me to believe on your sudden departure being not that of your own accord.

  21. Why picking on MV?

    MV is one of the only companies that has you sign that you are not violating any non-compete rules by signing up. Based on my search, I find no evidence of any “bought” leaders. It is my opinion that Amway is just acting like a jealous school girl.

    Quixtar/Amway/Alticor mad a major error in June and again in August in 2007. They knew that most of the field and leaders didn’t agree with the move, and did it anyway. I hope Amway Global survives with the choice, they seam to so far, but they knew and didn’t care what the damage and fallout would be. It is unfortunate that they have just tried to pass the blame on anyone else they could, and have cost all sides millions of dollars and have cause havoc to hundreds of thousands of people.

    Jay V. if he were alive and Rich D. should not be proud of the way their sons have been so brutal. It is possible that Amway will be better off, but at what cost.

  22. “and now are saying they are not under the Quixtar name, but Amway Global.”

    Who says that? Even the logo has both names in it. Frankly I think you’re stretching with claims folk are saying this.

    You are right that was an assumption on my part, I will retract that last statment at this time.

  23. If people believe that the only thing that has changed with that little company in Grand Rapids, Michigan is the signage and stationery, then they have not been paying attention for the last fourteen months.

  24. I think you’re right about what Ty is doing, but on his blogs he’s promoting MLM, not being an MLM consultant.

    Re the Amway/Quixtar name change, if you were lying and claiming Quixtar had nothing to do with Amway, as some did, then clearly your credibility is damaged. This is one thing Orrin Woodward was upset about – he’d being telling people it was nothing like Amway and was suddenly “made a liar” by the name change. In my book anyone who denied the connection to Amway deserves to have their credibility challenged.

    Anyone who explained they were sister companies and operating differently, which was true (less true internationally as time went on) was being honest.

    You say “Although many Amway then Quixtar IBOs, claimed they are not directly with Amway when under the Quixtar name

    This was completely true, it’s not anymore.

    and now are saying they are not under the Quixtar name, but Amway Global.”

    Who says that? Even the logo has both names in it. Frankly I think you’re stretching with claims folk are saying this.

  25. IBOfightback states

    “What does it do for your belief and your credibility if your promoting a different product and different business opportunity if every few months or years?”

    As far as Ty is concerned, it seems to me that his job is creating and or working in different MLM’s almost as an consultant.

    I don’t know his track record with the other MLM’s, however it would be no different if he was selling cars for Ford and then left to sell Toyota’s, he is a saleman.

    But as John has mentioned, there is some question to the name change of Amway to Quixtar and back to Amway albeit Amway Global.

    I guess the point is the pot calling the kettle black. Although many Amway then Quixtar IBOs, claimed they are not directly with Amway when under the Quixtar name, and now are saying they are not under the Quixtar name, but Amway Global.

    To readdress your comment in your post.

    “What does it do for your belief and your credibility if your promoting a different company name as if it is a different business with diffenrent managment and ownership?”

    At least with Ty he is open about moving to a different business and not just changing the name and saying it is not the same company he is working for.

  26. I have previously removed john’s off-topic comments and sent him private emails requesting he stay on topic. He has ignored those emails, so his IP has now been banned.

  27. No, I wouldn’t be amazed at what went on ‘behind the scenes’ – I might get amused(at sch junkies and former grinders) – but not amazed!
    Yes I agree it might be really really revealing of how a lot of ‘sch MLMers and former grinders’ negotiate with new companies and their management – after having quit their former MLM by raising issues as reputation, the products and compensation plan!
    I’m (and will be for the next 50+ years) with the world’s greatest and most successful MLM ever, contact me if you want to know how to go Diamond in it!

  28. you’ll be amazed if you knew what actually went on ‘behind the scences’ to cause this departure.

    really, really revealing of how a lot of higher level MLMers negotiate with newer companies and their management

    contact me if you want to know.

  29. ha!
    “Do not fall into the trap of the artisan who boasts twenty years of experience, when in fact he has had only one year of experience– twenty times.”

  30. john,

    Is it possible for you to EVER stay on topic with a thread?

    It is just so completely selfish, IMHO, when someone continues to attempt to hi-jack a thread.

    The topic of this particular thread is about Ty Tribble and Bo Short and starting a new MLM company.

    Get it?

    IBOFB, I’m sounding an Internet troll alert for “john”. Thank you.

  31. Visioneer,
    Without your usual judgmental input (I am bitter and angry – and yes you have also said that over and over again), would you be willing to try to answer my question to Chaitanya? It is a legetimate question. Is Quixtar the same as Amway or a different company (as WWDB taught for years)that is now going out of business and you will be a part of a new business called Amway Global? If it was a different business, then it is one that just didn’t make it – as in it will no longer exist. Or it is the same as Amway and it is just a matter of name changes. Can you (without judgmental statements) just answer the question?

  32. Chaitanya,

    I don’t know if you’ve read john’s previous posts but its usually the same thing over and over again.
    Just a suggestion, but I wouldn’t bother responding.

  33. Chaitanya,

    I listened to two high ranking Quixtar pins (Puryear and Duncan) proclaim that Quixtar would be a $100 billion business in 5 years. Now Quixtar is going to cease to exist and that mark was only missed by 99%. Or are you saying that Quixtar and Amway are the same company?

  34. If it’s changing my job then it’s only me I’m answerable to – It’s not the same with network Marketing!
    You have a team you brought into ‘the greatest opportunity on earth’!
    You write articles on your blog on how to select the best company/opportunity but looks like you don’t know how to spot one – which is probably why you keep jumping from one to another!
    You stand on the stage representing one company today oozing leadership, commitment & integrity only to stand on the stage of a different company tomorrow to once again ooze leadership!
    And 4 years in network marketing are next to nothing!
    And when pointing fingers at Amway you might want to consider how much integirty do you have to jump from one company to another!
    Best of luck to you as you pursue your dreams and goals. Know that I’m with the greatest opportunity on this planet and I will be with it for another 50 years or more!

  35. For the record, the post was meant for our team and additional news will be coming today.

    Just want to clear up one thing. I have been in Network Marketing for nearly 17 years and in that time I have been active with 4 companies. One of those companies I was President and part-owner. 4 companies in 17 years is an average of over 4 years at each company.

    When pointing fingers at me and calling me a networking junkie you might want to consider how many jobs or career changes you have had in the last 17 years.

    Best of luck to all of you as you pursue your dreams and goals. Know that I am pulling for you regardless of what company you are with.

    1. you must be kidding, you jumped 4 times in 17 yrs Mr Tribble abd you calling this not MLM junky ?????? For the average person with common sense, it means that he did not succeed for at least last 16-17 yrs because he just jumped again to shaklee this last january. Please TY do not compare business with how many times someone change his or her job.this is very poor comp. DAH


  36. I completely agree. What these people do, gives our industry an bad name. Why not “stay home” and help those who helped you get to where you are? As I’ve heard it said: “Here today, gone tomorrow-businesses.” They all say “they’re gonna be better than them (Amway Global/Quixtar.)

  37. Is anyone really surprised? Stay tuned because they won’t be done hopping yet. My Network hopping radar device was flashing once again when I entered his name…..

  38. Network junkies is what we call them here, the reputation of network marketing is tainted by ‘fly by night’ companies/people who are in for the quick kill.

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